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Re: Gary Williams, C-12037

We the people signing this petition respectfully ask the California Board of Prison Terms to Parole, Gary Williams in 2005. We understand the facts of this case to include, but are not limited to:

On March 26, 1978, Gary Williams shot and killed Maurice Fuller at the corner of Sunset and Los Palmas Streets in Hollywood. The murder was preceded by a short argument between the victim and Mr. Williams. The shooting was witnessed by two passengers in Williams car. Williams withdrew his gun, shot the victim once in the right arm. The autopsy report indicated that bullet penetrated the arm and into the victims upper chest. The force of the shot threw the victim backwards and Williams then sped off in his vehicle. Charges were initially dropped when the indicated witnesses failed to appear at the preliminary hearing. At a later date, Gary Williams was re-arrested on the subsequent murder charge and the matter was refilled. The witnesses did appear at the preliminary hearing.

On April 24, 1978, Victim Sammy Lee Moreno, was shot at point blank range with three handguns. The victims body was found near the victims vehicle with the drive and passengers doors both open at the crime scene in a deserted parking lot at the rear of North Frederick in Burbank. An autopsy report performed on the following day indicated a total of 33 gunshot wounds to the body were caused by at least 17 gunshots, some of the bullets through and through. An investigation indicated that the murder was prearranged and paid for. Williams role was to set up Moreno for the murder. Reports indicated that when the murder actually happened, Williams allegedly did most of the shooting. There is a notarized affidavit by Nick A Hastings, dated Nov 13, 1991 in Williams BPT Section of his Central-File that is an admission that he (Hastings) did all of the shooting of Sammy Lee Moreno.

Gary Williams was received into California Department of Corrections on January 4, 1980 on two counts of First Degree Murder, PC 187. He has been eligible for parole since May 14, 1985. He is serving a 7 to life sentence has spent 25 years in Prison.

Since his incarceration, Gary has received at least 36 chronos which are write-ups by the prison staff for good behavior. One such incident gave Mr. Williams two Chronos was for handing in a handcuff key (08/09/89). Gary has been a model prisoner and is very well respected by the Guards and Prison Staff. Here is one of Garys most recent Chronos dated 10-04-04 by a Utility Supervisor
I have known the above named inmate for approximately 20 years. And in that time I have seen a significant change in this inmate. He has went from being involved in almost nothing within the prison system, to his involvement in every program CSP-Solano offers. This change appears to be sincere in every respect. He attends every meeting required and volunteers for extra work above and beyond requirements. He will often give up his free time to help with charity fund drives. His participation and involvement with those activity groups should be commended. As should his efforts at actually changing his outlook on incarceration. His positive overall attitude and willingness to look at what brought him to prison has in this writers opinion changed him forever.

Some of the other comments on the Chronos state that Mr. Williams is extremely responsible, excellent behavior, relates well with staff and inmates, needs no supervision, good attitude, outstanding worker, work and attendance exceeds expectations, stable and mature inmate, reliable, shows genuine concern for people, ect.


Mr. Williams, with help from another inmate, is responsible for bringing the Prison Outreach Program (POP) to CSP-Solano. This is a voluntary community service program that targets at-risk juveniles. The program brings together inmates and kids within the prison setting to expose them to the destructive lifestyles that lead to prison in hopes to detour the juveniles from a life of crime and incarceration. Mr. Williams spent over 3 years putting the program together before it went on line and had numerous meetings with the Warden, community groups, such as schools and victim groups, the Vacaville Police Department and the Salvation Army.

The POP program has received some great recognition. As one Superior Court Judge in Solano writes to a California State Assemblywoman It is an extremely important program. It is exactly what juvenile offenders need to help keep them out of the adult system. Obviously, more money in the juvenile system for mental health, educational services, and job training is crucial. However, since more money is not available, this program is a desperately needed substitute.

In a 2001-2002 Grand Jury Investigation of CSP-Solano, the Grand Jury Reported that the POP Program at the prison was an outstanding program and recommended that all county schools coordinate with local police in participating and taking advantage of this diversion program. The Grand Jury also recommended the community familiarizes themselves with the rehabilitated opportunity of the PIA Program within the facility.

There have been several articles written by the Daily Republic, Vacaville, CA relating to the prison outreach program.
Prison Program Helps Youngers in Trouble, Vacaville Reporter, Sunday Feb 17th, 2002
Preemptive strike - Understanding Hard Time, Dec 31, 2001
Prison sales boost area girl scouts revenues, March 2, 2000

Mr. Williams has chronos dating back to 1994 showing that he has continually attended both Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous Meetings.

Mr. Williams has received 14 Certificates since 1989 in the areas of Emergency Preparedness, CPR, Infectious Control, Kitchen Sanitation, Effective Communication, Decision Making and Problem Solving, and Bindery Equipment Certifications for Heat Seal Machine, Stamping Press Operator, Cutting Machine Operator, Slitting Machine Operator.

Mr. Williams has been employed in the Bookbindery for over 10 years. He has risen to the position of Assistant Lead Man, overseeing approximately 25 inmates. A letter dated 10-05-04 from the Bookbindery Supervisor, it is stated that Mr. Williams is trustworthy and an outstanding worker in general. Hes able to work well with all ethnic groups as well as staff. He has achieved a number of Occupational Proficiency awards.

The supervisor goes on to say that in 32 years, I have seen very few inmates with the kind of work ethic inmate WILLIAMS has shown. He has consistently demonstrated his willingness to go above what is asked of him. Rehabilitation isnt a work I have often used. But in this case, inmate WILLIAMS has shown every quality of a rehabilitated inmate

Mr. Williams psychological evaluations have stated:
There are no indications of problems with impulse control or reasoning abilities
His judgment appears to be logical and pro-social.
He seems to handle frustration well and he has developed an increasing ability to delay gratification.
During observation in this institution he has psychiatrically improved considerably.
In a less controlled setting such as return to the community, he is likely to hold present gains.
Violence potential outside a controlled setting in the past is considered to have been greater than average and at present it has decreased.

Mr. Williams is committed to obeying laws and remaining a solid standing member of society upon his release. He has contacted the Delancy Street Foundation in San Francisco, California to help him reenter society. This program offers a long-term residential and employment support to ex-cons. Their program is highly successful at helping felons reintegrate with society.

Mr. Williams has the support of Family and Friends when he is released and he is encouraged to continue to work with At-Risk Juveniles upon his release.

Mr. Williams already recognizes that the recidivism rate for a man his age paroling after spending 25 years in prison is extremely low and has committed to being one of those that stay out of prison. By getting involved with an organization like Delancy Street, Mr. Williams is taking the necessary steps to help him reintegrate into society. A lot has changed in the world since his incarceration in 1980 and his proactive approach at asking the Delancy Street Foundation for support is another example of his

Mr. Williams fully acknowledges and accepts full responsibility for the lives that were taken and affected by his actions. He shows remorse and understands the implications of his actions. He has done everything he can do in prison to change his life and to take control of himself and his actions. His prison record and chronos and achievements show that hes rehabilitated.

It is respectfully asked of the California Board of Prison Terms that you honor the Parole of Mr. Gary Williams, CDC # C-12037.

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    Everyone who makes an effort to change deserves a 2nd chance. This person made more than an effort and should be rewarded with parole.
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    he has served his time "25" years its time for him to come home
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    As the Prison Report stated: Mr. Williams is extremely responsible, excellent behavior, relates well with staff and inmates, needs no supervision, good attitude, outstanding worker, work and attendance exceeds expectations, stable and mature inmate, relia
  • 10 November 201489. Heather G
    From what I have read about Gary he is one in a few who has gone beyond the norm to rehabilitate & to become someone I would accept gladly back into my community!!
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    give this man a chance!
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    While there is no way to repay the death of a person, it is clear that Mr. Williams has dedicated his life to living an honorable and respectful way. When professionals within the DOC system put their own names on the line, it is clear that an inmate dese
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    I hope this helps... please contact me on any changes in his case.
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    Mr Williams admits to and shows remourse for the crimes he committed in the past. He has grown into man behind bars and shoud be allowed to reenter society and be productive in the outside world. Give him a second chance. He clearly has earned it
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