Lawsuit against General Than Shwe, SPDC and all his government officials to an International Criminal Court for crimes commited during military regime sign now

We want to initiate a Lawsuit against General Than Shwe and his SPDC military officials for crimes committed during the military regime. We want to appeal to the International Criminal Court to take actions against the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC) being the official name for the military regime of Myanmar and the members are:

General Than Shwe, Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, and Chairman of the State Peace and Development Council (SPDC)
General Maung Aye, Vice-Chairman, of the State Peace and Development Council, Vice Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services, Commander-in-Chief (Army)
General Thura Shwe Mann, Joint Chief of Staff of the Army, Navy and Air Force
Lieutenant-General Thein Sein, Prime Minister, First Secretary of SPDC, Adjutant General
Lieutenant-General Ye Myint, Second Secretary of SPDC, Chief of Bureau of Special Operation - 1 (Kachin, Chin, Sagaing, Magawe, Mandalay)
Lieutenant-General Thiha Thura Tin Aung Myint Oo, Quartermaster General
Lieutenant-General Kyaw Win, Chief of Bureau of Special Operation - 2 (Shan, Kayah)
Lieutenant-General Tin Aye, Chief of Military Ordance
Lieutenant-General Aung Htwe, Chief of Armed Forces Training
Lieutenant-General Khin Maung Than , Chief of Bureau of Special Operation - 3 (Pegu, Rangoon, Irrawaddy, Arakan)
Lieutenant-General Maung Bo, Chief of Bureau of Special Operation - 4 (Karen, Mon, Tenasserim)

And the following authorities;
-- Aung Thaung (Minister of Industry), Crack Down Commander of Protest in Upper Burma
-- U Thaung(Minister of Nuclear, Science& Technology), Crack Down Commander of Protest in Lower Burma
-- U Thaung is also Chief of Nuclear Weapons Project of Myanmar with the support and aids of North Korea and Russia
-- Major Gen Maung Oo (Minister of Home Affairs)

For the MISUSE of State property, military projects, and crimes committed during the military regime where human rights are not considered by the government of Myanmar, such crimes being listed as:

1. Myanmar Nuclear Project of Minister U Thaung with the Support of Russia and North Korea. This being the most important charge, as it presents a threat to Burma, the region and to the world.

2. Since the military regime took power, part of the land is being cultivated with Poppy (plants), the Myanmar military and SPDC government have taken ownership of the State lands.

3. During the protests this year 2007, thousands of people, Monks, Nuns, Members of Parliament, members of the elected NLD Party, AIDS sympathizers, Free funeral organization lead by Actor Kyaw Thu, 8888 Veteran Students, college students were arrested tortured and killed on the streets in jails and detention centers. The protests had finished and the arrests, torture during interrogation and killing continue on a daily basis.

4. Due to continuously witch hunting, all the people who dislike the SPDC have filled all the jails in Burma are full with political prisoners. No vacant space is available in all the jails in Burma. The Junta is now searching for more new spaces for new jails. At present, the Institutes and universities are no longer foundations for Education. General Technical Institute (GTI) and Yangon Technical University & Institute, YIT(Formerly RIT), and many other colleges and universities have become jails and detention centers for protesting monks and civilians.

5. Due to the lack of space left in jails all over Burma, recently the authorities freed the real criminal prisoners such as thieves, rapists, robbers and murders because the authorities require more space to keep in custody newer political prisoners. That means that the government is preparing itself to make more arrests in the short future. Many of the new political prisoners of September 2007 died in jails due to lack of space.

6. During the brutal crackdown in September 2007, in two capitals and smaller cities thousands of people were gun blasted, thrown into rivers, and cremated alive by government soldiers. During this period of time the following crimes were committed;

Machine gun shootings, physically and mentally harming the Buddhist monks and nuns participating in the protest marches currently taking place in major cities and towns in Burma

Pro-government supporters infiltrated the protesting groups by pretending to be monks and nuns (eg. Shaving their heads, dressing in monks' robes)
and then instigating violence from within the march group

Pro-government supporters providing poisoned foods as alms (Dana)

Soldiers and government supporters robbed and continue robbing donations and Money from monasteries and temples (eg. From Ngwe Kyar Yan Monastery & Maggin Temple)

Police and soldiers arresting and beating up people who offer food and water (Dana) to the monks.

Police, soldiers and interrogators continue arresting the protesting monks and treat them like criminals, such as catching the monks by lariats and ropes, tying them up with wires and strapping them onto electrical poles, slapping their cheeks, kicking them with military boots and hitting the monks' heads with rifle butts.

Police, interrogators, and soldiers continue arresting the monks by seizing the whole temples, arresting the monks and disrobing them.

Police and soldiers rape arrested Nuns and female students whilst in jails. Every time the police and soldiers raid the jungles of Karen they rape women, teenagers and kids.

Doctors and medical students of Mandalay who treated injured protesters are in jails at the present.

Many run-away villagers along the Thai-Burma border are still being physically abused, raped, tortured, killed, even robbed from their measly belongings by the patrolling soldiers.

7. Depayin Massacre - Attempt to kill Peace Nobel Prize Laurette Aung San Suu Kyi and the brutal killing of her NLD members by non-uniform SPDC soldiers and thugs in 2003. Since the NLD won the elections in 1990, the junta continuously have been arresting, torturing and killing the NLD members to this date.

8. Brutal Crack down of 8888 Uprising & Genocide on 18.9.1988, the fatalities occurred in almost every city in Burma, it was much higher than those of 2007.

9. The military government provides protection to the world most wanted notorious Opium Poppy King Khun Sa and Lo Hsin Han, protecting them from being arrested by the International Criminal Court

10. In 1962 the Student Union Building in Rangoon University Campus opposed the military coup and boycotted the regime, several students were launched (blast-off).

11. Killing of several students during the funeral of UN Secretary General U Thant, the Military Junta Government planned to bury U Thant at the Kyan-taw Cemetery, an ordinary cemetery. Burmese students and people turned to the streets to demand for the body of UN Secretary General to be buried in a honorable place rather than an Ordinary Cemetery.

12. Killing of people during the celebration of the 100th Anniversary of Thankin Kodaw Hmaing who is the most revered literary figure in Burma. As the junta prohibited the celebration many people died during this celebration.

Government-organised gangs, referred to as Swan-arshin, and members of the quasi-official Union Solidarity and Development Association (USDA) have broken up most of the protests and detained participants, under the guidance of local council officials, special branch police and army officials who are wearing plain clothes. They are not simply "pro-government" gangs as widely reported. According to one news report, they are being coordinated by a Myanmar Armed Forces officer, Colonel Than Han, together with USDA secretary, U Aung Thaung. Col. Than Han is also said to have been involved in the lethal May 2003 attack on a convoy carrying democracy leader Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and her supporters at Depayin in upper Myanmar.

Since August 21 the authorities have been coming to houses and other places and arresting the leaders of the protests. On August 22 the state media reported that 13 persons belonging to the 88 Generation Students Group were arrested, and on August 25 the junta media speaker reported that, "action will be taken against them in accord with the law". The 13 are being held at Insein Prison. But in addition, it is believed that as of August 25 at least 65 persons have been detained and interrogated. Among them, I wish to draw special attention to:

U Myint Aye, the leader of the Human Rights and Promoters and Defenders group: taken by the Kyimyintaing Township Peace and Development Council chairman, U Aung Kyaw Moe, and officials, along with Special Branch police led by Deputy Superintendent Win Myint from near his house at 11:30am on 24 August 2007, while he was taking food in celebration of his wife's birthday to his in-laws.

Ko Htin Kyaw, the leader of the Myanmar Development Committee, arrested with another member of his group, Ko Zaw Nyunt, a few minutes into demonstrating nearby the Theingyi Market in Rangoon around 1pm, 25 August 2007. According to onlookers, they were assaulted as they were put into a waiting vehicle. Htin Kyaw and his colleagues had organised protests against rising prices earlier in the year but had been released after interrogation and "re-education".

Solo protestors U Ohn Than and Aye Win:
Ohn Than was arrested outside the US embassy on 23 August 2007. He had in the past staged a number of similar protests and been jailed repeatedly.
Aye Win was arrested in Bassein, Irrawaddy Division on August 24 for protesting outside the main market. Both had been holding placards decrying the increased fuel prices. Aye Win also had previously been jailed for two years after the lethal attack on a convoy of democracy proponents in Depayin during 2003.

Other persons reportedly arrested on August 24 include National League for Democracy (NLD) members Ko Thein Myint, of Ward 54 in South Dagon Township of Rangoon, who was punched while being taken by a Special Branch officer as he was going to a protest at Tamwe; Ko Nyunt Win and Ko Saw Lwin, taken from a number 56 public bus by USDA members and fire brigade personnel led by Deputy Station Chief Htay Aung; and Ko Aung Zaw of Ward 56 in South Dagon, also arrested by USDA and fire brigade personnel.

Htay Kywe, Mee Mee, Aung Thu, Ko Ko and the 4 most prominent leaders of Burmese Federation of Student Union were arrested on October 11, 2007.

There are also reports and photographs being circulated of vehicles parked around central areas of Yangon to be used to make any arrests the instant that protests occurr. Other persons are still being sought out by the authorities and have gone into hiding. Warrants for arrest with photographs are posted at the airport.

When Burma nationals, mostly students working or studying abroad, return to Burma, they are arrested at the Yagon airport. They are detained for 3 days, checked with photos and videos sent from Myanmar Embassies around the world. If they are found participating in recent demonstrat ions abroad or in Burma they are beaten, tortured, and sent to the Insein Prison.

At this critical time the active involvement of the international community is absolutely vital. People of Myanmar are looking for and depending upon support from outside in order to emerge from the decades of dictatorship under which they have been forced to subsist.

I therefore call upon you and all concerned agencies and mandates within the United Nations system to take special responsibility to see that the situation there obtain the highest attention and priority in the days and weeks ahead.

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