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IF YOU THINK ITS A CRIME FOR A BANK TO CHARGE 40 for sending you an email to say that they have refused a direct debit payment due to insufficient funds, then please sign this petition...


The other day ebay tried taking money out of my bank account, which shouldnt of even occured, and because the funds wasnt available, the ebay request was luckilly denied, however, my bank instead charged me a 40 ($80) bank charge, and what did they do for this crazy amount, they emailed me a letter saying, you had insufficient funds to cover the ebay charge, we have refused the payment, and so we have charged you 40

Normally when i get a bank charge i just sit back and take it like most other people, because i figure its just the way it is, and how can one person fight it then i discovered a website that shows you that there is a war on bank charges out there and that banks have no right charging so much


Help spread the word of this website:,24632,

Click on the above link if you live in the UK, because this website teaches you how to fight this crazyness and actually get back every bank charge you have incurred for the past 6 years, thats right 6 years

This is the intro to the site: and tell me your not interested in joining the fight haha

This is a step-by-step guide, including template letters, to forcing your bank to repay the last six years charges for going beyond your overdraft limit, or cheque and Direct Debits bouncing. Plus theres a specially developed calculator so you can add interest on top. Thus you can join the thousands whove already successfully reclaimed 100s or 1000s.

Its a true consumer revolution and one this sites proudly been a part of since the early days. I, and many others, believe the penalty charges banks and credit card companies levy are unlawful; the banks of course disagree.

So there it is folks, a website that has successfully helped thousands of people to get back their bank charges

I have 2 bank accounts, one charges (40) and the other (30) - I have been with my first bank for over 15 years, never had a problem with them before, at the age of 13 i set up my first account, and have been more than happy with their service over the years, this is the first time i have had a problem like this, and so out of respect to them i thought i would pop in and talk to them face to face after all, this wasnt my fault, ebay should not of tried to access my funds, so with this in mind i figured why not give them a chance to sort this out

Once i arrived at the bank there was no personal bankers to help me, so i had to join a 15 minute que to go see one of the cashiers, luckily one of the lady cashiers said that she could handle my problem, i explained everything, and was told that unless it was my first bank charge they couldnt do anything about it, even if it wasnt my fault i was outraged, i had been with the bank 15 years, of course i would of had a couple of charges in that time, this news distressed me, and so i asked to see the manager, i wanted the manager to justify charging a LOYAL customer 40, and tell me why it has to be such a crazy amount the manager was in a meeting apparently, so i said i would wait, 50 minutes later the manager came out, and basically told me that there was nothing she could do, it was policy, and she had no control over helping out her customers, and refused to even give me a contact number to someone higher up than her, the only thing she could do was let me make an official complaint, which meant that i would be sent out a letter stating that as of today a complaint had been made, and that was it, hahaha, no doubt they will charge me 40 for that as well and if i am still not happy after receiving a letter stating they cant do anything, i am to then send a letter back to that address

so the bank was not going to do the right thing and so now it becomes more about principle than about the 40

During my 50 minutes waiting for the manager, i found myself thinking about all the people in the country that cant afford to stay afloat, and by getting one charge could send them over their overdraft, and thats when the crazyness really begins, you get charged so much a day, any direct debits that cant go out because you have been forced over your overdraft means each direct debit would be charged at 40, and so i can see how a lot of people can get into a crazy amount of debt because of one error and its sickening, the banking system is exploiting its customers, taking advantage of those that cant afford to always stay above water, and thus keeping people down, i have known a few people get heavily deppressed from trying to stay afloat, and getting into more debt because of bank charges

I have decided that its time to fight this war on bank charges,

I urge anyone who believes that a bank charging 40 to email you to say,

Mr Smith, your a bad bad man, and you will learn from this mistake because we are charging you a criminally insane amount to help it sink into your brain free head

If you believe this is wrong please sign this petition,24632,

I plan to follow the steps myself on that website to get back my 6 years of unjustified bank charges, and if it doesnt work, I am going to take both banks to the small claims court, i want to use my Indywood exposure to help spread the word on this crazyness.

I am also going to set up a part of the Indywood Site to follow the progress of my fight, the url will be

if you have had any problems yourself, please email me on [email protected] and i will include all messages on the site.

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