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Bismillah Ir Rahman nir Rahim

Prophet Mohammad (SAW) peace be upon him said: A Muslim is a brother to another Muslim. All Muslims constitutes one brotherhood. A Muslim should never betray another Muslim, nor tell lies about another, and never humiliate one another. Every thing belongs to a Muslim; such as his honor, his property and his blood are sacrosanct, and inviolable to another Muslim. The piety lies in here (pointing toward his heart) it is tremendously serious evil to consider a Muslim mean. -Imam Tirmithi has narrated this tradition and called it good, Sahih.

We, the undersign are demanding from the following people: Mr. Iqbal Hossain-Chairman of the Board, Mr. Maqbool Ahmed-Chairman of the trustees, Mr. Sarfaraz-Vice president, Mr. Abu Nidaal-board member, Dr. Salman-board member, Mr. Ibrahim-board member, Mr. Owais Ahamed and Mr. Tariq Nossier-the President of Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake to resign immediately from their individual posts, for mishandling the case, and for slandering, Imam Shuaib.

Further, we are demanding dissolution of current elected committee and Board members for making false, inflammatory and imputing statements after Friday prayers on Jan 19th 2007 and completely mishandling of the incidents leading to the domestic dispute of Imam Shuaib.

Following are the facts, which were presented before us after Jumma prayer

Mr. Iqbal Hossian has read a written statement at Khadeeja Masjid that, Mr. Imam Shuaib ud-din has not reported to his duties for several days, also he is absconding, and his whereabouts are unknown. Same night in a meeting at Khadeeja Masjid it was proven that the statement was totally false and misleading.

As a matter of fact, the members listed above were in constant communications with Imam, and he was also in contact with him. In addition, they also had several meetings at various different locations. Mr. Maqbool and Mr. Iqbal have personally acknowledged and accepted that, this was a mistake on their part, again on the night of Friday, Jan 19th 2007 during a meeting at Khadeeja masjid, where various members of the community were present. Later that night Mr. Maqbool admitted that he was the one who dropped Imam Shuaib to the airport, also he instructed him to flea the country.

Dear brothers, and sisters in Islam, this is a clear indication that the incompetent leaders of this community who wanted Imam Shuaib out, for their personal gain, so this was their only golden opportunity to force him out. We have lost confidence in our leaders.

In a written statement cited above, the Board decided to terminate the services of Imam Shuaib in a matter of 2 days giving very little or no consideration, and completely ignoring the tireless work of Imam Shuaib for this community, and Muslim Ummah. This was a totally biased, un-professional and unjust decision.

The members listed above have corroborated and acted in irresponsible manner, disclosing all the personal details of domestic issues between Imam Shuaib and his wife to the press/ media, which was totally uncalled for and unnecessary. Upon repeated attempts by the members of the community requesting factual data at a meeting on Friday Jan 19th, they have not disclosed these details to them but rather declared them in a petition filed for a protective order for his wife so it is available to the press/media as a public record.

We, the Muslim community of salt lake are demanding the following steps to be implemented

A- Immediate resignation of the members listed above in this petition.

B- Instituting an independent inquiry commission to probe into the incidents involving committee & Board members in the domestic dispute of Imam Shuaib.

C- Conducting an immediate external audit of the finances of the Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake.

We also would like to remind ourselves and you that we have to answer to Allah (SAW) for our actions.

May Allah bestow his mercy upon the community, and help steadfast for truth, and justice?

Wa Salaam,

Muslims of Salt Lake City, and United we stand!

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