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Unfortunately, for commuters who ride the Green Line bus, also known as the Q22 on a regular basis, may face the complicated task of actually catching a bus! It is difficult to catch a Green Line bus due to the fact that they often speed past bus stops or stop, let a person off and speed off, ignoring the fact that others must to get on. In the morning, those who ride the bus need to get their destinations fast: school, work, daycare, ect. It is not right how people have to wait for a long period of time until a bus arrives and then either have to "pack up like sardines" so the bus drivers can continue to collect the $2.00 bus fares or watch the bus speed away when the bus is not crowded. Students who depart from school in hopes of getting home before dark have to face the fact that they will be waiting a while for a bus that actually stops to pick them up. We need to have more Green Line buses out here in Far Rockaway! We need to have bus drivers who care!

As a high school Junior, I disagree with some of the bus drivers actions. Some either try to crowd us up into the bus are animals, demand us to move to the back of the bus or wait until we do, even when its completely obvious that there isnt any room to do so (wasting precious time to reach my school), decide not to stop, knowing that its mandatory we reach school at a specific time or miss certain stops! Fortunately, some students receive school bus passes but for people who dont attend school, such as adults who either have to attend work or handle business, paying a fare of $2.00 to stand up for most of their trip, being squished up against complete strangers, people talking loudly, pushing and shoving others. The worst part about this problem is how the elderly are treated, Some elderly people have to stand until someone seated decides to get up. The seats located in the front of buses are specifically for the elderly, if others have to sit there, they should get up for them, it is only fair. Some bus drivers are good for stating this but more needs to be done.

I understand that being a bus driver in Far Rockaway, in this day and age is somewhat dangerous, having to pick up a bunch of complete strangers everyday, realizing the fact that anything can happen at anytime; ex: they could be robbed, attacked, cussed at, harassed, criticized about how fast/slow the bus is going, hijacked, the list goes on. Its hard to be a bus driver but, its also hard to stand outside early in the morning/late in the evening waiting for an available bus to arrive. It is dangerous for us as well. What is going to happen when it becomes winter time? What is going to happen when Green Line commuters will have to wait in the frigid weather of possible snow and ice? When the weather takes a turn for the worse, making it to a bus stop is complicated task, on top of actually waiting for one. Being late for certain events buts a damper on everything, especially when some are at the bus-stops around the scheduled times.

The need for more Green Line/Q22 buses is not much to ask for, this would not only help the students who need to arrive at school at a specific time, but also the workers and everyone as a whole. If this problem is eliminated, commuters do not need to stress out about getting to their destinations late, having a stranger breathe on them due to a crowded bus or having the bus skip a bus-stop when the bus wasnt even packed so they are on schedule. With your help, we can change this! This will not be an easy task but staying focused and concentrating on the goals of

Getting more Green Line Buses

More Green Line Bus drivers (If possible)

Maybe even hooded bus stops with benches for the elderly

This can be done, all with the simple task of signing a petition!

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