Jade Goody is great & Jermaine Jackson is racist! sign now

I have created this petition for Jade Goody of Celebrity Big Brother as i feel she has been made out to be something she is not.

There is a petition for Shilpa Shetty claiming that Jade was racist towards her & a bully.. I know Jade is not a racist especially as she is mixed race. I can understand why people feel that Jade's comments were racist but they were not intended that way, I mean she must have thought she was associating Shilpa with her country ... If someone was Welsh & you called them Mr Dragon (for the Welsh dragon), or someone addressed someone Scottish as Mrs Haggis (as this is what people think Scotland is about) and so on.. would that be dismissed as a racist claim? Yes, I DO believe it would!!

Everyone knows what Jade is like, she is bubbly, loud & speaks her mind - that's why we love her, but she is NO WAY a racist. About the bullying I believe Jade is extremely sorry and ashamed regarding this & haven't we all done something we regret? Jade is donating all her money for Big Brother to charities of her & Shilpa's choice, I think this is a grown up thing to do & very kind, this shows how sorry she is & how much she regrets it, she didn't have to donate it, how many other people would do this? Not alot. People are saying she is only trying to save her career by donating her money but I disagree. I know it won't make up for the people who took offense by Jade's comments but will Jermaine be donating all his Big Brother money to charity for the people who took offense to his racist "white trash" comment(s)? NO! (He has porbably said alot worse than that as that was in the first few days, so as the arguements got more agressive I believe his comments would have been getting nastier, but of course this wouldn't have been shown).
The media & Big Brother producers haven't made him out to be racist, maybe it's because he is Jermaine Jacson but he shouldn't get any special treatment, at the end of the day a racist comment is a racist comment no matter who you are and I think his comment was much more racist than anything Jade ever said.

If you agree with this you should pass it on & sign below to show your love & support for Jade and also to get others aware of Jermaine as a racist. The petition against Jade caused a big deal and turned alot of her fans against her so hopefully we can make as big a deal about Jermaine's racism in the media & show all the Jade haters, aswell as Jade herself, that she still has a huge fan base who love her aswell as forgive her for the comments she clearly didn't mean.

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Latest Signatures

  • 18 November 2015100. Lolly T
  • 28 July 201599. Tammy B
    Name one person who hasnt said something that they wish they could take back...i dont know any!! Jade is still great in my eyes i disagree with the way sha acted but we all make mistakes!!
  • 20 July 201598. Candy Cooke
    Jade Goody is NOT a racist!!
  • 30 June 201597. Hayleybelle C
    So if a white person is called white trash its ok but if a white person calls an indian a name which frankly is funny what the hell has this place called England come to stand up 4 ur own!!!!!!
  • 18 June 201596. Jenny G
    Choosing someone to be a scapegoat is disgusting! Ruining someones life and family for money is UNFORGIVABLE!!!
  • 28 May 201595. Rebecca Beltran
    Jade Goody is great and shouldnt be treated this way!
  • 28 March 201594. Sarah K
    I think this childish behaviour should stop now
  • 28 March 201593. Josh Nichols
    jade make a mistake , she is only human , but she is not a racist , this whole thing has been blown well out of proportion, jade hasn't even been able to see her kids . i feel so sorry for jade..
  • 27 February 201592. Sarah Walsh
    surporting jade all the way !
  • 04 February 201591. Kerri Rowe
    Talk about blown out of proportion!!
  • 21 January 201590. Nicky Stafford
    I support this petition
  • 25 November 201489. Dawn C
    we support you
  • 24 October 201488. Alfie W
    I support this petition
  • 17 September 201487. June Rodriguez
    surporting jade all the way...she shudnt be treated like this its wrong !!!
  • 06 September 201486. Christiana M
    jade i love you and think your great. j. jackson is a racist he called us white trash!!!!! i do hope that you will be ok
  • 22 January 201485. Nicolle A
    She wasnt being racist just abet silly with her words
  • 18 January 201484. Laura B
    I support this petition
  • 29 December 201383. Jade L
    I support Jade all the way!!
  • 24 November 201382. Andrew Liu
    jade is not racist she just didnt like shilpa
  • 30 June 201381. Barry Mcguire
    I support this petition
  • 11 May 201380. Leanne Hinton
    jade goody all the way !
  • 20 February 201379. Nikita C
    I think its been blown way out of proportion!Jade is still amazing!:D x
  • 17 February 201378. Gabrielle Yates
    im supporting Jade all the way..she has been made out to be somethiing she is DEFINATELY not!! i love herrr and will never stop supporting her, she didn't deserve anythiiiing that has happened to her, crying on tv over things people are saying badly about
  • 09 February 201377. Jodie Garrett
    Jade Goody is my hero and no one will ever change that, NOT even the media
  • 30 January 201376. Tracy Hull
    shes no racist
  • 13 January 201375. Alan Hull
    I support this petition
  • 31 October 201274. Louise Mcneil
    Jade acted in an aggressive manor but in no way racist!! I was shocked by that side of her... but hey she is human we all behave badly one time or another... still love her for being real!

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