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We, the undersigned

Wish to express our desire to see the University of South Carlina "Gamecock" logo, consisting of a Fighting Gamecock or Cock, with fighting spurs stay as it is. We would like to express our desire to see Governor Sanford, President Sorenson and Atheltic Director Hyman take a strong stand against the political correctness of the People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals. As it stands "Cockfighting" within the borders of South Carolina is illegal, and we the undersigned support such laws making the "sport" of "Cockfighting" illegal. We the undersigned do not wear said logo for the purpose of supporting the blood sport that is "Cock-fighting," or any blood sport in which animals are involved. And anyone that does violate such laws by harming any animal in the name of sport, is willfully ignorant and in violation of the laws of the Great State of SOuth Carolina. What we do recognize is that the "Gamecock" or rooster is a valiant animal, with a brave spirit, that outside the admiring of honorable men and women, is an animal worthy to be emulated. We further state that we support such logo as a symbol of athletic pride and tradition, and our desire to see students which participate in the University of South Carolina athletics take on that brave, valiant spirit in all their personal and athletic endeavours.

While much more can be said we, the undersigned, have put our name to this petition to duely express ourselves to the above stated individuals, in hope that they will, as public servants, heed this petition and act accordingly to its expressed desires.


The Undersigned

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Latest Signatures

  • 26 December 2015100. Meatistasty King
    GO COCKS!..keep the spur on, eat more hamburgers and run over more PETA heads!!
  • 25 December 201599. David Rw
    Please leave mascot as is, do not let PETA bully the University of South Carolina into a rash decision.
  • 09 December 201598. Ron A
    please let PETA know that changing anything about our gamecock name or picture of our gamecock will not be changed
  • 27 November 201597. Eric R
    This is a total joke bc SC does not condone this activity and PETA should find something better to do and fight other arguments
  • 12 November 201596. John Hinksj
    Keep our tradition.
  • 10 November 201595. Candice D
    Until people take the time to understand the history of cock fighting, the nature of a gamecock and the condition in which gamecocks are raised versus the way chickens are raised for food that we buy in the store, they have no business trying to change ou
  • 02 November 201594. John Michaelc
    do not give in
  • 28 October 201593. Wendy W
    As the article stated back in the early 1900's, the football players fight like gamecocks. Also the mascot is rich in SC history--Thomas Sumter, The Gamecock. DON'T CHANGE OUR MASCOT!!!
  • 11 October 201592. Matthew T
    PETA had NO right in telling what a school can have for a mascot. Im a Clemson fan and student and think this is wrong
  • 07 July 201591. George Ll
    I am tired of radical organizations trying to impose their wills on others. The University should not be giving these people any forum at all.
  • 16 June 201590. Craig M
    Don't let these hate groups dictate the University's honorable and storied reputaion.
  • 23 May 201589. Robert B
    aka: hell with PETA!!!!!
  • 30 April 201588. Tyler A
  • 29 April 201587. J H
    Are you kidding me?!?! PETA is worthless
  • 27 April 201586. Tony B
  • 11 March 201585. Tyler M
    Let it be!
  • 11 March 201584. Stanley A
    PETA has gone too far this time.
  • 19 January 201583. Eric H
    It does not promote Cock Fighting, Its a mascot! Do we not have anything else to do with our time? Let's save some lives, stop hunger, fight the war on drugs, not do stupid things like this and waste money!
  • 25 December 201482. Stuart A
    It would be a Travesty if the Gamecock was changed. Please do not do so!
  • 06 December 201481. Jason Mp
    Don't change a thing. GO Gamecocks!
  • 05 December 201480. Michael W
    Keep it- it doesnt encourage cockfighting
  • 21 November 201479. Brian A
    On the way home today, I did not see one Gamecock fighting, but what I did see, was a prostitue getting into a car, a crack sale taking place on the street, and an illegal immigrant holding up traffic because he couldn't read the traffic sign..... but you
  • 07 November 201478. Larry C
    To Hell with PETA the Gamecock should stay
  • 07 November 201477. Allen L
    peta and hsus should be paying taxes .instead of making porn stars out of our children.
  • 26 September 201476. Jeremy P
    PETA's requests are ridiculous
  • 05 September 201475. Wanda V
    Go Cocks!!!
  • 02 September 201474. Tammy Needhamp
    Keep our Mascot/logo as is. GO COCKS!

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University of South Carolina


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