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To: King Albert II. and the Belgian Government.

We the undersigned, express our outrage, ridicule and opposition to the ILLEGAL decision of the Belgian Supreme Court, which has arrogantly appointed itself as the worlds highest authority on War Crimes and arbitrarily presumes to wrongfully try Prime Minister Ariel Sharon (together with a handful of decorated Israeli Army Officers) for alleged war crimes at Sabra & Shatilla in 1982.

Whether we agree with P.M. Ariel Sharons current political policies or not is certainly irrelevant at this stage.

This travesty of justice must be prevented, and now!
Who knows? This could set a dangerous precedent for US President Bush and P.M. Tony Blair to be brought in front of the same Belgian tribunal one day on charges of attacking Iraq?

A terrible atrocity was committed at Sabra & Shatilla, but it is a well known historical fact that Ariel Sharon and the Israeli army were NOT the GUILTY PARTY.
These crimes were committed by the Lebanese Phalangist Militia under the command of Elias Hobeika, as REVENGE for the assassination of their leader, Bashir Gemayel - the then newly elected President of Lebanon, who, together with a number of his close followers, was murdered by a powerful bomb blast in his office. The cruel assassination followed by the Sabra & Shatilla retaliation and had the blessing of Syria whose aim was twofold: to prevent a Christian Governed Free Lebanon making peace with Israel, and to discredit Israel at the same time ! This devious plot was sadly successful on both counts.

Who was Elias Hobeika?

The distinguished Lebanese dignitary Mr. Nagi N. Najjar Director of the Lebanon Foundation for Peace, recently published an article just prior to the elimination of Elie Hobeika at the behest of the Syrians (to ensure his silence regarding these and other criminal activities, for which they feared he could have incriminated Syria for its participation). There could hardly be a more objective source for the information Mr. Najjar provided in response to the Palestinians having cleverly and strategically filed this grossly groundless complaint against Ariel Sharon with your Belgian court:

"(The) Sabra and Shatilla (massacre) was instigated and perpetrated by Elias Hobeika, a ruthless murderer working for Syrian Intelligence. Today his profession is giving Scuba lessons in a little seaport called Dbayeh 20 miles north of Beirut. If the Palestinians really want to see justice, the road within Lebanon is a much shorter road than the one of Brussels. Hobeika is responsible for a long list of massacres and murders against the Christians in Lebanon, the Muslims, the Druze and even the Palestinians themselves. Yet, he does not fear justice as he is under the protection of his Syrian friends. The KAHANE REPORT details his involvement."

Considering the facts, this ludicrous ruling passed by your "Justice system" makes one wonder what exactly is Belgiums ulterior motive ??

One also wonders on what grounds the Belgian Justice system dares to posture as the Moral Superiors of the World!? Maybe they should first be seeking culprits of war crimes in their very own backyard? Maybe it is time for the world to recognize Belgiums own atrocities carried out in the Congo - Katanga, in the 1950's & 60's and in Rwanda, Somalia, as recently as the 1990's (far more recent than the Sabra & Shatilla case) as well as violent assaults on asylum-seekers just 5 years ago in 1998 in Belgium! For the documented historical details - read this article:

In view of Belgiums own ignominious history, justice like charity, should certainly start at home. It should also be applied equally rather than selectively.

The turbulent History of the Middle East is filled by massacres, and either you bring all those cases to justice or you bring none. Deal with Saddam Hussein murdering and gassing Iraqi Kurds, the perpetrators of the massacre of Hama by Syria in 1982, the massacres of Black September in Jordan, and the terrorist activities of Yasser Arafat up to and including his support and encouragement of the Palestinian Suicide Bombers up to these very days are but just a few in a very long list

"By taking sides in a case like Sabra & Shatilla, Belgium is playing with fire, by allowing this affair to take place on its soil and blaming Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. It is important for all to understand that if Belgium is opening this effort for political purposes, then it is making a dangerous move at the wrong time of history, at the wrong place, with the wrong victim. Taking issue with one massacre that took place in Lebanon at the expense of another is a dishonest action and is a dangerous political stand for Belgium, with dangerous consequences and repercussions that might precipitate unpredictable, negative reactions both for Belgium itself, and throughout the world.
Further information about this petition is available through WWW.HASBARA.US
see also http://www.israeltodamascus.com/thebook.htm#CHAPTER7

We the undersigned, the citizens of the world, hereby request His Majesty King Albert II and the Government of Belgium to reconsider Belgium's path in History, and by any means available, to reject/ correct/ eliminate this unjustifiable, historical mistake.

Presented Respectfully, by Director, Hasbara.us

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    Belgian anti-semitism in nothing new!!!
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    It appears that Belgium has joined many other nations in choosing expediant self interest over morality.
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    Search the criminals among lebanese phalanges
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    The above petition says it all!
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    Belgium do as the French bend over we won't
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