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This petition is for all of the hardcore fans, fans and fans in waiting for the Gears of War series. I have broken down the Gears playing community into three different types for the following reasons:

Hardcore fans:
Will support the game no matter what. They act, as if everything is all right with the game.

They play the game, see its potential, and make suggestions on how to improve it. However, hardcore fans often attack them, because hardcore fans do not want to hear the truth. Forum moderators attack them as well when posting on the Gears of War forums, because they do not take constructive criticism well. The simple answer for the members of the development team (yes the developers of some portions of the game are also moderators on the forums) is to ban anyone FOREVER from the forums who has anything other than praise for the game.

Fans in waiting:
These are the people that can not deal with the issues that plague Gears of War and return after each update made to the game hoping to become a bleeding hardcore fan. This explains why the game continues to fall down in ranking on the Xbox Live monthly top played list. Which is completely insane given the potential this game has.

Now, lets focus on what this petition is all about. There are several issues that have plagued the Gears of War series since its creation. The two issues that cause the most grief are host advantage and lag.

Request #1 LAG - priority fix

EPIC claims that the lag issues have been reduced due to their newest code changes in the match making code, region preferences. This code change claims that it pairs players from the same global region and gives host to players with ping 200 and under. If it doesnt find players within your region for a match it goes outside of your region, but the ping requirement is suppose to stay in effect. This turns out not to be the case though as the majority of the playing community has reported increased lag experience.

Request #2 Host Advantage - priority fix

Host advantage gives an unfair advantage to the person hosting the match. It allows their weapons to be more accurate and their hits to register more damage. In addition, the person with host normally does not lag, while the others do. This needs to be addressed in some manner. It may be hard to do this given the way multiplayer works with this game (client side, which means from a members Xbox console vs. dedicated servers, which would be preferred), but there should be and needs to be a solution. Dedicated servers would go along way in addressing this issue in addition to the lag related issuesSadly, the majority of players will be happy dealing with host advantage if the lag is resolved.

There are many other bugs and glitches that need to be fixed in this game. They are not as major as the two above, so they will not be listed out, but to give an example Since the launch of the game there has been an ability to use a shield to leap through a solid wall (solid as in, its to tall to leap over) on a map named Pavilion. This issue was suppose to have been fixed in the Gears of War 2 2nd update, but it wasnt. It is still present following the newly released update (the one that should have fixed lag as well) number 3rd.

Request #3

The last request is for EPIC to STOP banning members of their community from the forums for stating their opinion on the state of the game and suggesting/recommending solutions to problems. We feel that EPIC needs to act a bit more mature in the manner in which they do these things. As someone stating that lag needs to be resolved does not equal that member being a troll and deserving a ban.

Request #4

Please EPIC, actually play your game so you can see first hand the issues plaguing the multiplayer portion of this work of art.

Request #5 final request

The final request we would like EPIC to carry out is regarding a public beta test for Gears of War 3 multiplayer. This should hopefully sort out a majority of the issues plaguing the game.

EPIC this petition is not aimed at attacking you, but more of a means to relay a message to you. Please fix the issues. The game is fun, just not as much fun right now.

Please sign this petition fellow Gears of War fans if you wish to relay the same message to EPIC. Thanks!

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