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OLTL is planning on making a huge mistake in sending the character of Adriana away in late September. Please sign this petition to let them know that we love Amanda as the sweet "Adriana", and that we love the precious pairing of "River and Adriana" (Riviana).

Please tell everyone you know about this petition.. because if enough people sign it, maybe TPTB will change their minds. Amanda is a very talented actress, and her character is very popular. I know that she has a lot of fans, and that everyone loves Riviana.

ABC is sending off a lot of our favorites, and we have to put an end to it.

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Latest Signatures

  • 19 December 2015100. Sayon E
    these characters were just starting to get fun and then ya yank em away. that's just not right!!
  • 12 November 201599. Bert M
  • 18 October 201598. Angela H
    She is so refreshing to watch on the show... Please don't let her go !!!!
  • 11 October 201597. Angela R
    NOT AMANDA! She's adorable and Adriana is my new favorite female on the show. My 13 year old daughter LOVES Adriana to death. Please don't do this..... Amanda is the best.
  • 01 October 201596. Michelle Landry
    Why did you hire and fire her in the same day?
  • 05 September 201595. Carla B
    I am very saddened by Amanda's exit from Oltl later this month. She is a very beautiful woman and a fantastic actress. Adriana and River are the a great couple!! I wish there was some way for Anmanda to stay in Llanview.
  • 04 September 201594. Miss Bobbilynnc
    AMANDA and RIVER get back together soon!
  • 12 August 201593. Angela L
    I support this petition
  • 02 August 201592. Emily Greer
    Firing Amanda would be a mistake -- she's gorgeous, talented, fun to watch, and a breath of fresh air; Adriana and River are of the best things about OLTL. Please don't let Amanda get away -- it would be a big loss.
  • 02 August 201591. Davonne W
    I really love this couple!!! The chemistry between Amanda & Matthew is magical and passionate. Please save "Riviana"!!!
  • 18 July 201590. Joi Levine
    I think Adriana and River are a very fresh, young couple with a lot of potential. They aren't like other young couples on soaps and ABC is making a big mistake by ditching them too soon. There have been so many firings lately that I'm afraid it will affec
  • 25 June 201589. Jenna Long
    Hey wait a minute! Ya can't rid a great actor like Amanda that easy! Save that one!
  • 24 June 201588. Amanda Khan
    please bring her back, you didnt need to get rid of her, it didnt make sense for u to all of a sudden get rid of her,BRING HER BACK!!!!!!!!
  • 23 June 201587. Kelly K
    Mandy, I love ya! not get rid of a talented actress like Amanda Cortinas!!!
  • 21 June 201586. Stephany Mathis
    Please, please, please keep Amanda Cortinas on OLTL! She is sooooo wonderful and fun to watch. Adriana and River are a rare thing on Soaps - a decent young fun couple! PLEASE re-consider!
  • 14 June 201585. Maria H
    I support this petition
  • 24 May 201584. Lisa H
    How could they get rid of a great hispanic role without even fully developing the character??? I love watching River and Adriana together and was looking forward to more screentime for the BOTH of them! Please keep Adriana and write more of a storyline fo
  • 20 May 201583. Katie Carney
    River & Adrianna are meant to be together! They're chemistry works well, plus One Life To LIves..need TEENS!
  • 05 May 201582. Matt C
    I support this petition
  • 25 April 201581. Brittany S
    OLTL is making a huge mistake. Amanda is a fresh, great new talent, and letting her go is ridiculous. She has many, many fans, and everyone loves the sweet pairing of River and Adriana ("Riviana"). The people I talk to about OLTL agree with me, that Rivia
  • 27 March 201580. Mande Miles
    I support this petition
  • 07 February 201579. Nina Hoffman
    no!! bring her back!!
  • 31 January 201578. Cindy Mccarty
    Amanda is a great actress keep her on one life to live she does a great job
  • 15 January 201577. Jj Phillips
    I support this petition
  • 20 December 201476. Veronica W
    her story line is great keep her
  • 05 December 201475. Nancy S
    She's the cutest person on the show. We need more moral hispanics showcased in a positve light. We (America) are a melting pot of culture and virtue. Adriana's virginity reinforces the virtue that America needs to display to the world. God bless.
  • 23 November 201474. Anthony Jk
    Please keep Amanda on One Life To Live. She gave the program the shot in the arm it needed.

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