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I am a Closed Beta 2Moons player and would like to shed some light on a program called GameGuard.
GameGuard is a korean software from INCA Internet company, written to protect net gamers (MMORPGs players, mostly) from using/players that use cheating engines, hacks, exploits that give them unfair advantage in a game.
All good then, it protects players from unfair playing and protects the game itself providing a better playing environment and the quality of the gamers' populace.
It has been adopted by many games in the past years: Lineage II, Maple Story, GunBound, Rakion, FLYf.f., BOTs, 9Dragons are some examples and lastly, 2Moons (better known as Dekaron in Korea).

Me and really a huge number of net gamers around the world, have had great problems running online games "protected" by gameguard.
They vary between:
- random or recidive simple process killings (after logging off from the game)
- random disconnection from your always-on connection
- general system slowing down
- force termination of OS sessions
- force machine shut downs
The last 2 often making the user experience a OS security blue screen of death even before launching the game, only way to restart pc being unplugging pc energy feeding and starting over.

In my case, I've come to the record of 14 consecutive reboots in this way just trying to make GG let me play 2moons in vain, having me to sustain the force machine shut downs and induced shut downs (BSODS after force termination of OS session).
Innocent as a boy, I tried listening to the security warning in the BSOD: updated system bios, killed any process i could (even things like touch pad control in my notebook) before launch and even dedicating 33\% of my system memory to the graphic card in addition to its own (thinking it was a hardware matter).None of these worked, obviously, sometimes I happen to play, all the others I cannot.

I made some research and found out that's almost 100\% sure that is all GameGuard fault and, I also found out, I'm not the only one thinking and proving it is true. There is a large number of frustrated players like me that had similar problems with games "protected" by GG.

GameGuard is a rootkit-alike program, that SHOULD "protect" us from cheats and block any attempt to let cheat work on the monitored computer, while launching a game.
What is a rootkit? Simply put, a program that stays in your PC from the very first boot to the end of your OS session and that can inject itself into other processes without letting the user notice, then acting in many ways, usually offering to remote host control on infected PC or other ways of automated behavior thus causing problems in many shape, depending on it being malware or not (to know better, "rootkit" from wikipedia

To explain better I would like to pinpoint another fact about a rootkit: granting undesired services and un-noticed ones, from our operative computer to a remote user means that we are running a third party software on our PC that behind our back, while we think it's doing something non-harmful and letting us execute another software freely on the net, it's giving access to our computer resources through common internet connection. We can't know the extent of this access, but since we "opened a door" to our computer, someone (the producer of the rootkit, usually) can decide the extent of his control on our machine, again without us even noticing.
It's not necessary to be an Information Technology guru to understand that this is sheer dangerous.

Now, here i'm trying to think why so many MMORPG producers, constantly, the ones responsible for many great free online games, always seem to include GG in their game code, sometimes in the installation bundle, like 2moons, other times just letting it download as only measure to play a game and to "protect" players. Is it because commercial reletionships?

If you dont believe me, i suggest you to make some research by yourself on the net, the GG problem is a very serious and shared matter, it has even created a community on its own cracking: Gameguard has always been a poorly written software, always, and it worked as it follows, basically said:
- sits in your windows registry (and camouflages itself in in your .dlls in case of windows, in other OS it uses drivers and kernels), from the very moment you install a game forcibily "protected" by GG till your next PC full format, even if you dont see its process anywhere;
- when you have to run a game with the canonical launcher, instead of a simple .exe, after game update and input-start by user, Gameguard shows its presence (it doesnt execute cause its already a working process);
- updates to its korean servers;
- counts and report all of your visible or not visible processes to its servers;
- confronts them with an archive of known cheating/hacking softwares;
- if sees any match can react just by killing the cheat engines or in other ways, like, killing your OS session and everything related to that.

This is what GG USED TO DO. Immature, invasive (and I say this because its really a pain a forced PC shutdown) but still acceptable in a very short extent.

Some people noticed, just hated to death that invasive and shameful software behavior and cracked GG, creating things to kill GG's process (also because it has a very simple code and uses common and low-level camouflage algorithms), also providing cheats and so on.
They managed to tame the rootkit-alike GG. It was about the time of Maple Story, about 2 years ago.

INCA countered, and countered in a very unsuitable and immature way.
Here's what GG seems to do in the current days:
- all the same as before till confronting of host processes to "incriminated" processes on its servers;
- if it founds something that could just possibily look like a cheating process, it just kills it along with memory and prolly the whole OS session; don't know who says which processes could be thought about as dangerous, but i think my DSL agent glowing when im exchanging data with the net is not of that kind, maybe GG thinks differently.

What do I think about hack in online games?
I think that just sucks big time, it's idiotic, unfair and I would never use anything like that.
It shouldn't be done. It turns my, other's and even cheating cheaters' game experience into deep sh*t.
What I am looking for is another protection software since GG, not only is a hating, sucky software that creates issues rather than expunge hackers from online games: GG gives issues to players, but it would be good if it actually worked, in the very 2Moons - instead - we can see on daily basis bots in the fields, even during Closed Beta. Isn't that a great work Gameguard? Thank you from protecting us from hacks -__- ...
IMO, with guys like the makers of GG, I start to understand why someone that has the hobby of programming eventually tries to crack sloppy software like that.

So, here's what we ask:
Being Gameguard a too-invasive, problem causing, badly written program that causes more ills than it cures, being that its behavior is a lot more malware-alike than anti cheat software-alike, and making so many people have to endure pc malfunction,
is it so undeniably necessary?
Could the great 2Moons game be free from this kind of abuse?
Is it possible to use another security software instead of this, and could we just kindly ask developers not to use GameGuard?

That is the reason for this petition: me and Munemasa, another 2moons player, found ourselves and others discussing about this in the game community forums (to give visibility even to those who attacked me as if I was a cracker or a cheater and their opinions I inserted the URL of this discussion).
Someone that suffered from those ills and malfunctions, or those who did not suffer them but had the fine understanding to know that an invasive third party program is never a good thing to have on your system, in the end agreed with us, if you agree too, please sign this petition: its free, you don't have to register or leave personal information, just let yourself be counted.
It's not much, but we hope that this is at least something, maybe 2Moons developers and Devid Perry, the director of the game - who are really enthusiastic saying they care about the players opinion and needs - will understand and agree with us too.
And finally do something about this malware or disease called Gameguard.
If you don't mind, let yourself be heard.
It would be of great help.
Many thanks for your patience and your time.
a frustrated 2moons player

Some resources as proof of what said below.
Wikipedia link to "GameGuard":
Wikipedia link to "rootkit":
2Moons discussion board "Would you like best playing without gameguard?" a thread of a discussion board about the GG issues (2Moons):
Bugtraq "Unrestricted I/O access vulnerability in INCA Gameguard", technical information on GG's behavior and another proof of its dangers from the Lineage II community (Lineage II): "nProtect Gameguard Unrestricted I/O Vulnerability", technical info:
WildersSecurityForums "High Possibility nProtect Gameguard being a rootkit" a thread of a discussion board about the GG issues (MapleStory):

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    gameguard, bad for players and business
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    GameGuard is a pathetic excuse for preventing hacks. all you need is 1 person who can create a good Cheat Engine core and it will be useless again.
  • 27 November 201487. Tranas Park
    Get it out.
  • 14 November 201486. Gabriel Daugherty
    gameguard was defendless against the game that my friend hacked , and it was a public hack.
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    Hell Yeah, Gg sucks!!!
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    Down whit GameGuard
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    I cannot play in 2Moons and 9Dragons with this Gameguard!!!
  • 26 July 201375. Tidius Richard
    Dont kill it but theres another hacking prevention system used on other acclaim games that has virtually no bugs mabye they could pinch that lol
  • 17 June 201374. Anton A
    GG eats up all the PF usage , can't see it in processes , so it's like a damned Spyware or maleware....or even a trojan....GG SUX ! i don't know too much about programming , but if i start to learn , in 2 weeks i would be able to bypass GG .... i hate che

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