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The "No Child Left Behind" Real Requirements

1. Stronger accountability for results;

"Reports on individual schools are part of the annual district report cards, also known as local report cards. Each school district must prepare and disseminate annual local report cards that include information on how students in the district and in each school performed on state assessments. The report cards must state student performance in terms of three levels: basic, proficient and advanced. Achievement data must be desegregated, or broken out, by student subgroups according to: race, ethnicity, gender, English language proficiency, migrant status, disability status and low-income status. The report cards must also tell which schools have been identified as needing improvement, corrective action or restructuring"

In my experience, Most schools DO NOT want to be held accountable. WHY? Because they have Disabled students, students with Learning disabilities, English as a Second language, Poor children, and Minority children. They have low expectations that these students can succeed and in my experience with the school system, The teachers that are responsible for teaching these children are understaffed, under supported, and not given the materials needed to teach their children. Then they are held accountable for something that is beyond their control. The LEA's are not supporting our teachers and schools.


2. Accountability is central to the success of the No Child Left Behind Act:

"States need to set high standards for improving academic achievement in order to improve the quality of education for all students. Under the NCLB, each State establishes a definition of "adequate yearly progress" (AYP) to use each year to determine the achievement of each school district and school. The new definition of AYP is diagnostic in nature, and intended to highlight where schools need improvement and should focus their resources. The statute gives States and local educational agencies significant flexibility in how they direct resources and tailor interventions to the needs of individual schools identified for improvement. Under the NCLB, schools are held accountable for the achievement of all students, not just average student performance. Ensuring that schools are held accountable for all students' meeting State standards represents the core of the bipartisan Act's goal of ensuring that no child is left behind."

WHY dont the schools not want to be held accountable? The Local Education Agency does not want to spend the money (even though they are given extra) They would rather increase the Superintendents pay, EC Program Directors, Coordinators, and County office officials rather than retain more staff for schools that need them. Sometimes Principals, teachers, EC staff, etc. Refuse to believe that they need help. THEY HAVE THE FALSE BELIEF THAT THEY CAN DO IT ALL.


3. Increased flexibility and local control;

As a first requirement-"in a State's effort to implement the law, it must have a definition of a "highly qualified teacher" that is consistent with the law, and it must use this definition to determine the status of all of its teachers. "

As a second requirement, "States and districts must provide parents and the public with accurate, complete reports on the number and percentage of classes in core academic subjects taught by highly qualified teachers. States and districts must provide these data to parents through school, district, and State report cards. In addition, parents of students in schools receiving Title I funds must be notified that they may receive information regarding the professional qualifications of their children's teachers upon request, and they must be notified if their children have been assigned to or taught for four or more consecutive weeks by a teacher who is not highly qualified. We will monitor States' procedures for ensuring that districts implement fully the parents' "right to know" standards.

"The third requirement.-"In January 2006, States must submit complete and accurate data to the U.S. Secretary of Education on their implementation of the HQT requirements as part of their Consolidated State Performance Report (CSPR). In addition to reporting the number and percentage of core academic classes being taught by highly qualified teachers in all schools, States must report on the number and percentage of core academic classes being taught in "high-" and "low-poverty" schools. In addition, they must have plans in place to ensure that disadvantaged and minority students are not taught by teachers who are not highly qualified at greater rates than other students. States must also provide additional information in the CSPR that describes the types of classes that still do not have a highly qualified teacher"

The fourth requirement-"is that States take action to ensure that inexperienced, unqualified, or out-of-field teachers do not teach poor or minority children at higher rates than other children. The Department, through its State monitoring, is reviewing the steps States are taking to ensure that highly qualified and experienced teachers are distributed equitably between disadvantaged students and their more affluent peers. Given the evidence that teachers are a critical factor in improving student achievement, it is in the best interest of each State to ensure that students who need the most academic support receive instruction from the most effective teachers. The Department will determine whether or not each State is making a good-faith effort in this area."

In my opinion; The people who do not support this act are people that do not believe that people of color, disability, and poor children are a waste of time and do not deserve the extra money and time that ir takes. They believe this money should be spent on the children who deserve it. Children with no handicap's or disadvantages.


4. Expanded options for parents;

"Attending parent-teacher meetings or special meetings to address academic problems at the school; volunteering to serve as needed; encouraging other parents to become involved; and learning about the school's special challenges, community resources and the No Child Left Behind Act. In addition, parents should take advantage of the increased flexibility given local decision-makers by No Child Left Behind and talk with their school board members, principals and other state and local education leaders about which programs they think will help their students the most.

In addition, the law has other specific requirements on parent involvement that include the following:

Each state education agency must support the collection and dissemination of information on effective parent involvement practices to local education agencies and schools.

The law in Title I spells out specific measures that local education agencies and schools receiving Title I funds must take to ensure parent involvement in significant areas, including: overall planning at the district and school levels; written policies on parent involvement at both levels; annual meetings; training; coordinating parent involvement strategies among federal education programs (i.e., Title I, Head Start and Reading First); and evaluating those strategies and revising them if needed.

Schools that have schoolwide programs must involve parents in developing plans for such programs--that is, programs designed to raise the achievement of low-achieving students in high-poverty Title I schools by improving instruction throughout the entire school (thus using Title I funds to serve all children).

The law provides for involvement of parents of private schools students served by various federal education programs such as Title I."

MOST LEA'S AND SCHOOL DO NOT WANT PARENT INVOLVEMENT. THEY DO NOT WANT TO BE WHAT I HAVE HEARD CALLED "your opinion on what the school or staff needs by a parent who doesnt know anything about teaching is invalid". It is this poor attitude and shows just how may people have become politicians instead of school leaders.


"And an emphasis on teaching methods that have been proven to work.

The Challenge: Ineffective teaching practices and unproven education theories are among the chief reasons children fall behind and teachers get frustrated.

The Solution: Demand that instructional practices be evidence-based, and direct funding so only the best ideas with proven results are introduced into the classroom.

Solid research equals solid results.

For decades, doctors have required solid research before treating patients. This scientific approach has produced some of the most effective remedies and the most impressive cures in human history.

Scientific research finds the best way to help those kids who need it most.

By using solid research we can get the best ideas to kids who will fail without them. For example, an experiment might involve teaching two groups of children to read using different methods and comparing the results to see which method is most successful. Some children will learn to read with a variety of methods. Children having problems learning to read need the most effective methods.

Effective teaching and curricula can challenge children and interest them in learningpreventing problems of violence, hyperactivity and misidentification of learning disabilities.

To say that an instructional program or practice is grounded in scientifically based research means there is reliable evidence that the program or practice works. For example, to obtain reliable evidence about a reading strategy or instructional practice, an experimental study may be done that involves using an experimental/control group design to see if the method is effective in teaching children to read."

When the governments research tells them that Teacher have ineffective teaching practice(even though that might be true) They get ANGRY!!!

Try walking up to any teacher and telling him/her that there teaching methods are ineffective.

It's like someone who doesn't know you or your children gets ANGRY at you and tells you your parenting methods are questionable


"Just as Brown v. Board of Education declared that separate schools are inherently unequal, No Child Left Behind declares that separate instructioninstruction that is based upon assumptions that certain children cannot learnis inherently unequal. The new law says that we as a nation will not tolerate schools that practice the soft bigotry of low expectations"


We as Parents are constantly judged on the way we raise our children!


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