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We want Bungie/343 Industries to include the IloveBTB playlist, the most consistant and competitive BTB playlist, in Halo Reach matchmaking.

Here it is :

BTB Team Slayer - BTB Breakpoint
BTB Team Slayer - BTB Coag
BTB Team Slayer - BTB Tempest
BTB Team Slayer - BTB Wayont
BTB Team Slayer - BTB Incubus
BTB One Flag - BTB Paradiso
BTB One Flag - BTB Bonefield
BTB One Bomb - BTB Bonefield
BTB Territories - BTB Coag
BTB Territories - BTB Bonefield
BTB Territories - BTB Paradiso
BTB Territories - BTB Spire
BTB Multi Bomb - BTB Coag
BTB Multi Flag - BTB Coag
BTB Neutral Bomb - BTB Tempest
BTB Multi Flag - BTB Tempest
BTB Neutral Bomb - BTB Wayont
BTB Multi Flag - BTB Wayont
BTB Neutral Bomb - BTB Incubus
BTB Multi Flag - BTB Incubus

All those game types can be downloaded from ilovebtb's share :

For IloveBTB game types settings and maps descriptions, visit :


8 good reasons for Bungie/343 Industries to do it :

1/ Competitive Big Team Battle deserves its own playlist, as MLG has its own : the IloveBTB playlist would perfectly fit.

2/ A lot of people supports this idea.

3/ Main international BTB teams or organizations support IloveBTB maps and game types.

4/ IloveBTB has a long expertise of BTB.
First season started in 2008.
So far, IloveBTB has done 3 championships seasons wich represent around 900 official games and more than 2000 off games !
To see the complete history of IloveBTB :

5/ The IloveBTB's Reach playlist has been tested and improved by around 10 teams and 120 good BTB gamers since Reach came out.
So far, teams have been playing every friday for 20 weeks, 4 matchs a week, 4 games a match, which means around 320 playtests in serious 8vs8 games only !
Check this IloveBTB forum section for results and feedback (in french) :

6/ 10 beta versions came out, according to feedback from the competitive BTB community. Ilovebtb staff guarantee Bungie a long term support for the playlist, and keep working constanly on improvements.

7/ IloveBTB includes three maps designed exclusively for IloveBTB playlist : BTB Coag, BTB Wayont and BTB Incubus. The others have been modified to fit our needs.
All the maps and gametypes have been optimized for the most competitive gameplay.

8/ Playing IloveBTB playlist is good for your karma.

At last, for those who can't wait for ilovebtb playlist to be included in Matchmaking to play ilovebtb game types in a good and serious environment... ilovebtb provides international off sessions :

if Bungie/343 Industries wants to contact us to know more or/and set this up, please write to contact[at]ilovebtb[dot]com or send message to ilovebtb gamertag.

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  • 20 September 2015430. Gregory L
    Gamertag Humble Calamity Organization (Clan, Club, Team, Community) Seventh Column Website BTB is a staple of Halo... and also currently broken. Please bring it back to life... Also, anyone looking to help me help Bungie with their flawed
  • 18 September 2015429. Valentin Owen
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