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Please sign this petition if you would like to see the movie Halloween II released as the Special Edition originally advertised. It is the 20th Anniversary of this film and it deserves better treatment than a movie-only DVD. Initially Universal promised it would contain deleted scenes and a feature length commentary by Director Rick Rosenthal. Now it is scheduled to be released with no extras other than the trailer and some production notes. Let's let Universal know that Halloween II deserves better! If enough people show interest, Universal is bound to listen. Thanks for your time. Ed Baxter

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Latest Signatures

  • 23 August 20133649. jakegoins (unverified)
    I support this petition
  • 23 August 20133648. RobertShulman (unverified)
    I support this petition
  • 05 December 20103647. Russell
    The Halloween series defines the horror genre itself. With a cult following as large as this film series has, it would be a huge error and enormous let down to fans. Also, I can't see why a movie company would NOT want to make more money, as a special edi
  • 02 December 20103646. Ricardo
  • 14 November 20103645. mike
    please release the extras.
  • 13 November 20103644. James
  • 05 November 20103643. Drren
    Don't let us down we ned it!!!
  • 05 November 20103642. Hannah
    Halloween 2 should be released in full on DVD
  • 03 November 20103641. marcelo
  • 30 October 20103640. Patrick
    I purchased the bare bones Universal release of Halloween II and I wouldn't mind a Special Edition.
  • 28 October 20103639. John
    Halloween 2 is the favorite amongst my movie club. We would all appreciate deleted scenes and commentary...
  • 27 October 20103638. Damien
    WE NEED THIS!!!!!!!!!
  • 18 October 20103637. Ted
    Please release a special edition (like the ones on tape) with deleted scenes and commentary!
  • 17 October 20103636. Jon
    I would completely buy this again (despite having the good times version, the regular movie only version. I'd love to have one with the tv version included in either a seamless branching format or as a second disc, similar to anchor bay's halloween dvd's
  • 11 October 20103635. jarred
    release the halloween special edition. thanks
  • 11 October 20103634. Juan
    We need a special edition for Halloween 2. Why even bother putting in DVD format without features. Makes more sense just to stick to VHS than to shell out an additional $7.00 or $8.00 for a bare bones movie. Please consider re-releasing this title with fe
  • 09 October 20103633. Matthew
    Please release a special edition of "Halloween II."
  • 04 October 20103632. Neil
  • 04 October 20103631. James
    Why even bother releasing HII on DVD if the studio will not consider utilizing the full capacity of features that DVDs are REALLY bought for?
  • 03 October 20103630. tim
    i would really love to see halloween 2 come with a lot of special features. i am so sick of seeing all of these good horror flicks come out with a hefty price tag and not have anything on them. so until there are som features i will not buy a copy.
  • 03 October 20103629. matt
    why not add what we want? it will only make consumers more willing to buy or repurchase this title.
  • 03 October 20103628. robert
    This movie deserves a Special Edition ...like we thought we were getting.
  • 02 October 20103627. Glenn
  • 02 October 20103626. Triston
    Just give us lots of extras and quality sound. There is alot of fans here in OHIO!
  • 02 October 20103625. Kevin
  • 30 September 20103624. william
    hope that you will give us fans what we want
  • 30 September 20103623. NR
    Please release a special edition version of the movie! I refuse to watch a bare-bones disc!

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