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To the Producers at Warner Bros. Studios,

We, the Undersigned, have come together to propose another avenue to creating successful comic book movies based on DC Comics characters. News has recently come to our attention that the intent of Warner Bros. Studio to replicate the coming success of Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment by creating movies that will lead into concepts like "Justice League" and "Superman/Batman." It has also been understood that with the overwhelming profit that you have enjoyed thanks to 2008's "The Dark Knight" the Studio wish to replicating the dark and brooding nature of Batman in coming attractions such as the Superman reboot or Wonder Woman.

We, the fans, do not see that as the avenue of success you perceive it to be or a means to respect the source material. The reason for this being that each character within the Universe DC Comics has created over the last 71 years was meant to be seen in certain light or conceptualized in a specific genre. "The Dark Knight" happens to be a good example of a character brought into the right tone and genre. Wonder Woman, whom many see has a story of harmony and understanding on a global stage, was never meant for the gritty streets of Gotham City.

The original 1978 "Superman" is another prime example of a well presented film. Superman was always meant to be a "hero's hero," the very ideal and symbol of hope and justice. Though a direct to feature movie like "Superman Doomsday" can be presented in more menacing manner, the theme of that movie was a loss of hope from a world without Superman, thus dark. The success of "Smallville" should also be a testament to the fact that if you desire a dark path you bring it from the villains not the heroes (except Batman). Superman is about action and adventure presented in a simple storytelling manner. He ALWAYS saves the day with a smile on his face. He wears primary colors. He is the pinnacle of the world you want to build. In the team you want to bring to fruition, Superman leads the way.

This desire to "explor[e] the evil side [of the] characters" could be detrimental if not in the context of that characters world. The Flash is a prime example of this dangerous territory. If you watch the episode of Justice League Unlimited that you produced called "Flash and Substance" you will understand what we desire. The Flash represents fun and laughter. He would just as soon sit down with a villain as punch him in the face. The genre for that film would be drastically different from "The Dark Knight." It would almost be a turn in the opposite direction. And we would love it.

We understand the comics these characters are based on have taken a turn towards the more "dark and brooding" side of life in recent years; however, that was a turn that took place over a long period of time. The "Justice League" movie that Warner Bros. Studios desires to make will hinge on the unique roles each character takes. If each of them conveys a dark and brooding nature you will lose a deep part of why the audience would enjoy that film. The Justice League will always be about a team and no team consists of identical players. Every character has something different to bring to the table and how they balance (or do not) with one another.

We do not assume to tell the Studio what to do, and understand that in no way can you please every comic book fan in the world. As such, listing all the possible characters and the means to create a successful movie within this petition seems unwarranted. We, the petitioners, simply wish that you will reconsider the direction of your future comic book films. In no way to we want to see history repeat itself with the mistakes of the past (i.e. "Batman and Robin" or "Catwoman) and hope only for continued success.

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