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Katima-What? You are all probably wondering what I am talking about and where I am trying to go with this...

Well, Katimavik? Its a Youth Volunteer Service Program for Canadians Nation Wide. Once in a life time learning experience. Its a program where you live a nine-month experience away from home. Discover Canada with a group of 10 other people. Learn new skills, expand your job opportunities, Immerse yourself in different cultures, Improve you french, to find out what your good at and what you like to do. Deals with Environment, Healthy living, Different Cultures, Official Second Language, and Leadership. So now that I have explained what Katimavik is all about. Now you are wondering, What is the point of the Petition, well now I will tell you WHY I had opted to do this..

Biggest problem is the Leadership.. What is leadership to the Katima- Program? (Learn how to clearly express your ideas, plan and organize activities, manage budgets, encourage teamwork, develop good work ethics, be open-minded, take on responsibilities and solve problems.)

"Take on responsibilities" okay. So we all know what that means, am I right? I'd hope so! Well. Say you did something wrong. And admitted to it, and you knew that it was wrong to do it in the first place but had enough respect to admit to it when asked. That is where I am going with this. I do NOT think it is right to be punished for telling the truth. To more clearly understand this I will need to elaborate on the situation.

(Names have been changed for Privacy)

Our PL (Project Leader) was gone on his 48 hours off. So we were left with a house to ourselves.. 11 teenagers alone for 48 hours isn't such a good idea, but we took advantage of that, and had people over and were drinking in the house, and smoking drugs outside on the front porch. Typical teens. Well Friday night the PL came home and we had a house meeting and he mentioned that people have been acting weird around him when he got home so he assumed something went on well he was gone. He assumptions were right but he didn't know exactly what all went on and mentioned that he just wanted to know the truth. He also added that he did not have any proof of any rules being broken, and could not kick anyone out, cause it would be his word against ours. Later that night he was talking to me well I was outside on the porch asking me if I knew about anything that did go on and I bluntly lied about it, because I wasn't sure exactly what to say or how he would react. So I just kept my mouth shut and later talked to the other members about what the PL and I were talking about.. They started to get a little paranoid, but we all later then talked more briefly about it and figured some things out. So we had until Sunday nights House Meeting, to decide weither or not to tell the PL the truth. So it came to Sunday night at the house meeting, and Jason took the fall and was the scape-goat. After Jason explained his situation, Erin and Matt admitted to the drugs and alcohol, and then the PL asked if there was anyone else that wanted to admit to anything so I raised my hand and he asked for what and I admitted to both.. After that the PL said that if anyone wasn't comfortable with admitting to what they have done in front of anyone that they could tell him later when no one was around. So then we all went outside for a smoke and to talk about what all happened.. We told everyone else NOT to admit to what they have done because it would just lead to them getting kicked out along with us. Corey was upset about the fact that we were getting kicked out for the same thing he had done a previous time when the PL was gone on his 24 hours a week or 2 before this happened. And then went and told the PL that he did smoke pot also. So now it was 5 of us getting kicked out. I really do not think that it is fair to us because, it is a learning experience. And by telling the truth and then getting kicked out for it. Just tells us that if you tell the truth you will get in shit but if you lie then you will not get in shit for what you have done. also there was many other people then us 5 that did the drugs, but they did not admit to it. Most of the rest just admitted to the alcohol and only got a CTI for it, well we got kicked out.. If it is a learning experience then WHY kick us out. People learn from their mistakes. Yes we took responsibility and owned up to our actions for what we have done but the consequences of getting kicked out for it, is not fair. So this is WHY I am making this petition.

I hope that some of you agree with me about this.. And would sign the petition to help us fight this and get back into the program. We know what we did was wrong but we owned up to it and told the truth out of respect. We do think that we should have a second chance at the program.

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