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We the undersigned Citizens are angry about this incident with Mr. Forbes. We would like to request the removal of Judge Eileen OConnor from seat and to start an investigation because of abuse of power over a misunderstood question from a Jury duty application. A 19 year old African American man by the name of Stacey Forbes misunderstood a question regarding to a jury duty form that he filled out and as he thought he would start jury duty ended up being lock up behind bars for four ( 4) months for lying on the application. He said on WSVN-TV - Miami Florida- News Station ( that he did not intentionally try to hide anything when he was called for jury duty March 22. A high school dropout, Forbes said he had problems reading a questionnaire that asks whether prospective jurors have a criminal background.

The 2004 Florida Statutes Title V Chapter 40 for Jury duty service "No person who is under prosecution for any crime, or who has been convicted in this state, any federal court, or any other state, territory, or country of bribery, forgery, perjury, larceny, or any other offense that is a felony in this state or which if it had been committed in this state would be a felony, unless restored to civil rights, shall be qualified to serve as a juror."
Mr. Forbes was arrested last year but the charges were dropped. His crimes were of FAIL REGISTER VEHICLE and UNLAW LIC TAG/ STICKER ATTACH Both filed on 06/15/2004

We demand future actions against Judge Eileen OConnor because we feel that it's wrong to sentence somebody for 4 months behind bars for a misunderstood question on an application. We also would like to make a new law asking that this incicent would never happen again.

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Latest Signatures

  • 06 November 2015100. Megan Ross
    Stacey Forbes has a good heart and means well.
  • 28 October 201599. Jessica E
    I Want Her Gone Now!!!!!!
  • 09 October 201598. Sheri U
    OConnor should never have been put in such a position to judge others. . .
  • 26 June 201597. Tobi B
    She obviously has power issues and i'm sure this is not the only unfair case she has presided over
  • 06 April 201596. Tamara B
    Please help with this matter
  • 16 February 201595. Martin A
    Judge Eileen O'connor presided over my case a few weeks after she became a judge.The origional Judge on my case was Judge Anna Gardner, who took over for Judge Conn in Rock Court. Judge Eileen O'conner tried to act as prosecutor, judge, and juror several
  • 26 December 201494. Scott A
    It saddens me that someone who has been accused and punished for having a biased view towards certain races and religions continues to hold her seat. It is not as though we can send her to rehab, for the last time I checked their is no 12 step program for
  • 25 November 201493. David R
    A juror should never have to reveal an arrest that never stuck.
  • 24 November 201492. Nilsa Velasquez
  • 06 November 201491. Sheila R
  • 16 October 201490. Nikki E
    Please get her out of office
  • 08 October 201489. Elizabeth R
    I agree with the petition
  • 02 October 201488. Nikki Stokes
    The action taken on Judge Eileen O'Connor's part to put Stacey Farbes in jail is wrong. Judge Eileen O'Connor needs to be removed from her seat in the court system and Stacey Farbes needs to be let go.
  • 11 September 201487. Charles D
    Judges power needs to be removed
  • 21 August 201486. Kerri H
    she needs to be removed immediately!
  • 10 July 201485. Fiona Y
    A miscarriage of justice and a waste of taxpayers money, not to mention a stain on a young man's future.
  • 08 July 201484. Ron Kelley
    It's about time
  • 20 May 201483. Carmella B
    she illegally sentenced my husband to an twelve year sentence and i also belive in my heart that she is prejudice
  • 31 January 201482. Sabrina S
    Hopefully something is done about this...
  • 24 October 201381. Nancy B
    I protest the decision to enprison someone for making an honest mistake.
  • 12 October 201380. Gary M
    Judge O'Connor is a perfect example of what is wrong with judges in this country
  • 17 September 201379. Nick K
    She's basically an extra prosecutor
  • 05 September 201378. Rosalind D
    not only this case, but others as well
  • 12 May 201377. Ron Fischer
    It's about time
  • 26 March 201376. Pam C
    in justice for everyone
  • 26 January 201375. Maureen L
    Another disgrace to the ' justice ' system.
  • 08 January 201374. Jennifer N
    Unfair accusations

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Governor Jeb Bush


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