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Open Letter to all Washington State Department of Corrections:

Clallum Bay State Prison in the state of Washington is violating the constitutional rights of LeTaxione aka Ernest Carter. LeTaxione is a prolific writer, gangologist, entrepreneur and lecturer. He is the author of several books including the award winning, NSTEP Gang Violence Prevention and Intervention Curriculum and Gangology 101, the anti gang violence childrens book, I am more than a Gang Member, an urban novel, Street Poisoned and his memoirs Original Diamond Boy, Psychology of a Gangbanger. LeTaxione has recently completed Original Diamond Boy, Pt. 2, The Transition and is working on the 3rd installment of his Memoirs.
With NSTEP and Gangology 101, LeTaxione offers more than a manual, more than a process to stop the trauma of gang violence; he offers an entire lifestyle solution. He isnt just saying the words, Heal the Hood he shows us all how.
With I am more than a Gang Member, LeTaxione draws on images and realities of his own childhood to redirect childrens paths that are excited and lured into a world of violence and corruption. The book is beautifully illustrated by Randy Bluebear Dixon, one of LeTaxiones own childhood friends. Street Poisoned offers a glimpse into the underworld of the gang lifestyle in a story that is riveting and an exciting read. Yet it is the Original Diamond Boy, Psychology of a Gangbanger Memoirs, echoing the realities of LeTaxiones own life that enthralls and captivates readers across generations.
LTaxione recently sent out an email to an associate speaking on a business matter. His mail was cited as gang related due to LeTaxiones lifetime use of replacing the letter b with a c in his writing. This isnt the first time LeTaxione has been subjected to misdirection and harassment by prison officials. However as he is about to be released it is feared that the powers that be are maliciously using their means to attempt to destroy LeTaxiones work and his future plans for his mission to stop violence within our local and global communities.
Currently LeTaxione is a self published author. His books detail a growing body of work worthy of any publishing house. I am seeking a distribution and marketing contract for LeTaxiones next books Original Diamond Boy, Pt. 2 The Transition, his next childrens book, A Bullys Behavior and Diamonds in the Rough, a Teen Dating Violence Prevention Curriculum and Workbook for Young Men of Color. These books all promise to be insightful, informative and great selling books to a mass readership.
Please check out LeTaxiones website for additional insight into a man of our times. LeTaxione is scheduled to be released in a few months however over the years he has been victimized by an institution that has not provided rehabilitation or reformation and still LeTaxione thrives and continues to strive for the betterment of humanity. Unlike Tookie Williams who died within prison LeTaxione continues the legacy with a growing body of work aimed at stopping the violence, criminal bullying any violence perpetrated one against another.
Upon his release, LeTaxione will embark upon a book tour to promote and market his existing books and take pre orders on future publications. Letaxione isnt sitting waiting on the world to discover his talents; he is in perpetual motion and intent on making a difference in the lives of children and teens as well as adults caught up in the violence of gang activity. His personal story is undeniably gripping and intriguing.
Instead of being persecuted by the prison industry he should be applauded and commended for his own personal redemption and salvation and rededication of his life to be of service to mankind.
By signing this Petition you are showing support of Le'Taxione and his work. Additionally I ask that you take the time to contact LeTaxiones lawyer the esteemed Attorney Jeff Ellis at 888-712-3115 or 206-262-0300. Please feel free to contact me for further information and sign this Petition so we may stand as one voice for support of a redeemed man and the mission to stop the violence from the inside out!

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