International Request for Class-Action Probe and Lawsuit of Jesse Willms and sign now

This petition is to request a thorough investigation into the legality, impropriety, financial activity, and the debiting of $150.00 from unsuspecting internet visitors to the web site This includes a thorough investigation into every facet of operation of the companies Sphere Media LLC, Just Think Media, and its owner and proprietor Jesse Willms.
We petition also that the United States Government set a new precedent on behalf of the worlds e-commerce consumers to create strict safeguards to promote trusted and equitable commerce while encouraging international influence for a safe international community of internet users where internet consumers will not fall prey to insidious marketing tactics which fall short of ethical, to the level of abusive and underhandedly deception.

We The People of the International Internet Community who duly undersign this petition do hereby request a civil and criminal investigation of Jesse Willms,, Sphere Media LLC, and Just Think Media with the sole purpose and intent of a filing a class action civil law suit against Jesse Willms any and all assets, capital ventures, and companies with which he has ownership or invested interest. We the undersigned hereby also petition for under civil lawsuit and criminal investigation that restitution be attributed to those afflicted by his impropriety and misleading the public into allowance of being billed $150.00 without our proper consent or awareness.

We, The Afflicted People of the Global and International Internet Community have for too long suffered from the impropriety of Jesse Willms' financial marketing schemes. Far too long he has been allowed to abuse the internet and profiteer off of uninformed users of the Internet. Far too long he has gone unchecked for all of his fraudulent and unethical practices. Far too long he has preyed on the unsuspecting, using covert and underhanded practices to dupe the masses into unknowingly allowing charges of substantial proportions to be repeatedly withdrawn from the unsuspecting victims accounts. Far too long has Jesse Willms been allowed to practice false and misleading advertising on a global scale.

We The People of the International Internet Community are tired of being the victim, tired of scams, tired of fraud, tired of internet abuse by those who would hide behind layers of legality and smoke screens of false identity.
We demand our monies be repaid in full. We demand a secure, safe, and trustworthy e-commerce experience where what is represented is what is offered and all transactions are fully transparent to those who would stand willing to purchase goods and services.

We Hereby Decree Our Requests:

(a) A full investigation by the FBI into the international internet operations of Jesse Willms.

(b) A knowledgeable lawyer with an acute awareness of ethical business practices and an invested Interest for The Peoples Internet Rights and Securities who is willing and able to file a Civil and/or Criminal lawsuit against Jesse Willms and on the behalf of The People.

(c) International Criminal Charges set against Jesse Willms and all his companies and assets with predominance and extreme prejudice in investigating the full scope of and Just Think Media.

(d) Civil Restitution be administered to the afflicted parties as part of a civil law suit brought against Jesse Willms and his Assets and Companies.

(e) An International (Globe to the scope of where International Agreements can be Set) and Permanent baring of Jesse Willms from any and all investment/interest in internet marketing or ownership / stock / involvement / liability / partnership / consultancy of any internet based business for a minimum of 20 years.

(f) A new International Agreement of Procedural Commerce Acceptance Disclosure before any/all financial transaction occurring online. This agreement would create a new standard of safe and transparent e-commerce by which all reputable e-commerce transactions would be preceded by a full disclosure of charges to be processed. Without such agreement accepted by the consumer and a facsimile forwarded to them for record procurement BEFORE the transaction/electronic draft is processed, the transaction would be void and have no sustaining liability to the consumer.

(g) A standardized set of International Principles of Ethical e-Marketing which would be wholly adopted by all reputable U.S based industries and demanded by the worldwide e-consumer community. We The People Require Financial Institutions to abide by these same International Principles of Ethical Marketing and International Agreement of Procedural Commerce Acceptance Disclosure.

We petition the United States Government and its powers of Intelligence, Examination, and Persuasion to set Precedent over the Internet and businesses that have marketing and financial dealings online. We ask for a new level and standard of ethics to be held true by the American Government in regards to reputable businesses and what is considered legal, ethical, and customary in financial transactions by US based companies. We The People ask for Unified Cooperation by our Canadian Counterparts as is needed to bring criminal and civil suit against the above mentioned parties. We ask for a Global Partnership for Trusted e-Commerce.

We, The Undersigned hereby attest that in signing this petition we have either fell victim to , Jesse Willms, or any one of his numerous financial interest, or we have the legal right to represent an afflicted party other than ourselves who has been afflicted by Jesse Willms impropriety.

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