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To: The Honorable Governor Jeb Bush, State of Florida; Charlie Crist, Attorney General, State of Florida
{The allegations expressed in this petition have all been previously published by entities whose credibility is

generally well accepted. Some of those entities include a former Lee County Sheriff , Registered Nurses, Licensed Nurses, CRNA's, Clerks of Court, Medical and Neurological Physicians, Speech Language Pathologists,and certain

medical records and professional interpretations of those records.

The opinion of this author is that the entities' allegations are

truthful and credible)

To The Honorable Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, United States of America


Charles Crist, Attorney General, Florida:

We the People demand an expeditious investigation of the following


( This petition pleas for investigation of allegations supported by police reports, affidavits and witnesses regarding

purported abuse of spouse including the possibility of causing disability by injury, possible attempted murder, misuse of malpractice award, negligence causing long standing pain and suffering, medicaid fraud, and unauthorized use of malpractice award/insurance fraud, but most importantly premeditated malicious intent to kill and enactment to do so employing cruel and unusual methods causing enormous grief and pain and suffering to Teresa Marie Schindler Schiavo, her siblings and parents and

many Americans as well as persons residing in other countries on planet Earth.)

1.) In that, "The Department of Children and Families [DCF] has opened an investigation into some 30 allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation of Terri Schiavo.


According to pleadings filed before George Greer by DCF attorneys, Michael Schiavo is the suspected abuser."

2.) Whereas Trauma injuries of unknown origin were documented , and those injuries were sustained at or near the time of the victim's purported collapse

And in light of the trauma injuries of currently unknown etiology sustained by Teresa Marie Schindler Schiavo

at or near the time of her purported collapse

* the above link is to Teresa Schiavo's Bone scan with interpretive data regarding likelihood of trauma etiologies.

3.) Whereas the collapse of Teresa Schindler Schiavo may not have been reported or relayed to emergency medical

operatives within a usual or reasonable time , we expect a polygraph to determine why Michael Schiavo DID NOT CALL 911 at the time of Teresa Schiavo's

purported collapse if he indeed did not do so,

but instead may have chosen to call someone else.

4.) Additionally allegations by a credible professional claiming Michael Schiavo verbalized his wish to

see his wife die and may have attempted to cause her death via injection of reg. fast acting insulin.

WE the people demand the police reports filed regarding the incident

of possible attempted murder by Michael Schiavo are investigated and either substantiated or proven unmerited.

Most seriously the people demand a full and fair investigation of the allegations supported by the affidavits of professional health care personnel,

particulary an R.N. who filed a police report , which included strong and concrete evidence to support the fact Teresa Schindler Schiavo

suffered life threatening physical detriment due to fast acting insulin found near her bed, or in her room, just after Michael Schiavo

had spent time with her.

Carla Iyer R. N. relaying the facts :

Carla has firsthand knowledge that:

Terri Schiavo did eat while in her care

Nursing staff had to get restraining orders against Michael Schiavo

Michael Schiavo's eagerness to see Teresa Schindler die

5. )Collusion

The Empire Journal has confirmed that the mother of Jodi Centonze, Schiavo's live-in girlfriend and fiancй with whom he has two children was employed in the civil division of the sheriff's department from June 18, 1979 until June 25, 1999, some 11 years employed by Sheriff Everett Rice , and at the same time , Michael Schiavo had petitioned that sheriff's good friend Judge Greer to end Teresa Schiavo's life.

more details at above link-excerpt below:

"Four days before joining Florida's House of Representatives in November, 2004, Everett Rice left the office of Pinellas County Sheriff, a position he had held since 1988 and after 33 years in the sheriff's department.

But before he left office he hired Michael Schiavo, estranged husband and guardian of Terri Schiavo.

The Empire Journal has learned that days before leaving office as Pinellas County sheriff, Rice hired Schiavo, to work in the Inmates Medical Care Division of the Pinellas County Jail.

The relationship of Rice and Schiavo raises grave questions of alleged impropriety in the Terri Schiavo case and ongoing allegations of conspiracy, collusion and cover-up which have resulted in calls for Gov. Jeb Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the matter and the impaneling of Grand Jury.

Rice's hire of Schiavo came at the same time contentious guardianship proceedings were proceeding in the courtroom of his long-time friend, Sixth Circuit Court Judge George W. Greer where Schiavo was seeking to end the life of his wife by court order of Greer"

6.)Fraudulent acceptance and misuse of malpractice award

In that reliable sources have claimed the funds obtained in a malpractice suit awarded for use of providing rehabilitation for Teresa

Schiavo, were used not for her benefit, or her needs , but for another woman and Michael Schiavo's desires, while Teresa suffered without rehabilitation

without use of those funds to which she was entitled.

It is contended that the misuse of Teresa's malpractice award, and denial of rehabilitative therapies, has caused Teresa Schindler Schiavo permanent,

painful and irreversible contractions

of her bones and atrophic muscle wasting.

The misuse of Teresa Schindler Schiavo's malpractice award caused the victim to regress, rather than progress, in her ability to communicate.

The likelihood of Teresa's progression with appropriate therapy in the abilty to communicate has been sworn to by many credible

therapists , including neurologists, brain injury specialists, and Speech Language Pathologists in affadavits , on international and national television,

and various public broadcast mediums.

We call for Gov. Jeb Bush to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the matter of

7.) Allegations that 'non-terminal' individuals who do not meet Hospice criteria are receiving government funds

in the home(s) or hospices which have , or may have had George Felos, LPA, serve on the board of directors , and that those funds

are not entitled to individuals who do not have a terminal illness , or life expectancy beyond six months.

8.) We demand an investigation into the placement of Teresa Schiavo in a hospice although her medical condition was not


deemed to be terminal, nor were any medical directives written stating she was terminal prior to hospice admission according to those who are knowledgeable about those records.

9.) We the American people call for an investigation of the allegations:

Medicaid fraud , and campaign fund impropriety by Michael Schiavo's attorney, George Felos

and their possible relationship to the placement of Teresa Schiavo in an inappropriate setting for the


willful, malicious, premeditated murder of Teresa Schindler Schiavo . ALL

information presented , and ALL facts , affidavits and first hand observations should be carefully examined by

uninvolved, non- motivated entities selected by the

good and loyal Attorney General , Charlie Crist, and The Honorable Governor Jeb Bush of the State of Florida, United States of America.

(please see


"Judge George Greer received a campaign contribution from Michael Schiavo's attorney ...establish the appearance of impropriety, and the state's code of judicial conduct requires a judge to remove himself in such a case.")

10.) We ask to have the following allegation either publicly proven accurate or inaccaurate:

George Greer is attempting to practice law without a valid license. (expired)

11.) We demand to know GUARDIANSHIP laws are not and were not being ignored , that they are and have been enforced

without deception or fraud , regarding Michael Schiavo

meeting all of the usual and normal regulations to qualify as the guardian of Teresa Marie Schindler Schiavo.

Disclosure of impropriety in adherence to guardianship laws needs to be disclosed as well to protect a fair and equitable

adherence to guardianship laws across all venues and in all situations.

12.) We the people demand an investigation of Federal and State laws regarding Michael Schiavo purportedly practicing

BIGAMY / ADULTERY, and the purported rights of any individual to be exempt from those laws, and if that individual would

be entitled under guardianship laws to relinquish guardianship of the emotionally abandoned spouse under those circumstances.

13.) Finally, The people of the world being informed and experienced as all persons are regarding the horrors of starvation,

seeing the ascites and end of life sufferings by those unfortunates unable to obtain food (ex: Feed The Children advertisments,

clearly showing the suffering of starvation).

Full well knowing the omission of food and hydration was a tactic of the sadistic Adolph Hitler regime ,

and repeatedly listening to the educated opinions of credible and highly regarded, well informed professionals

expressing grief and dismay at such cruelty, demand a full investigation into the history and backgrounds of the judge(s), lawyers,and

the 18 Florida representatives advocating such a cruel judgement upon a helpless woman who has never committed any crime.

We wish to either prove or rule out their allegiance to America. We wish to either prove or rule out their allegiance

to some other Government . We the people demand an investigation into the motives for such a decision(omission of food and hydration)

to be sure the advocates of starvation mentioned above , are not employing the beliefs of their personal religious orientation(s) and using the

American Government to employ their preferred beliefs, or their anti Christian religious beliefs to negate the

right to freedom of religion by governmentally enforced anti- Christian agendas.

Information supportive of the above mentioned allegations may be found at : (attempted murder)

(collusion, premeditation) (trauma near time of collapse) * Florida Retired Sheriff expose Greer * EVERYONE MUST READ THIS!

Synopsis of Plea~

We the People, Advocating non-violence and protection of women and all human beings from violent crimes,

demand an expeditious investigation into the above allegations of

spousal abuse, including possible infliction of injuries causing disablement,

prohibiting and blocking rehabilitative services, and

using malpractice award money designated to be used for those services on

another woman and in a spendthrift manner;

judicial fraud; insurance and medicaid

fraud ;

possible attempted murder

of a disabled spouse by injection;

cruel and unusual infliction of pain and suffering

on Teresa Marie Schindler Schiavo and her parents and siblings, including the witholding of food and water

to the point of death while denying the victim basic religious freedoms.


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