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This petition is re posted and extended due to lack of promotion through personal technical faults.the last petition sat at 154 signatures, thanxs to all those who signed.
this petition like the origonal is to make Eidos Interactive awaire that there is a market for Lara Croft Inspired clothes.For those who like to portray themselfs as Lara and to make life easyer for Lookalikes.
To have a range of clothing inspired by fashions in the games movies and comics plus re introducing the Lara C merchandise which seams to have dissapeared from the market.
Now the added part..this may just be a bit too much but, how about Lara stores, they have specific stores for football teams (in the uk) eg> the rangers store. outlets that specialise in Tomb Raider merchandise.
sign and let me know what you think.
(p,s) origonal petition is saved and will be sent along with this one.

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 November 2015100. Elizabeth Huffman
    I love Lara Croft. She has a great character to her, and I love her style. The clothing store is a brill idea! Country U.S.A.
  • 24 September 201599. Julianne Harvey
    I think you ABSOLUTELY should do this!!! i REALLY WANT LARA CROFT CLOTHES! but here in australia there arent ANY! I get SO ANGRY! Country Australia
  • 17 September 201598. Jocelyn H
    i love her clothes....i really like the ones in the new one!!!!legend i love her orange jacket and everything else Country united states
  • 11 July 201597. Akshay H
    lara croft roxz Country india
  • 29 June 201596. Staron Gibbs
    i want all lara croft's clothes Country france
  • 03 May 201595. Megan D
    Lara Croft clothing should be sold in stores and for people of all shapes and sizes. Its hard to make the clothes and make it look authentic, trying to give Lara C. a good name. Country United States
  • 23 April 201594. Miyax Clayton
    no thanks anyway Country USA
  • 26 March 201593. Nicole Pennington
    i would love to shop @ a Lara Croft store! i would even love to work in 1 and get reduced prices 4 working there;), j/k, but it SOUNDS GREAT 2 ME!!! i say go 4 it, try it, and at least c how it goes. Country USA
  • 16 March 201592. Stephane Ingram
    I think it would be nice but the look alikes do such a great job without it and I feel that it makes them all so much better that they can pull it off without a store like this Country USA
  • 25 February 201591. Angel Boyd
    Its a good idea! Country Bolivia
  • 21 January 201590. Oceansirius Bowman
    Bring back Lara C clothing and also make things more easy for lookalikes. I'm only just starting out as a lookalike and now I'm working and can afford 'em, there are no Lara C products for me to buy. Country England.
  • 02 November 201489. Carrington N
    I want to dress like Lara Country USA
  • 17 October 201488. Sarah G
    yeah! i cant find any outfits! i would totally love if someone made a store for Lara! Country America
  • 05 October 201487. Claire Pena
    hi Country canada
  • 19 September 201486. Marc J
    Why not? My girl would look nice in that! Country Germany
  • 17 September 201485. Angel Mcbride
    I like the clothing and I think it would make life easier for the look alikes Country US
  • 23 August 201484. M K
    Needs to be done! Country USA
  • 28 June 201483. Lisa M
    I would love to see Lara Croft Clothing Country USA
  • 10 June 201482. Ashley Irwin
    this is so kool i am a big tomb raider lara croft fan Country canada
  • 20 May 201481. Carla Michellec
    music listener, tr player,artist,perfectionist,i look foward a lot into cosplaying tomb's my fav hobbie,and drawing. Country Bayamon,Puerto Rico
  • 19 May 201480. Danielle F
    Please accept this petition!!!! Country United States of America
  • 05 April 201479. Tiff Baldwin
    the lara shop is a good idea. But if it does happen it should not be made so that the prices of things are more expencive simply because you don't have to go looking for them. Country australia
  • 20 March 201478. Katie F
    MAKE CLOTHES Country Canada
  • 30 January 201477. Briana L
    Lara Croft has some of the best clothing designs for women who want to kick butt. Why not make that available to real people and not quarantine it to the computer screen? Country USA
  • 13 January 201476. Wik Montgomery
    Do it Country U.K
  • 05 January 201475. Ashton Rasmussen
    Finding certain elements of Lara's outfits, i.e. her boots, has been and still is proving to be a challenge. It would be so much easier if there was a place I could go to purchase the outfits. Country Canada
  • 06 November 201374. Karina Palmer
    I don't think any comment is needed... Country bulgaria

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