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CH Lexxus' Wyndstar's To Remember, SDHF - "Jag"

Born November 28, 2001
Presumed death in Shawnee, OK on May 28, 2005

News travels fast in the dog show world. Rumors about an impending AKC
suspension for the Snyders have been flying across the country for
several weeks. By all appearances, most of them have originated with
the Snyders and their supporters.

One rumor shortly after the lawsuit concluded was that the AKC had
notified the Snyders that they were each facing a 10-year suspension.

The latest rumor is that the Snyders are mounting an appeal to their
suspension. Some claim their attorney is now in the process of
negotiating with the AKC for a lifetime suspension of Dennis Snyder, and
no suspension or a reduced time for Audra Snyder.

It is alarming that there could be a possibility that the AKC may not
recognize that Audra Snyder had as much to do with what happened to Jag
as her husband, Dennis Snyder. This is clear from their written
admission of September 11, 2006. Jag was the victim in this instance,
not Audra Snyder.

In an attempt to gather support for Audra and Dennis Snyder, friends of
the Snyders have put their spin on certain incidents pertaining to Jag.
They also make a plea for people to write support letters to several
officials within the AKC.

These are the facts as Jag's owner understands them and the
investigation has uncovered:

1. Jag's owner, Janis Fonceca, called Dennis Snyder Saturday evening,
May 28, 2005, in Shawnee, OK, to inquire about that day's show results.
At no time was Janis apprised of the fact that Jag had been found
hanging lifeless in a noose from a grooming table earlier that day.
During the conversation Janis was not told that Jag had not been shown
that day. Dennis only offered that he was considering pulling Jag the
next two days for political reasons.

2. After an extensive review of available show records for Golden
Retriever Champions shown by the Snyders for several years previous, it
appears they normally did not pull their special for political reasons
or otherwise before Jag was pulled on May 28. More to the point, why
was Jag's armband picked up that day and why was Jag groomed and left on
a table awaiting Specials competition? If he had been pulled from
competition, he would have been left safely in his crate while the
Snyders showed their class Goldens.

3. To the best of anyone's knowledge, Jag received no medical attention
after he was found hanging lifeless from a noose on Saturday, May 28,
2005. This was determined after the private investigators and the
owners' agents sent information and/or contacted veterinarians within
the Shawnee, Oklahoma City and Tulsa surrounding areas inquiring if they
had examined/treated a Golden male fitting Jag's description during May
28 through May 31. All responses were negative.

4. Janis received a telephone call Tuesday, May 31, 2005, from Audra
Snyder informing her that Jag was "gone." "Gone" is a strange choice of
words for a valuable show dog that supposedly just pulled someone off a
bicycle and disappeared into thin air. "Gone" intimates that he will
not be found. "Missing," "lost" or "run away" would have offered a
genuine hope of his return. Both Audra and Dennis Snyder left the next
morning to go to dog shows in Colorado.

5. When Jag's owner arrived from California in Topeka, Kansas on
Wednesday, June 1, 2005, she had to call the Snyders to find out the
specifics of where Jag had been lost at Lake Shawnee (this is a very
large area), so she and other searchers could begin the search. The
Snyders showed a total lack of concern of the owner's welfare. They did
not make arrangements for a contact person to meet her, show her where
Jag was lost and help her search. They did not make arrangements for
her to be picked up at the airport, which was an hour away from Topeka.

What the Snyders did do on Tuesday before leaving town the next morning
was mail Janis Fonceca Jag's show ribbons, but they did not include
their handling invoice. However, they did mail an invoice to another
client with their show ribbons. Jag's crate, collar and tags were taken
to the Snyder's veterinarian's office.

In addition, during the ten (10) days that Janis was in Topeka
attempting to find Jag, Audra Snyder briefly put in a few appearances to
look for Jag (after she had returned for shows - a week after Jag was
reported "gone"). Janis never met or saw Dennis Snyder nor was Janis
aware of any organized and/or significant search efforts that included
Audra or Dennis Snyder or any other family member.

The majority of the search efforts that Janis was aware of were provided
by volunteers that heard about Jag either from email lists or phone
calls via people who knew Janis or friends of hers.

6. Approximately four (4) days before the witness came forward to
reveal finding Jag noosed and hanging lifeless from a grooming table in
the Snyder's dog show rig on May 28, Audra Snyder threatened a bench
show hearing against a person involved in the search effort for putting
up lost dog flyers at a dog show. Audra Snyder was also seen taking
down lost dog flyers at the same show. It is understood that the
witnesses were at this show and inquired about Jag and were told, "Don't
talk about that dog he is fine". Interestingly, after the witnesses
came forward it was noticed the Snyders did not rally to increase their
search efforts by ads, flyers, etc.

7. Approximately seven (7) days before the witness came forward about
Jag's hanging, Audra Snyder filed a notarized, formal complaint with the
AKC against three volunteers connected with the search for Jag and
"other unidentified persons" who posted flyers with a show photo of
Audra and Jag. The complaint accused them of improper use of AKC
sanctioned dog shows to disparage Audra Snyder, and harm her
professional handling business. In her complaint she claimed the
conduct was also prejudicial to the best interests of purebred dogs,
purebred dog events, and the AKC. Additionally, she asked the AKC to
investigate the matter fully and discipline those she accused, and any
others participating in the "conspiracy" to use AKC dog shows as a forum
in their campaign against Audra Snyder. She further asked AKC to stop
the flyers from being posted at AKC dog shows, and to immediately inform
all show superintendents and AKC field representatives to watch for
flyers, and if flyers appeared to remove them and determine who posted
them on the show site.

8. Audra and Dennis Snyder, as Defendants, asked District Court Judge,
Terry L. Bullock, to rule in their favor that the donations made through
the Jag Come Home website to help Jag's owner recoup expenses related to
searching for Jag, private investigative fees, and attorney costs, to be
used to offset any monetary judgment against them. These donations were
made by persons with no involvement in the events of Jag, and who would
not have contributed, but for Jag's loss and the Snyder's alleged
wrongdoings. Judge Terry L. Bullock ruled against their request on
September 11, 2006.

9. On September 11, 2006, both Audra Snyder and Dennis Snyder signed a
Court document in which they stated, in part, "For all of the
circumstances which led to this unhappy event, we are deeply and
profoundly sorry. We take responsibility for the loss of Jag, wherever
it occurred". This admission of responsibility is enlightening in view
of the Snyders' past explanation that Jag was lost while Audra was
biking Jag.

Both Dennis and Audra Snyder are EQUALLY responsible for Jag's demise
and what reasonably appears to be the ensuing cover-up. They should
suffer EQUALLY any penalty imposed by the AKC. Jag was the victim, NOT
the Snyders.

Their cruel and neglectful behavior deserves maximum penalties under the
guidelines of suspension as stated by the AKC Rules.

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