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Roger Goodell is a bad NFL Commissioner he has destroyed the game. The NFL has become very soft and it is becoming a joke. Rule changes, to suspensions, to fines, to overseas games. All of this is unacceptable and I think we should let him know. Many former NFL players are upset with the rule changes, just watch on NFL Network. You will constantly see former players bashing the new "Brady Rule" and how the QB is the most protected person on the field. The Receivers are given a huge advantage over the Corners now-a-days and its ridiculous. The stupid fines to NFL players is also unacceptable. Chad Ochocinco comes to mind immediately, so does Ray Lewis. It seems like the Defense's can do nothing to stop the Offenses anymore. No celebrating after a Touchdown is stupid. I remember Louis Delmas of the Detroit Lions being fined after a 103yd INT return for throwing the ball into the stands. That's unreal. Let the players play and celebrate its not showboating. The overseas game in Europe is also stupid because it takes away from us, the fans. We as fans lose a home game because of that and is stupid. We want to watch our HOME TOWN TEAMS play AT HOME not on the road. This was the stupidest idea anyone has ever had NFL is AMERICAN and should stay in America. Lately it seems like the NFL is all about making money instead of actually playing football and supporting the fans. The NFL should actually be about playing the game of football instead of making money.

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Latest Signatures

  • 30 December 201550. Jason Gonzalez
    I support this petition
  • 24 November 201549. Aaron F
    PLEASE get this clown out of the NFL offices! Unfortunately he's in the influential owners' pockets and as long as he makes this league profitable (who couldn't achieve that end) we're stuck with him regardless of the constant embarrassment he brings to "
  • 13 November 201548. Tina R
    I support this petition
  • 08 November 201547. Joe Obregonj
    I feel "the commish" is trying to right his wrong from his leniant suspension of Ray Rice. And in doing so the first player to feel the backlash is Aldon Smith. His 9 game suspension is ridiculous and uncalled for, but at least Goodell is once again in go
  • 01 November 201546. Jacob C
    This needs to happen
  • 22 October 201545. Antonio A
    Roger Godell has ruined football for everyone! I speak on behalf of all football fans in the entire worl that he should be fired effective immediately! His downright absurd decisions, all of his nfl helmet to helmet bullshit and fines! ITS FOOTBALL! It cl
  • 19 October 201544. Jason R
    He is killing the game.
  • 03 October 201543. Mike Sanchez
    I support this petition
  • 19 September 201542. Ray Mahoney
    If the Texans don't draft Johnny Manziel...I am done watching the NFL. Just cant take the softness anymore...
  • 19 September 201541. Larry J
    I support this petition
  • 19 September 201540. Daniel J
    I support this petition
  • 14 September 201539. Andrew Jamesr
    After the newest penalty for RB's lowering their helmet I question whether I even want to watch football anymore.
  • 28 August 201538. David C
    You gotta go!
  • 09 August 201537. Julie Z
    this is NFL football still, RIGHT?
  • 16 July 201536. Victor M
    Please say goodbye to Goodell... The NFL can do much better then him
  • 08 July 201535. Marcus P
    I support this petition
  • 04 June 201534. Cameron Paul
    Cant touch wr's anymore... Smh. #NoFunLeague
  • 24 May 201533. Ali B
    I support this petition
  • 17 May 201532. Brenda M
    I support this petition
  • 09 May 201531. Nathan B
    roger goodell sucks as a leader, he gets booed during the draft and every where you goes, please find someone that cares about the game and not the money
  • 05 May 201530. Al G
    I support this petition
  • 21 March 201529. Tj H
    I support this petition
  • 13 March 201528. Brian S
    totally selfish ass
  • 10 March 201527. Tj H
    This clown has ruined football in every shape and form...
  • 07 February 201526. Jenna Monroe
    I support this petition
  • 21 December 201425. Alan C
    Goodell is not the right man for the NFL.
  • 10 December 201424. Beau Ch
    roger goodell must go, i am a 49ers fan and i dont like the packers or the seahawks but that call was horrid, if the nfl doesnt overturn that game in green bays favor then that is corruption at its finest.

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