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March 5, 2010
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To whom it may concern:
It has come to the attention of many disabled individuals, including myself, that the accessibility of the ITunes software is progressively gotten worse over the course of several months. Though this does not effect the blind en-user who may be running a Macintosh computer with the Voiceover screen reader, it has become almost unusable for Windows PC users.


1) Music Source
a) When in grid view, if a blind user presses the enter key on an album, then immediately tries down arrowing through the list of tracks, all that is said is: Not selected followed by the name of the first track in the list view table.
i) The only way to fix this is to down arrow to the next track, shift tab back to the previous control, then tab back into the list, regaining focus, and listenning to the currently selected item. This must be done for each track every single time you down arrow to the next one in the list.
b) When in the list view instead of grid view, the same results are produced as in section 1A of the outline. (See above)
2) Itunes Radio
a) Station categories cannot consistently be expanded by simply pressing right arrow whilst on the category name in the list
i) No guaranteed work around has been discovered
b) Once a station category has been expanded, if a blind user down arrows to the first station underneath it, absolutely no speech output is given
i) A blind user must shift tab to the sources list, then tab back to the station list, to hear the currently focused item in the list table. If the station spoken is not what the blind user wishes to play, those same steps must be repeated until the desired station is found
c) A blind user must up arrow back to the station category before pressing the left arrow key in order to collapse the given genre of stations. You can imagine how annoying this can be if youre 10 stations deep within the genre, being that the same steps outlined in section 2B, (See above) must be repeated each time the up arrow key is pressed.
i) No work around has been discovered
3) Podcasts
a) See Section 1 above. The same exact issues exist
4) ITunes store
a) It now seems to be very difficult, if not impossible, for a blind user to effectively preview a snip it sample of a track, video, or other item before buying.
i) No work around has been discovered
b) It is virtually impossible (note the bold face, and underlining,) for a blind individual to independently create an ITunes store account, unless using sighted assistance, or Serotechs System Access to Go software, which not many people use.
i) Absolutely none of the field controls have MSAA access any longer
ii) Though text descriptions are written above or beside each form control on the sign up page, because they are not tagged into the actual form control itself, they do not read when pressing the tab key to move between them.
c) It is no longer possible for a blind individual to read the description of an IPod/Iphone app before buying.
i) The only solution is to google the name of the application, and hope that you can locate a web site with information regarding the program.
d) Though not mandatory, it would be a nice bonus if software developers were required to make a trial version of their software, if there will be a charge. This way, a blind individual could try the application on the IPod/IPhone first, before buying it to make sure that it is voice over compatible. This way, a blind user would not buy the application, only then, to find it doesnt work, and be out X amount of money.

Products effected include:

Itunes version 9.X
Windows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
JAWS for Windows Screen Reading software version 10 and up
Window-Eyes Screen Reading Software version 7.0 and up


We, the people who have signed this petition, ask that Apple be made completely aware of these issues, and work diligently to resolve these issues within a timely manor. If this issue is not resolved within six months from date of the composition of this petition, all individuals who have signed, reserve the right to no longer purchase any products from Apple, should they choose to take this extreme. Realize this does not mean everyone will boycott you, however, it could be a risk you take. This does not look good on you alls part, and as committed as you all appear to be when it comes to people with disabilities, we are confident that you will take this petition very seriously and escalate this to the proper departments who need to handle these issues.

Thank you for your time and cooperation in this matter.

Christopher L. Gilland Charlotte NC, USA
Web hosting/Computer Administrator

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