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I and many other fans of the Star Wars Galaxies massively multiplayer online role playing game for the PC are very dissatisfied with the way that Sony Online Entertainment is conducting the operation of the game.

Here are serveral key blatant and unexcusable disreguards this developer (SOE) has made throughout the year of SWG being available for retail purchase:

1 There are still major bugs in the game over a year after launch
Here are some key problems with each profession taken from various gamers:

Bounty Hunter
BH TEF - This whole thing is broken, BH TEF and faction TEF and group TEF are all behaving erraticly. Also, at some instances BHs are losing the TEF on the Jedi as well. Devs are aware of this problem and is considered a priority bug fix. I have been told that a fix will be in Publish 10.x. Supposed to be fixed. We'll have to check.
BH Droid Issue - The droids are returning "Player not online" message even though the player IS online. It has been reported to the devs. Last feedback I got was that it is being investigated. I have made several posts on the corr. forum on this issue of which one was even locked . I gave TH the information he asked for. However, I have yet to get a response that this is being addressed!!!

2. Lightsaber accuracy is well below that of all other classes, coupled with an inability to block melee attacks (we are the only class this pertains to) we miss miss miss miss melee, and get hit back 100\% of the time. There should be a balance point considering Jedi vs. Melee is supposed to be our forte. Mythos about TKM vs. Jedi is entertaining, but its no justification for such an imbalance.

3. Our skill trees need serious balancing, especially Powers and Defense. (Enhance could be helped by no. 1)

We need speed mods in the heal tree: Right now a novice healer has a 4 second delay before AND after a heal power, the same as a Master Healer. We need speed mods in the Force Power tree: Same reason as healers. And there is no reason to spend 22 skill points for power 0020 to intimidate when novice brawler only costs 15 and does exactly the same thing.

4. We hate the FRS. Which aside from its technical shortcomings with FRS XP gain and decay, has virtually no mechanism for Jedi to fight Jedi. Instead we fight 8 Jedi that only group, or 1 Jedi with 3 bounty hunters tracking other Jedi, etc etc. If our only method of advancing in the FRS is to kill other Jedi, there needs to be some mechanism to provide this situational combat because it is non-existant at the moment.

5. Tuning Crystals. The tuning range of crystals is HIGHLY overlapping. Flawless, premium, quality.....they all still have the same reported ranges, and all of them still have a chance to tune poorly. Please look and adjust the ranges, there should be a guaranteed range that the top quality crystals fall within otherwise what exactly is the point of the crystal rating.

6. The Visibility System. We have a few problems with it. Number one, it seems completely arbitrary, we have no idea what factors affect it, make it receded, and reset it. As such, even if it is supposed to be a hidden system there is a catch-22 with visibility. Multiple bounty hunters can take your mission, and when you defend yourself you gain more visibility, thus perpetuating the cycle

Explaining this system would at least let us understand the nature of the design. If it is truly meant to prevent Jedi from showing themselves publicly, then the details of such a system should need no secrecy, the system itself should prevent such exposure.

7. Jedi Robes. No backpacks, no sockets for skill mods, no slot for a cloak, non-colorable, Padawan and Knight have the exact same mods, no armor rating as was promised us. Most Jedi wear regular clothes just for the skill tape bonus, which honestly due to our lack of melee defense/blocking etc is a necessity. We don't like our robes, quite simply. They give us a measely 250 force and +1 regen, that's nothing. Please fix our robes and make them useful, at least adding sockets and backpacks will not make them feel like such a punishment.


According to the description, Pikeman are "The hardest hitting melee profession." However, this is not reflected in the game. Polearm damage is mediocre at best, and needs to be increased


Two months ago, a change was made to polearm weapon accuracy mods. This change was a band-aid to tide us over untill the combat balance. However, the combat balance has now been delayed and accuracy is still an issue for us.


Pikeman have very low defenses, mainly toughness. This affects us negatively as we take more melee damage than any other melee profession.


Block is ineffective, and needs to be balanced to dodge.

HAM costs:

Pikeman have huge HAM costs. With the combat balance delay, we request a decrease in our HAM costs as a temporary measure untill the new HAM system is in place.

'Extra Issues'


These two attack styles comprise nearly half of our profession. However, there is very, very little difference between them. AOE has status effects, whereas Spin has higher damage. Something needs to be changed to seperate these two types of attacks away from one another better. Also, Stun and Stun2 are rendered useless when compared to polearmhit2, polearmhit3, and AoE2, and should be redone to give more variation to the profession.


Pikeman have excellent animations associated with our moves. However, each attack we have is either a clone or a semi-clone of other attacks in various professions. Pikeman need a skill/ability/attack that is unique to the profession and viable to combat.
Energy Lance:

Axkva Min's resistances need to be changed as to allow pikeman to deal damage to her. (Electricitcal or Kinetic damage types)

The Energy Lance needs a great increase in stats:

Heavy Armor Piercing
Higher Maximum Damage
Improved disease dots

Polearm Damage Attachments do not work

That is just the tip of the iceberg. There are countless bugs, errors, glitches, which have a very high chance of ruining the players gaming experience.

2 There is absolutely no new content except for an expansion pack coming out. This is a key weakness that SOE has allowed SWG to have. The game itself breaks down into three gameplay modes: person vs person combat in the galactic civil war, or simply killing non player characters to gain experience in order to obtain different skills from different professions, or to just simply craft items.

Most massively multiplayer games on the market have some form of new content added MONTHLY, being either new quests, items, or areas to explore. In over a year of being on the market, SWG has barely any new content since the day it went into retail. LucasArts would have never let that happen. The player base pays $15 a month. In traiditional mmorpgs, this money is supposed to go to the developer team for them to fix bugs, police the game for exploits or cheating, and most importantly TO DEVELOP NEW CONTENT FOR THE GAME!!!!

3 There is rampant exploiting present in the game which ruins the players' gaming experience. Currently there are people duping credits (making counterfeit cash), creating max health swoop vehicles (40,000 health), and most astonishingly, there are jedi characters purposely killing one another over and over to gain higher ranks in their respective jedi councils, thus giving them greater abilities. The credit duping is perhaps the worst of all because it has basically ruined the player economy. The players who make credits doing ingame missions, will have no chance of competing with players that have made themselves have rediculous amounts of credits in minutes.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Lucas Arts, dont let this franchise be soiled any more by SOE's complete incompetence. They are giving Star Wars a bad name, and you are letting all of us old star wars fans down by allowing this to happen. LucasArts has never had a game shipped this bad with its name on it. You can still correct this injustice, by taking over all operations dealing with the Star Wars Galaxies game, and relieving SOE of any responsibilities dealing with the game.

We are counting on you, dont let us down!

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    Server Played On Chilastra game is borked. /sign
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    bout damn time
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    Whether or not Lucas Arts takes over from SOE, it's still a gay game...but I'll sign it anyway so that the SWG players can have what appears to be some much needed bug fixes.
  • 31 March 201595. Andrew Gross
    Server Played On Eclipse The Devs are completely clueless. They ruined something impervious to being ruined: Star Wars. Fire the Devs, get rid of SOE, and give the license to someone else.
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    Soe has been nothing but a letdown!
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    Server Played On Chimaera SWG does not feel like Star Wars. SOE have grossly damaged this once proud franchise! We need you Lucasarts, you're our only hope!
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    Server Played On Radiant This should have been done a long time ago
  • 19 March 201485. I Reallydontgiveaflyingf
    Server Played On * spam is bad
  • 13 December 201384. Someguy Mayo
  • 16 November 201383. Adam L
    Server Played On Chimera Not nice to say,But SOE are the worst ever ive seen from online games,Me and many others wont ever play another game made by them,Star wars is famous and they are making a mokery by how they run it,
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    Server Played On corbantis this game has gone downhill
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