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We Demand that the US Government put Jaime Dimon, Lloyd Blankfein, Henry Hank Paulson and Alan Greenspan in Jail for Fraud

On Tuesday, June 22, 2011, JP Morgan received a $153.6 Million Dollar slap on the wrist for committing fraud related to misleading investors on mortgage securities.

Last summer, Goldman Sachs received a similar wrist slap of $500 Million Dollars, a mere pittance compared to their multi-BILLION dollar earnings for 2010 and multi-million dollar executive compensation plans.

When an individual US Citizen commits fraud, he is branded a pariah to society, made out to be an evil criminal and given jail time.

We Demand this same justice be meted out to Too Big to Fail Banking and Wallstreet CEOs.

Too Big to Fail is a Sham, a FARCE!

We as US Citizen Tax Payers do not accept the premise that special privileges should accrue to banking criminals just because they have achieved the accumulation of a certain amount of assets, much of which were gained through out and out fraud.

Nations' economies have failed due to these banking criminals actions, and;

US Citizens will continue to suffer high rates of unemployment for as long as it takes for the Banking Fraudsters to pay off their bad debts. This is fact. This is reality.

Ben Bernanke, in a CBS 60 Minutes interview with Scott Pelley on December 5, 2010, when asked about when he thought the unemployment rate would drop, stated it may be 4 or 5 more years before unemployment returns to "normal levels". He also stated that had it not been for the Fed actions, that the unemployment rate would be over 20\%. The fact of the matter is the real unemployment rate is already at 18\% when you account for deceitful govenmental accounting practices.

During this interview he also lied and stated that the $600 Billion Dollars the Fed would use to buy up US Government Securities for QE2 or Bailout number 2 was the Federal Reserve Banks own reserve capital and not US Tax Payer Money. This is a gross misrepresentation of the truth, a falsity, a bold-faced LIE.

Scott Pelly stated that during 2008 the Fed loaned out around $3.3 TRILLION dollars to struggling enterprises to include Foreign Banks, General Electric and other entities that most US citizens were kept in the dark about and that the Fed acknowleged this. Where did this money come from? did the Fed magically earn over $2 Trillion Dollars in a matter of two months, the immediate timeframe surrounding the crisis?

No, they certainly did not.

It was created from Taxpayer bailouts given to to the Fed and to AIG who in turn paid off foreign governments in order to prevent total economic collapse of world economies and to prevent a backlash agains the greedy banksters the United State and England. The remainder was created out of thin air with a myriad of currency swaps (code for loaning money on a worthless piece of paper backstopped by US Taxpayer Dollars). The money owed to the Fed is what now makes up their balance sheet. They call these debts assests.

On October of 2007, the Federal Reserve only had assets of $869 Billion. Today that number stands at nearly $3 TRILLION which is something akin of going from an 8.0 magnitude earthquake to a 9.0 which is an exponentially higher number. Printing your own money to purchase your own bonds is a PONZI scheme. Bernanke knows it and we know it. Bernanke states in the 60 Minutes interview that the Federal Reserve is not printing money and he can legitimately get away with making that statement because they are not in fact printing money as in rolling the printing press. Instead, they are simply making a computer keystrokes and typing in the amount of money that is needed to but the bonds. It is a complex fraud. The Federal Reserve is hiding the bad debts of JP Morgan, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and a myriad of other banks and financial institutions and securities on in its balance sheet. That is why they refuse to allow an audit.

What Bernanke did not state in his CBS 60 Minutes interview was why the unemployment rate will continue to be high. It will be so because this is how long it will take for the Robber Baron Banksters to recoup their losses and build up the banksters reserves.

The following equations represent the truth about the Federal Reserve and the U.S. Economy.

BLR, or Bank Lending Rate (4\%-11\%) BBR, or Bank Borrowing Rate from Federal Reserve (0\%) x YHU or Number of Years that US Tax Payer suffer High Unemployment = EFB, Excess Fed Balance Sheet or the difference between the $869 Billion that was sitting in the Fed in late 2007 and the $3 Trillion sitting in currently sitting in the Fed.

YHU, or Years that the US Tax Payer will suffer high unemployment depends on two factors two factors:
1. How much profit the banks accumulate from the spread between borrowing from the Fed at 0\% and lending out at (4\%-11\% and higher) and
2. How much of that profit they pay executives versus paying back to the Federal Reserve for their accumulated bad debts being held by the Fed.
Therefore, the component in our equation YHU = BP (banking profits) EC (executive compensation).

In other words, high banking profits created from cheap money provided via the US Taxpayer through the Fed Discount window will allow for the Banksters to accumulate reserves over time which will be used to pay off their bad debts being held at by the Federal Reserve. Taxpayers must suffer high unemployment during the next five years because we live in a debt economy and no small business lending will be done until the Banksters clear their debts with the Federal Reserve Bank.

We can therefore model the new US Economy as such:


This model will hold true for the fate of the average American Citizen unless the Federal Government engages in a massive spending on internal national construction and technology investment projects such as was seen during the Roosevelt Administration with the creation of TVA, the Eisenhower Administration with the creation of the Interstate Highway Act, and Kennedy Administration with the Space Race.

The Federal Reserve cannot buy U.S. Treasury Bonds without first creating the computer entry to increase its own reserves. Ben Bernanke forgets that the average American citizen is on to the Federal Reserve Banks PONZI scheme and has seen the hit videos about the creation of money at MoneyAsDebt.net or on the Money as Debt Videos on YouTube.

In the meantime, we the US Tax Payers will continue to pay taxes that prop up the banks, and suffer the humiliation of unemployment while Banksters compensate themselves on behalf of our benevolence. It is time to kick the Banksters off of the welfare teat.

To that regard, we as US Citizen Tax Payers, the ones who are carrying the burden of JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs crimes on our backs, demand the following:
1. That Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein and JP Morgan CEO Jaime Dimon serve jail time in order to make an example out of corporate fraudsters.
2. That JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs Corporations be given cease and desist orders, their assets seized, and real estate sold off, and their profit repatriated to US Taxpayers who bailed them out in September of 2008.
3. That Alan Greenspan go to jail for his admitted deliberate obfuscation or lies or Greenspeak as it has come to be known, lies that he told on a regular basis to aid and abet the banking criminals on his watch as Federal Reserve Chairman.
4. That Henry Hank Paulson be put in jail for lying to the US Congress in order to ensure that Robber Baron Bankers may continue to drink from cups of gold and silver.

To this regard, should these four men hold a press conference and confess their crimes, and voluntarily shut down the Federal Reserves Fraud Operation, we the US Taxpayers will forgive them and allow them do community service work instead of jail time.

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