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To: Shri. Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Environment & Forests, Government of India
India has lost valuable voiceless wealth in the form of environment degradation and loss of wildlife and its habitat in recent times despite having one of the MOST POWERFUL LAW IN THE WORLD- The Wildlife Protection Act' 1972

Is it time we brought a change?

A Change that can strengthen the existing act for good and help preserve whatever little is left of mother nature's wonders India.

So come on, each one of you can be a part of the change.

Join us in assisting the expert committee and the Hon'ble Environment & Forest Minister, Shri. Jairam Ramesh in the noble effort of adding a punch to the act.

The amendments to the act are almost ready and it is only a matter of time before it is tabled in the Parliament for approval.

Many eminent wildlife experts and lawyers like Ms. Belinda Wright, Mr. Valmik Thapar, Mr. Mahendra Vyas, Mr. Praveen Kumar have helped in making several valid suggestions for amendments to the act which we hope will certainly be followed and implemented.

Some of the important suggestions proposed are:

* All the exemptions to exotic birds be removed.
* Fish species be a strong part of the Act.
* Exemptions to Peacock (National Animal) feather sale be removed.
* Leg traps and their manufacturers to be held liable under the act even if no animal has been put in them.
* There have been over 100 things like this put in the act by the experts.

You can also contribute by speaking your mind and mailing your suggestions to the Hon'ble Minister.

While the experts have ensured that no stone is left unturned and suggested all possible recommendations for strict laws, there is a strong feeling that a section of policy makers may try to mislead the Minister and others concerned and derail the whole process only to weaken the existing law by ten times for vested interests.



So spare a few minutes to write to the Hon'ble Minister Mr. Jairam Ramesh to accept all the recommendations of the experts and to completely ignore any attempt that can perhaps MURDER the existing Wildlife Protect Act.

There are three options how you can help:

1.Sign the petition

2.Send a personal email to the minister: [email protected]

3. Sign the feedback form on the Ministry' website:

Those in India please can also send letters by registered post or fax the Minister at the address below:

Shri. Jairam Ramesh,
Union Minister for Environment & Forests
Ministry of Environment & Forests
Government of India
Paryavaran Bhavan
CGO Complex, Lodhi Road
New Delhi - 110 003. INDIA

+91- 24361727, 23463958, 24362222 (F)

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Latest Signatures

  • 28 December 2015100. Catriona M
    These magnificent creatures should be protected and respected, not exploited by human greed and selfishness.
  • 06 November 201599. Sonia Briggs
  • 04 October 201598. Caroline C
    I strongly support this petition.
  • 23 July 201597. Rasika Stone
    Strengthen laws. Let tthe voice of India's wildlife be heard . Culprits behind wildlife crimes should be punished severely and be awarded with capital punishment for their crimes against the voiceless.
  • 04 July 201596. Dr Deborahj
    Please uphold India's good reputation for concern for nature and animals by supporting the proposed wildlife protection act
  • 09 March 201595. Margaret F
    please on our behalf,help these wonderful animals who are so vulnerable and cannot help themselves. Thank you
  • 05 March 201594. Gracia Faye
    We must protect wildlife now both for their sake and our children's.
  • 27 February 201593. David Sheldrickwildlifet
    Wildlife needsto be helped and protected at all costs
  • 19 February 201592. Rahul Whitney
  • 05 October 201491. Carol B
    Support the Wildlife Protection Act and help the voiceless
  • 24 September 201490. Vasudha Mack
    The need of the hour is that this law be tightened so that there are no loop holes for the offenders to escape out from!
  • 11 August 201489. Rishabh B
    Wildlife is everything
  • 02 January 201488. Juli K
    for the sake of your country's future
  • 25 December 201387. Vickie N
    God created everything, and humanity must protect, not destroy, all of His creation
  • 07 July 201386. Carol H
    It is vital to protect the wildlife. Please pass these proposals!
  • 31 May 201385. Lu H
    It's time to get serious with poachers and punish them severely.
  • 11 May 201384. Awoodgatetripp Cuevas
    protect wildlife now before it is too late.
  • 09 March 201383. Susan R
    The protection of wildlife is important to us all. Extinction of some of these beautiful animals is unthinkatble and the suffering caused is inexcusable
  • 14 February 201382. Bijaya Kumark
    As an animal welfare organisation, we are strongly support the petition.
  • 12 February 201381. Maneka G
    Not one suggestion made by the experts across India has been acepted. the current Act is the weakest possible and is designed to destroyed all the protection afforded to animals. It is important that you oppose it vociferously as it is on the verge of bei
  • 02 November 201280. Thomas B
    thank you for your humane concern and your vigilance on behalf of India's non-human animals
  • 06 October 201279. Karobi G
    Let the Cell of Tigers be alive in the Air we breathe
  • 30 August 201278. Lisa L
    Animal welfare laws need to be strengthened. Saying no to this is not an option!
  • 20 July 201277. Ann J
    Please safeguard the animals of India
  • 19 May 201276. David E
    I strongly urge you to adopt the proposed amendments to the Indian Wildlife Protection Act which are desperately needed if Indian's wildlife is to have a future!
  • 03 April 201275. Cristina S
    Its time to preserve our wildlife.
  • 02 April 201274. Kamal Kaushalb
    good job.

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Shri. Jairam Ramesh, Minister for Environment & Forests, Government of India


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