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REINSTATE David Munyakei

Dr. Andrew Mullei
Central Bank of Kenya
Haile Selassie Avenue,
P.O Box 60000, Nairobi,
E-Mail:[email protected]
Tel: +254 (020) 226431

Dear Governor:

As you are well aware, David Munyakei was an employed by the Central Bank as a clerk when he performed one of the most courageous acts in contemporary Kenyan history:

He blew the whistle on what we now know to be Kenyas biggest corruption scam- the Goldenberg Scandal.

It was 1994 and Mr Munyakei was a clerk at the Central Bank responsible for raising vouchers. In the course of his work he noticed a number on a particular form issued by the Central Bank of Kenya. He found out that a company called Goldenberg International was receiving unusually large sums of money for the alleged export of gold and diamonds. His investigations revealed that this scam had led to the loss of at least 24 billion Kenya shillings (approximately $ 295 million).

In an act of patriotism and integrity, he managed to place this concrete evidence into the hands of two members of parliament. But this was only after hitting a wall of silence and indifference when he approached his bosses with his discovery of the irregular transactions. In his own words:

"After raising my suspicions with my bosses without any action, I decided to sneak out the documents and seek help elsewhere," he said. "I knew I was risking my life, but I did not understand that I was up against the government itself."

Indeed as the Goldenberg Inquiry has so far revealed this notorious scandal embroiled everybody from former President Daniel arap Moi, to his deputy, Prof. George Saitoti (still serving as a cabinet minister in the present Kenyan government) and many senior officials.

So how was David Munyakei rewarded for his courageous whistle-blowing?

By being arrested, harassed and fired.

And he still remains unemployed after ten long years.

Meanwhile most of the leading figures in the Goldenberg scandal are still scot free while Munyakeis life dangles at the edges of poverty.

Justice for David Munyakei is long overdue.

Recently Transparency International recognized him, along with the other whistle blower Constable Naftali Lagat with an Integrity Award for the year 2004.

Governor, it is time for the Central Bank to redress the injustice that has been perpetrated against David Munyakei for the last ten years.

At the VERY LEAST, please give him his old job back so that he can earn a living.

We think he deserves more than that:

He should also be compensated for wrongful termination and loss of income for all those years he has remained unemployed.

Surely Kenyan men and women of integrity deserve better treatment than the shoddy show meted out to David Munyakei.

Governor Andrew Mullei we hope you will listen to the pleas of the signers of this petition and reinstate David Munyakei to his rightful place as an employee of the Central Bank of Kenya.

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Latest Signatures

  • 21 December 2015128. Mary L
    Its not fair
  • 19 November 2015127. David O
    You owe it to Kenyans to reinstate David Munyakei. This man belongs in the public servive not on unemployment lines.
  • 20 October 2015126. Dr Andrewm
    Setting the Record Straight: Mr. David Munyakei will be given his day in an industrial court, and if determined that he was terminated illegally, then he will be compensated for illegal severence and lost wages. This is now an Industrial dispute which the
  • 08 July 2015125. Jake M
  • 15 June 2015124. Muriithi Wan
    Munyakei should get his job immediately.
  • 01 June 2015123. Thutha K
    this guy needs to be reinstated!
  • 13 May 2015122. Eric O
    He deserves his job and a reward to promote this kind of selfless behaviour.
  • 25 April 2015121. Faiz A
    I support this petition
  • 26 March 2015120. Kipngunguny Arapb
  • 11 March 2015119. James K
    Give Mr. Munyakei back his job.
  • 01 February 2015118. Sandy Bolton
    Fire Pon Kenya (fi real yo!)
  • 18 January 2015117. Munyakeis C
  • 29 December 2014116. Siobhan C
    I support this petition
  • 10 December 2014115. Stephen O
    Can Kenya please cut on this God-father thing that's messing up the Country, that's basically the reason why the youth are leaving the Country in masses and i just can't imagine how that Country will be in 15 to 20 years when majority of the working class
  • 06 December 2014114. Rodgers A
    I support this petition
  • 28 November 2014113. Kennedy G
    I support this petition
  • 16 November 2014112. James M
    Mr Munyakei should be commended and honoured for his integrity
  • 07 November 2014111. Ayub K
    give the man back his job if not cbk is liable for his dismissal ,hence they should compensate him.
  • 17 October 2014110. Carey Bowenk
    I support this petition
  • 14 October 2014109. N H
    I support this petition
  • 07 October 2014108. Dalmas O
    If only Kenya had more selfless men like David...
  • 05 October 2014107. Jackline G
    Saitoti should be in jail for his involvement in Goldenberg
  • 28 September 2014106. Jacinta G
    it is only when we rid kenya of the greedy capitalists, shall it become the great nation that it was meant to be!
  • 06 March 2014105. Paul M
    justice must be seen to be done
  • 21 December 2013104. Moze N
    Justice for Munyakei is justice for kenya
  • 02 December 2013103. Olomboto Roman
    Indeed, if this is true to the story, then Mr. Munyakei demonstrated the love he has for our country and those who cannot put a sigle meal on their tables due poverty caused by this scandle. Therefore, I join him asking those concerned to listen to his ca
  • 27 November 2013102. Donald K
    Now he has passed on, his family should be compensated!

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Dr. Andrew Mullei, Governor, Central Bank of Kenya


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