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A Godly Partnership to Stop the Appalling American Gay Agenda Today!

Let your local, state, and national leadership know you want them to pass the Constitutional amendment that clarifies "Marriage is between one man and one woman" in our nation. Would you have believed that statement would ever be necessary? But here we are, because of the gay agenda.

In 2004, when thousands of gay men and women ran to the San Francisco, CA, Courthouse steps to obtain illegal "marriage licenses," many Americans finally opened their eyes and saw step by step how gay activists and their devotees have been allowed to erode every area of our societal morals, values, mores, and behavior. Those Gay factions have assaulted our homefront, businesses, churches, schools, nation, health, finances, and society, in general.

During that gay assault on the California courthouse, Congressman Barney Franks (D-MA), an advocate of gay rights, reportedly recognized that the national televising of those gays going through their thousands of mocked wedding ceremonies at the various courthouses could cause many legislators to rush to vote for a nationwide Constitutional Amendment. To date that has not been done. Instead, gays have continued to challenge the constitutionality of traditional marriage and weaken its structure. We must rise up and fight against their attempts to redefine marriage in this nation as anything and everything except being for one man and one woman.

What Steps Can We Take to Halt the Gay Agenda Now?

The definitive solution is for us to (1) call for the repeal of every "sexual orientation" and special rights law in this country, (2) make sodomy illegal once more, (3) close every door for civil unions and "sexual orientation" as a civil rights classification, and (4) work to dismantle the overall gay agenda in this nation through the legislature once and for all.

Whereas gay activists and lobbyists are deceived, we are not deceived. They have misused and abused their "special rights," just as we knew they would. Why? Because God never intended men and women to engage in immoral sexual relations with the same sex. That ungodly lifestyle has led to gays and others nationwide advocating for sexual abuses of our children, having multiple sexual partners, pornography, pedaphilia, necrophilia, and bestiality as a "civil right" with more to come, unless those "sexual orientation" laws are repealed.

This is a call for you to help protect our family traditions and values and, thereby, protect and preserve our children's future right now!

It is imperative that our local, state, and national officials, business leaders, and church leaders lead the charge for this nation to get back to Godly morals and values. They must come together and work to repeal all "sexual orientation" special rights laws. They are egregious, having been erroneously legislated to stop the so-called discrimination against homosexuals and their ilk. However, even though gays chose to live that particular lifestyle, they are already under the protection of our laws as to their race, gender, national origin, religion, and sex. This means they are receiving special rights. "Sexual orientation" is not a civil right and has never been. It is a "Special Right." Gays are not "minorities" or a different class than "human." And, we must all remain discriminating, when it comes to recognizing right from wrong. The gays are not ashamed to embrace their wrongs. We must boldly embrace what we know to be right and ordained by Divine Providence.

Tomorrow may be too late. Let us partner and let our local, state, and national leadership hear our collective voices as one big, unified outrage to say to the lawmakers, "For the safety and protection of our overall cultural, societal, and traditional values, we want you to begin to repeal all sexual orientation laws now!" Help us restore common sense and sanity to this nation.

Please email and snail mail this petition link to like-minded individuals and organizations. Feel free to contact me.

Click the link to sign this petition now. Thank you.

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