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What we are asking :: Sign this petition to allow the Lemont Indians Lacrosse Team to continue to host their home games, as already scheduled, on the Lemont High School Athletic Stadium.

Background information for those who do not not already know the ongoing situation. Please note that many excerpts provided below are adapted from a recent email that Mr. Steve Larek has composed and sent to the families of each lacrosse player. The full email will be linked to at the very bottom of this petition.

Lemont Indians Lacrosse has and still is paid for buy the families of each and every player. The High School, Lemont High School, has done little to provide any support for our program yet through the hard work of the players, parents, and coaches, we have been a successful program for nearly 7 years.

As of recent news, the Lemont Indians Lacosse team will be unable to hold their home games on the Lemont High School Athletic Stadium. This is because in a meeting on February 9 between Steve Larek (Lemont Indians Lacrosse Parent, Coach, Director, and Representative), Superintendent Sandy Doebert, Principal Trengrove and Athletic Director John Young, our program was informed that Lemont Indians Lacrosse needs to be aware that it is not a school program, that it is a community organization, and there are rules for community organizations:

Community organizations team photos do not appear in the school yearbook,
Community organizations do not have announcements made in school,
Community organizations cant display trophies at school,
Community organization will have to pay user fees
Community organizations cant use the Lemont High School logo

This is not the only issue. Our program has also been told we are no longer allowed to use the Athletic Stadium because the product used to line the field have left permanent residue on the turf. This is false, but in an effort to avoid conflict and come to a compromise, a new type of field marking was obtained and tested to ensure that the it would not leave any markings.

First off, contrary to popular belief, we don't use paint to mark the turn field. For two years we have used a temporary spray chalk designed specifically for turf fields. Mr. Larek thought we might do better and contacted the leading national manufacturer of field turf marking products and made arrangements for a representative to call on the school to address what Mrs. Doebert said were her concerns. This national company came recommended by several schools in our area that are successfully using the companys products to do exactly what we do.

He told Mr. Larek that he was informed that the superintendent doesnt want them (the lacrosse team) on the field. When Mr. Larek challenged Mrs. Doebert on this, the situation changed to we are ordering samples.

The new makings were applied to the field and removed. A second application was give and once again removed. Mr. Larek and Coach Bob Darovic walked the turf field in order to see if they could find any residue left over. There was nothing.

Friday, March 18th 2011, Mr. Larek received an email from Mrs. Dobert. This entailed the following :

The sample product that the school tested didnt wash away as expected so you will not be allowed to put down any lines. You can use the field, but you cant put down lacrosse lines.

The captain of our lacrosse team who is also a football player has stated that he has not once seen any residue from the previous markings. Also, parents and athletes from various sports were also asked if they saw lines from the lacrosse team. All had the same response, they could see nothing.

In order to play the game of Lacrosse, the field must be properly lined. By not allowing us to do this, we are being forced to relocate to a new venue and potentially have to reschedule our home games for this season.

As said by Mr. Steve Larek in the original email sent to the players, "Where does that leave us? That is up to you. You are the people who pay for all of this--for lacrosse, for that turf field and stadium, and for the salaries of the people who run the school. Its up to you to tell Mrs. Doebert what you want. Unless you speak up, this isnt going to change. Its ironic that the first installment of your property tax bill is due on the same day as our first scheduled home game, April 1. I checked my bill, and about 25\% of it is going to District 210. I have done everything I can to demonstrate that we have not damaged and will not damage the turf with these few chalk lines, so its going to be up to you. You already pay. Let the kids play. You can call Sandy Doebert 630-243-3260 or you can email [email protected]"

Now it is up to all of us, players, parents, coaches, friends, and family. The school wants to make us remove the Lemont Indians decal from our helmets and relocate our home games. This is wrong. Lets push this to the point where the school can no longer hold us back. Pass this around and build support for our Lemont Indians Lacrosse team.

To view the full email as composed originally by Mr. Steve Larek, please visit the following link.


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