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WE, the horseland players are sending you this petition in regards to the following horses that were sent to the Horseland Pasture, without any warning by a hacker who decided that instead of caring for other players and the lines of thousands of arabians on hl. Now, thanks to this moronic player who also has stolen that account, many of arabians lines are ruined.
Its not fair that when a horse is sent to the pasture, it causes the horses information to get deleted too, causing the horse to have broken/missing lines which decreases the value of the horse and in some cases, is deemed unpure or worthless, since you are unable to determain what breed that horse was.
This petition is to show you, how many players care about O To Be Me[#4176265, breed Arabian,points 527k]and Blam Honey[#4277884,breed Arabian,points 15k] and wanting them to be restored, so that at least these horses can have great lineage again.
IF, you are unable to do this, then at least take into consideration these suggestions that the horseland players have read and agree upon, to make horseland a better game for all.
1) Instead of a horse being completely deleted, why not still show the horses name, points AND breed while viewing the pedigree, but when you click on the name, it will still say, cannot find horse info. When a horse is retired, a horses lines on horseland are based on pureity and great lines, and by just showing the horses number, it just shows a horse was once there, but does not show if that horse was a fruitcake or a arabian or whatever the horse pedigree breed was. Horses on hl are based on their lines and players want to make sure that the breed that this horse says it is, matches ALL breeds that r in the pedigree, and if all it shows is the horse id, and not breed, then players are assuming that the horse was unpure or overbred lined, also points are a great factor in a horses lines, and players who check the pedigree also look at the points of these horses in the pedigree, the higher the points, the better the horse is.
2) Also, please take into consideration these othe suggestions; Since there are alot of players who breed low pointed horses, causing hl to become more polluted with these horses that just end up clogging up horseland, since theyre not used, not being trained and will end up starving to death. Why not make it so that a horse or dog MUST have at least 30k in points before theyre able to breed. Causing players to actaully train, and puts out at least 1500 pointed foals which are more likely to be trained, then a foal born with 5 points.
3) Also, players on hl are breeding unpurely [and just like breeding low pointed horses] causes hl to become cluttered with unicorn x welshes or what not. These crossbred horses end up not being trained, and let to rot. Why not make it so that u can only breed to their own kind, like a TB x TB and not a TB x Welsh etc.
4) And also why not allow all types of arabians to be bred without the foal looking like a Arabian x Polish arabian, since its still an arabian. the foal shouldnt b looking like a crossbreed, when its not, theyre all arabians, but just different types, its like a AQH x QH or SEA x EA etc.
5) Also, those player points, that players earn, why not make good use of it, like 5mil player points and 15 US, gets u a premi, or use the player points and use them on a horse - ONLY if u have a certain amount of player points, but once you go down, say 3mil player points or 1mil player points or what not, you cant use your player points on horses or what not. and you MUST know the login, password, and password changer to claim your player points on either your horse or to get a premi or what not.
6) and one more thing, players on hl are charging so much for traning tickets. Why not make it so you can only chage so much per ticket, like 100k each or something, AND not allow the use ofmoney horses to sell tickets for a higher price. Tickets onhl can go anywhere from 30mil to 300mil for one set of 30, which is so expensive and NOT worth paying for.
Please take into consideration to all the suggestions I have written, and to show that I'm NOT the only one who is with me on this, i have included players signatures.

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