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Dear Kidz Bop people,

We, the undersigned, are just sick. Sick of it all. Why? Because our FAVORITE songs are being crushed. Ruined. Rotting. All because of you. "My Immortal" was PERFECT the way it was. But you had to take that, and a few other beloved songs, mix it up with childish voices, and stick it in a CD. Ugh, lots of us are disgusted by it. u_u; And it annoys us so. We'd just like you to do SOMETHING about it. I mean seriously, if Kidz Bop went further on, I probably couldn't listen to Evanescene AGAIN because I'll always think that those irritating voices will come on, hauntingly through the headphones. So yeah, thanks. =P

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Latest Signatures

  • 16 December 2015100. Taffy Olsen
    You trashed my songs dude.. that's not cool. Now they're crap.. dude.. what were you thinking?
  • 31 October 201599. Stiny Shea
    This is really starting to piss me off. I'm going to go insane if they don't stop making these things.
  • 26 October 201598. Dakota Black
    The children laugh at me with their annoyingly high pitched voices... make them stop their ruining good songs.
  • 26 October 201597. Elayne Quillin
    I forgot, your music is so stupid it put my cousin in the hospital, because your forking commercial made him go death! from a kidz bop hater, sporrk
  • 28 September 201596. Ruki Owen
    I hate you, Kids Bop. You take our hit songs, and slice it in half. Making it so uncool. What if we butcher your FACE?!? YOU WOULDN'T LIKE IT. BE ORIGINAL. OR SOME SERIOUS RUKI HATING DAMAGE WILL BE DONE.
  • 26 September 201595. Guitar Blevins
    Dear god make it stop!
  • 19 September 201594. Katie Banks
    Clearly Kidz Bop can't be original and get their own songs, instead of remake and totally ruin perfectly great songs.
  • 29 August 201593. Renee Lang
    I support this petition
  • 10 August 201592. Puffeh Gregory
    Kidz bop is ruining, crushing, vaporizing good songs. My favorite song cannot be listened to anymore until this STOPS!
  • 17 July 201591. Rae Glass
    I support this petition
  • 06 July 201590. Michelle Pugh
    Agreed and point taken.
  • 05 July 201589. Kodiak Cabrera
    I don't really care for the songs they put on there, but it still does ruin songs.
  • 27 June 201588. Sonia K
    I support this petition
  • 26 May 201587. Shadow Weiss
    Kidz Bop, just stop. Everytime I hear one of my favorite songs is on one of your CDs, I start to feel sick. I am sadden that you actually do such a thing. Cruel and Unusual Punishment is banned by the 8th Amendment. So please, stop the madness!
  • 20 May 201586. Ami P
    You guys must be shut down before any REAL damage is done.
  • 18 April 201585. Stiny M
    Yes, they ruined Maroon 5's song. Grah! If they touch my Coldplay songs, there's going to be hell to pay.
  • 11 April 201584. Lynn Marquez
    Screw you kidz bop, you've destroyed to many good songs. Don't you dare even think of touching ska or emo, I will kill you and your children.
  • 10 April 201583. Mike Calhoun
    ban kidz bop
  • 29 March 201582. Nick S
    this cd sounds like total crap
  • 12 March 201581. Reiinstarr Rice
    I agree! My angry mob WILL seek victory! XD All of my fellow user under my command WILL get their REVENGE on Kidzbop ruined hit songs! I just pray to God they won't even think about touching ANY of the B.E.P's songs! ^-^ Well you can neomail me if ya want
  • 18 February 201580. Selina Salinas
    Kidz Bop, don't ruin our favorite songs. Please, my ears beg you.
  • 10 February 201579. Secret F
    I support this petition
  • 06 February 201578. Sierra Harris
    Kidz Bop, you have ruined some of my favorite songs. If you're going to remake songs, get people who can sing. And not kids, PLEASE. Better yet, don't remake the songs at all.
  • 03 February 201577. Kat Arias
    Kidz Bop makes me barf o_0
  • 07 January 201576. Julia Cherry
    Hear here! Kidzbop sucks. x_x
  • 28 December 201475. Mike Kerr
    Kidz Bop sucks. Hard.
  • 27 December 201474. Linz Cisneros
    I USED to like those songs until little bratty ugly kids sang 'em, who have NO talent. How did you get popular/enough money to make a kidzbop 6?!

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