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After seeing their link on an message board I frequent, I decided to check out the humor site at:

Having not heard of the site before this time, I wasn't sure what to expect. At first I was presented with an amusing cartoon of a refrigerator and the slogan "Absurdity is the best policy." So far so good. What the site turned out to be was a collection of Jerky Boys-style prank calls. After spending some time listening to a variety of their free MP3s, I can safely describe Prank Machine as one of the most appalling things I have yet to find on the internet. People who spend their time creating sites like these should not be allowed access to a telephone, much less a computer. Anyone who finds this kind of blatant harrassment of the elderly and the illiterate funny should have their heads examined. It is amazing how people abuse freedom of speech to talk innocent people into smashing products at their work, or to confuse and berate immigrants who know no better.

This site is pro-harrassment which means a young child can run across this site, and access all these audio files with no credit card verification or age check. This is never how anyone anywhere should be talked to. Most parents tell their children to treat their elders with respect, to never curse at or insult other people. We cannot let that go to waste by letting sites like these exist. It completely confuses the youth and may end up changing their core values and social behaviors.

Did you know your chances of being stalked are close to 1 in 10? Also, more than 45\% of all stalking cases involve disruption within the workplace and have devastating effects on the productivity of organizations and on the quality of life of employees. (http://stalkingsolutions.com/index.htm). Is continually prank calling someone really any different than sitting outside their house every night? To be traumatized by the sick degenerates at Prank Machine calling your place of business and asking insulting questions or to have them call your house in the middle of the night to confirm a phony order of pornographic material is something no one should ever have to suffer through. If it has, to any of you, or any close friends or family, you see or feel what kind of emotional trauma this sort of "humor" can bring. It can devestate your self-esteem, hurt your feelings, and confuse and anger you and those around you.

We must let this site know that the good people on the internet will not stand for this sort of mean spirited pranking and we must do it as quickly as possible. Dont think there is nothing you can do about it because you can. Here is your chance to show the power of the web in the hands of good Christians and people with a heart! Email as many people as possible. Email the cast and crew of Prank Machine and let them know how you feel! Contact me if you would like me to give you print out copies as well. Raise your fist in protest: "TAKE YOUR PRANKS AND SHOVE THEM!"

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Latest Signatures

  • 12 September 201450. Justin G
    Judy Prospect what is a 9 year old doing on a computer without parent supervision?!?!?
  • 25 October 201349. Zx Wright
  • 03 October 201348. You Areani
    You are an idiot
  • 22 July 201347. Sean Pugh
    I support this petition
  • 24 April 201346. Andrew J
    Sick and disgusting. I heard a call there once obviously making fun of asian immigrants. To hell with these guys.
  • 18 March 201345. Richard Moody
    I support this petition
  • 25 September 201244. Nile R
    Went to the site... I can't believe they make fun of the handicapped.
  • 25 April 201243. Dave Tapia
    You realize this can not be held up?
  • 18 March 201242. Michael P
    This site disgusts me from the skin, to the muscle, to the bone, and to the soul. I shiver at the sound of these terrible calls. Being horribly mean to the innocent I've listened to every ONE of these calls and nearly vomited during each. We have to take
  • 10 March 201241. Jack A
    This guy who created this petition is a jackass
  • 07 October 201140. Little J
    ths R vry bd mn. i m in welchr al da it sux
  • 14 September 201139. Tommy T
    While I don't believe that the works of these little boys/girls should be banned, there should be an informative disclaimer on the title page of their website. I have heard these calls, and they are filled with obscene, profane, lewd, vulgar, rude, inflam
  • 09 August 201138. Da P
    Get over it, stooge!
  • 26 July 201137. Penis Odonnell
    your gay
  • 20 November 201036. Joe S
    I support this petition
  • 27 August 200935. Sean Love
    theyre taking or drugs, theyre taking our fireworks, but hey leave SOMETHING fun for us bored ass people to do
  • 26 July 200934. Bildo B
    this is the STUPIDEST crap i've ever seen. stop wasting your time trying to shut down prank call sites and volunteer for the elderly that you pretend so much to care about.
  • 26 February 200933. Heidi Munoz
    I support this petition
  • 18 November 200832. Haywood J
    Why, hello, Amanda!.....Hi! This is Haywood calling from...................... :)
  • 16 July 200831. Alecia Keith
    darnit, the site's under "construction"
  • 10 July 200830. Judy P
    You're right! My grandson was listening to a call called "Alien Pimp"! I was just appalled. He is only 9 yrs old and shouldn't have access to such filth.
  • 10 May 200829. Jesus Leon
    get the jews too
  • 06 May 200828. Mr P
    Lighten up. Take humor for being humor despite your different taste. Your kids would not have access to this site if you'd taken a good ten minutes aside and did what parents are supposed to do.
  • 27 March 200827. Hunter Haley
    I suppose you'd like to ban http://www.thehun.com as well. Enjoy everyone!
  • 03 April 200726. George Wb
    Burn them all!
  • 01 April 200625. Gangsta Assn
    Yo man! Get a sense of humor, they mean no harm.
  • 27 August 200524. John K
    I'm completely against this site...it is wrong. But, I'm for it because some people like it. But I think its wrong however it is completely okay if people want to express how they feel on the net. Oh and the enternet is a form of speech so people are allo

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