Get Rosemary Owens struck off from the Law Society of South Australia for misconduct (Adelaide Law School) sign now

This is the reason why I am of the opinion that Prof Rosemary Owens from the Adelaide University Law School is a sociopath:

- Prof Rosemary Owens is the Head of School of the University Adelaide, contactable at 8303 5172, 8303 4344, Room 1.20 in Ligertwood Building, Bachelor in Education/History, and teaches Labour and IR Law, Australian Constitutional Law and Legal Research and Writing

- Rosemary Owens can't stop bragging Adelaide University is second oldest law school. Also the most outdated thinker, Rosemary Owens is.

- Rosemary Owens edits her own wikipedia page

- Rosemary Owens is apart of UN's extreme left Fair Work body

- Rosemary Owens has an all-time low approval rating

- Rosemary Owens has been asked by petition to quit her job

- Rosemary Owens has committed MOST SERIOUS MISCONDUCT to restrict freedom of speech of political right to criticize PUBLIC State Rann government university, which is a breach of Crimes Act 1914 s28, rosemary owns should go to jail for 3 years

- Rosemary Owens has failed to grab Wikipedia views despite spamming

- Rosemary Owens is a sociopath who takes serious interest in controlling the lives of her students, in order to make her sad lonely life fulfilled

- Rosemary Owens is a spin doctor, who is described as a "tyrant"

- Rosemary Owens is a psycopath with a personality disorder to control the lives of her students, because she had a really shitty childhood, being brought up in an abusive controlling household, and an abusive father

- Rosemary Owens is Chair of Work/life Balance Advisory committee in south australia government, though she screams at staff

- Rosemary Owens is claimed to have had sex with an underage student, which is considered paedophelia in some countries

- Rosemary Owens is described as "unprofessional" and "not integral"

- Rosemary Owens is described as an "extreme feminist"

- Rosemary Owens is dropping the standards at Adelaide University

- Rosemary Owens is leaking info about students to David Meyer from Lynch Meyer, sponsor of Adelaide Law school scholarship, David Meyer is manager of Professional Ethics Committee at Law Society of South Australia

- Rosemary Owens is not impartial and discriminates against the right

- Rosemary Owens is only a Professor because she upgraded her status from A/Professor to Professor herself

- Rosemary Owens is abusive, threatening, harassing and has been since she was born. Rosemary Owens should have been aborted by her bitchy mother!

- Rosemary Owens is a manipulative bitch

- Rosemary Owens is on the left-wing Committee of Experts for the International Labour Organization of UN United Nations

- Rosemary Owens is the most unpopular dean EVER in the 250yr history

- Rosemary Owens is trying to hire and promote as many feminist extreme left-staff as possible, "helping" Mike Rann

- Rosemary Owens is trying to spam marketing propoganda

- Rosemary Owens looks like a fat pig

- Rosemary Owens makes legal threats to web sites such as after she received bad comments (LOTS of them!)

- Rosemary Owens needs to see a psychiatrist given her desire to control the actions/lives of her students, and her abusive use of the law to control others.

- Rosemary Owens screamed at editor of Hilarian for ranking courses.

- Rosemary Owens spreads malicious gossip about students

- Rosemary Owens suffering of mental illness has caused her extreme obesity, there's no other good reason for it, and she knows it

- Rosemary Owens threatens to report students to legal fraternity

- Rosemary Owens uses forceful tactics

- Rosemary Owens wikipedia article has been viewed 0 times in a year!

- Rosemary Owens will have a heart attack due to extreme obesity

- Rosemary Owens, Anne Hewitt, Judith Gardam, Susan Bartie, Laura Grenfell, Ngaire Naffine, Bernadette Richards are extreme left thinkers, who force their views on others

- Give your opinoin of Rosemary Owens here: , particularly if you think she's SHIT!

And other University of Adelaide staff:

- Anne Hewitt is a biased extreme feminist researcher

- Antonio Dottore is Head of ECIC, scored his MBA from INSEAD, not a real university

- badbadteacher Rosemary Owens was charged with student sex, says Kenai

- Caroline Plewa who taught Marketing II plays rude advertisements

- Celine McInerney, along with Geraldine Haese, Kim Evans are the three General Counsels of Adelaie Universtiy (interesting it's all women) that are writing rude threatening legal letters to ISPs to have content about Rosemary Owens removed, which I see as unethical

- Celine McInerney, Geraldine Haese, Kim Evans should be struck off from the Law Society of South Australia for professional misconduct

- Dr Clement Macintyre (aka Clem McIntyre) knows shit all compared with Haydon Manning from Flinders University, and Macintyre is biased to left. Clem McIntyre is a Greens voter and sucks on bob brown's dick (metaphor), and always self-predicts Labor will win

- Fred McDougall taught as a nightmare, discriminated against International students, crapper than unisa

- James McWha and Virginia Deegan are spamming forums promoting Adelaide Uni's adoption of Gmail which Cambridge has just dropped

- Kristina Noicos was asked to "get her tits out for the boys"

- Lavinia Emmett-Grey is an attention seeking left-wing monkey

- Ngaire Naffine is accused of biased left wing research

- Peta Johannson is a biased left-wing headhunt

- Sarah Anderson complained against boys

- Susan Bartie has a google child porn removal entry

- Susan Bartie tried a modeling carer and failed

- Taxpayers are funding extreme left Rosemary Owens to put her left opinions forward and "force" into students via facade of "labor law"

- The Australian Federal Police and SAPOL should look in to whether Rosemary Owens has committed sexual offences in the united states per

- There is some connection between Mike Rann, Brian Deegan, and Rosemary Owen's election as Adelaide Head of School, professional misconduct

- Virginia Deegan, wife of Brian Deegan, the failed Labor politician is using crap Core Duo computers, complaining about the death of their Bali bombed son

- We are glad that Joshua Deegan, Brian and Virginia Deegan's son is dead

- Wiki says Rosemary Owens has been spamming herself on the internet, which is against the law. Rosemary Owens could go to jail for it?

What I've said is protected under CONSTITUTIONAL PROTECTION TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH UNDER THE FIRST AMENDMENT OF THE CONSTITUTION (USA)! Be careful what IP you are posting from, Rosemary Owens is MALICIOUS about her students.

Tags: rosemary owens, antonio dottore, caroline plewa, clement macintyre, fred mcdougall, james mcwha, virginia deegan, kristina noicos, lavinia emmett-grey, ngaire naffine, peta johannson, david meyer, lynch meyer, adelaide law school, university of adelaide, anne hewitt, judith gardam, susan bartie, laura grenfell, ngaire naffine, bernadette richards, sarah anderson, joshua deegan, brian deegan, celine mcinerney, geraldine haese, kim evans

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