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German authors, professors, members of Parliament (Bundestag), journalists and film-makers who express opinions that are not politically correct are routinely subjected to frightening threats unlike anything known anywhere in the west today. Germany resembles the USSR when Aleksander Solzhenitsyn risked years in jail for revealing the truth about the communist terror enforced by the Gulag Archipelago. The climate of fear in Germany inhibits freedom of thought and expression amongst five groups who create public opinion. If you transgress certain unwritten rules, the politically correct elements may threaten your job, your reputation, your lectures, your publishers, broadcasters and the owners of venues where you wish to address your audience. If you transgress certain other written rules in writing or speaking about German history, you will certainly be arraigned, charged, tried and convicted of hate crimes. Many have been accused and tried, many have been convicted. Many writers and academics have veered too close to this line and/or crossed it, and ended up with long prison sentences. This results from efforts which were once laudable and necessary to rid Germany of the poisons of Nazism and anti-Semitism but which are now so outmoded and exaggerated that they themselves sicken and terrorize decent free-thinking people. Under the slogan Anti-Faschismus, or Antifa, gangs have seized control of the well-meant laws in order to enforce a rigid conformity with their own special views. Their hoodlums threaten to attack and sometimes have actually attacked with clubs, fists and other weaponry, honest liberal professors, writers, journalists, film-makers and visiting best-selling authors to suppress the expression of sentiments and histories that they disapprove. The police stand by doing nothing about street gangs which are eerily reminiscent of the thuggery of Germany in the 1930s, when the world watched in awe as democracy was dismantled and honest men one by one went to prison because of their race, religion or their beliefs in Christianity, truth or freedom.
The following people have all been robbed of the right to work, and others have been jailed for expressing incorrect right wing views.
Martin Hohmann, a former member of the German Bundestag, (Parliament) lost his membership in the Christian Democratic Union because on the occasion of the day of German unity, he had said that no nation in the world consists only of wrong-doers or only of victims. He had also asked unwelcome kinds of question, about Germanys right of access to German gold stored in Fort Knox.
Brig Gen Reinhard Gьnzel was the commander of the German Army's Special Forces and holder of a degree in history. After Hohmann was chastised for what he said, Gьnzel expressed support, and the then minister of defence, Peter Struck declared to the press that Gьnzel was mentally errant ("verwirrt") and threw him out of the army under insulting circumstances; he was dismissed without even the usual formula of thanks after serving the German people for 40 years.
Henry Nitzsche, also a member of the Bundestag had to leave the CDU after a disagreement over Antifa activities with the party leader and chancellor, Angela Merkel.
Prof. Bernd Rabehl of the Free University of Berlin was forced to retire after he gave one interview to a "politically incorrect" newspaper called Junge Freiheit and because he and his students were threatened by the Antifas so that he could not give any lectures. He and his students were terrorized by Antifa demonstrators, and neither the police nor the university administrators would protect them.
Prof. Jost Bauch in Konstanz has been subjected for years to leftwing terror at
his university for discussing the forbidden question of the dramatic changes in German demography and immigration.
Frieder Wagner, a famous and popular filmmaker, made a "politically incorrect" documentary about Americans using depleted uranium weapons in Afghanistan. He has not been able to get a commission since.
Gerhard Wisnewski made a film about 9/11 for the Westdeutsche Rundfunk (WDR) which was broadcast once, after which the film-maker himself was marginalized. Although he had made at least 15 documentaries previously broadcast for WDR, he has now been banned and can not even enter the building.
Oliver Janich, a longtime journalist for the mainstream magazine Focus Money,
wrote an article about the inconsistencies of the official version of 9/11. Since then he has not received one commission from the magazine.
Christoph Hцrstel, expert on Afghanistan, a specialist on the Taliban and former adviser to the German army (Bundeswehr) who was training soldiers going to Afghanistan gave accurate but politically incorrect information about power of the drug lords there, and subsequently lost the job at the army and is no longer adviser to the government
Walter Post, Historian at the university of Munich, which he left due to his "revisionistic" positions in German history concerning World War II.
The famous historian Ernst Nolte, professor at the Free University of Berlin, suffered the wreckage of his car in the university parking lot where Anti-Fa students destroyed it with clubs and sledgehammers. This was a warning to him to desist from putting the totalitarianism in Hitlers and Stalins empires on an equal footing and stressing that Stalins came first. Nolte subsequently retired early from his post.
Major General (ret.) Gerd Schultze-Rhonhof. After his book about the origins of the Second World War entitled "The war which had many fathers" had appeared, he was forbidden to speak about his theses in several cases, and the Ministry of Defence issued an order that he was not allowed to enter barracks, even in places where he had been a commander.
A personal statement by Michael Vogt, professor and film-maker:
In my life I have lost three jobs including one as professor at the University of Munich due to making the "wrong" films. And the "wrong" film includes two films I made in 1983 for German television First Programme (ARD, Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Rundfunkanstalten Deutschlands) dealing with war crimes of the allies in WW II. These films were broadcast in prime time. But the perversion of the hate crime laws in Germany to political and specialist ends has led to a campaign to destroy me professionally. This world-wide appeal is part of my response.
We the undersigned protest against the situation in Germany today and ask PEN International, PEN Canada and the Writers Union of Canada to protest to the Government of Germany in the name of freedom of expression for all writers, journalist, academics, film-makers and members of the Bundestag. We support the fundamental human rights of all people to freedom of speech and expression regardless of race, religion, nationality or political orientation.

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