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International Campaign Against Islamic Republic Atrocities

Islamic republic intends to execute tens of prisoners

Join the international campaign to save life of political prisoners, those condemned to be stoned, to free imprisoned labour activists, students and women

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The Islamic republic of Iran has embarked on a new wave of suppression. I the recent days it has executed a number of prisoners, stoned some to death and arrested a number of labour, student and activist of womens movement in Iran. This is part of its assault to intimidate the rising protest movement in Iran.

Number of arrest and summarily executions has risen dramatically.
Last week, the Islamic regime stoned Jafa Kiyani to death in Takistan.
On Saturday 14 July, in northern city of Tabriz, Horiyeh, was executed in public for having sex out of wedlock.
On the same day 3 others were hanged in the same city.
It was announced that in a few days time, Mokarameh Ebrahimi, mother of 5 children would be stoned to death.
The Leaders of the Islamic Republic have announced last week that they have verified the execution of 20 young people.
Mansour Osdanloo, leader of the Tehran Bus drivers Union has been kidnapped and imprisoned.

Furthermore they have announced that religious police would be doubled in city parks and streets to prevent teenage boys and girls mixing and floating religious ethics. While Mahmoud Salehi, a leading labour activist, is still in prison, they have continued to put on trial two other labour activists, Shieth Amani and Sadeeg Karimi, from the city of Sanandaj for organizing celebrations of May 1st international workers day .

The Islamic republic has turned to violent aggression at the very time when it is in deep crisis and protest movement in Iran is escalating. The so called petrol protest in opposition to hike in petrol prices in Iran is an example. The increase in religious police to impose hejab is an attempt by the Islamic republic to confront this movement which really indicates that Iranian society is rejecting the Islamic imposition and its policies.
We will confront this assault and will defeat it!

We have announce an international campaign against atrocities of the Islamic Republic and call on every to join this campaign. Sign this petition and ask others to take part. We ask all labour and human rights organizations to put pressure on, by writing to the leaders of the Islamic regime, in protest to stop their atrocities.

We the undersigned demand that:

Unconditional Freedom for all political prisoners and recent detainees
Abolition of cruel and inhumane stoning laws and immediate release of the 13 waiting stoning.
Repeal the sentences of execution for 20 children and young adults including Shahla Jahed and Kobra Rahmanpour
Free Mahmoud salehi, Mansour osdanloo and all labour activist who have been arrested for organizing protest and strike.
End persecution of May 1st activist including leaders of unemployed union Sheith Amani and Sadeeg Karimi
Free detained students and end to harassment of student in the university; Close security and religious police in universities.
End harassment of teenage boys and girls and free imprisoned youth.
Free all those arrested following the recent petrol protests

Mina Ahadi
Spokesperson for the international campaign against atrocities in Iran
July 14th 2007

Signed by:
International labour solidarity
International Committee against executions
International Committee against stoning
Committee for freedom of political prisoners in Iran
Hambastegi international federation of refugees
International Campaign in defence of womens right in Iran( Germany, England, Malmo and Stockholm in Sweden)
Children First now!
Society against religion
Freinds of women in the middle east association

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