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We the people of India had hoped after Jessica Lals case that such a travesty of justice will never happen again. Yet it has happened and with a vehemence which takes our breath away. Ruchika was not Jessica though both were innocent victims. Ruchika was a child and Jessica was an adult. She was doing her job and Ruchika was just playing tennis. The killer was not a drunken arrogant young man but middle aged Inspector General of Police and he was not drunk with liquor though blind with lust and power. Jessicas killer ran away trying to hide himself, here is a man who followed the child for nearly four years till she committed suicide. SPS Rathore, the animal, the barbarian and the scheming crook, cooked up seven cases, against Ruchika brother, stoned the house, hounded the little child, influenced the school, and did everything vile deed to drive Ruchika to death. This much we know, what we do not know, is what kind of other men were governing our country who do not do their plain duty, which led to this tragedy. Let us name them and shame them and heap curses on them and if possible bring them to book. The first man is the area SHO (Station House Officer) of the police station whose plain duty was to register the crime as FIR and investigate it. He failed. The then DGP RR Singh, who comes on TV screens and meekly says I, was under political pressure. No one has yet asked him, is it your duty to yield under pressure. A DGP needs no permission from the Home Secretary or Minister or Chief Minister to register the crime and commence the investigation. He never did his duty. Unworthy of the post he was holding. Same goes for the Home Secretary and the SP In charge of Panchkula. The Ministers burden and that of the Chief Minister comes much later but they also need to answer why they applied pressure though it does not exonerate the officials whose first duty under the law is to with stand all pressure and do what is required to be done. For registration of an FIR no once permission is needed. It is as simple as that. Next is the role of the school Principal, whose first duty was to counsel the child, protect the child and not to concoct a ground for rustication at the behest of an animal, a barbarian and a crook. Lastly the role of the policemen who concocted the false cases and tortured the brother of Ruchika and stoned her house and used to follow her. Who is that man who had telephoned the father of Ruchika even on the day of the judgment? We must unmask all these animals. Even the CBI Investigation Officer cannot escape from the stark truth that he did not framed the charge sheet correctly and did not include the charge of abetment to suicide. He made it simply outraging the modesty of women knowing very well that she is no more and circumstances are too big to be ignored. We must appreciate the Judicial Magistrate First Class of Ambala who charged the animal, the barbarian and the crook with abetment to suicide but alas for every good judge in the sub-ordinate judiciary, you have a fool or a dishonest or an approachable High Court judge. Let us find out in which category former High Court judge RC Kathuria fits in, who allowed the petition of the animal, the barbarian and the crook, and quashed the charge of abetment to suicide. Let us also find out the name of the Honble Supreme Court judges who dismissed the appeal against the foolish decision of the High Court and thus allowed the animal to escape the just punishment. It is an old saying that let heavens fall but justice must be done. Now is the moment to invoke the heaven, break the rules, bend the procedure and catch these crooks lurking in the system from the police station to the Supreme Court and to blacken their faces and do everything else to hound them, to sham them and to punish them. We the people of India demand that all the above said or anyone who has played a role in miscarriage of justice in Ruchikas case be punished along with SPS Rathore and be brought to justice. Yours Truly, People of India.

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