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I would like to request Gay Marriage Rights.Many Christians, especially the conservative and fundamentalist groups, make the claim that homosexuality is wrong, against God, against Humanity, against Morality. Other, more liberal Christians, have the view that homosexuality is a normal part of some people's life, and that homosexuals should be accepted as normal people, normal Christians.Homosexuality is not normal. The Bible infers the unnaturalness and sinful aspects of homosexuality. Homosexual acts are sins.

But in case the government hasn't noticed, there are many different religions, not just the Christian religion. So,why then,does everyone say that being gay is against the Christian religion,when not all gay people are Christians? We shouldn't have to give up our AMERICAN RIGHTS, just because Christians say we do!

Jesus Christ taught that everyone should be loved equally. Jesus sat and ate with sinners. He loved everyone. So, why do Chriatians want to take away our rights,doesn't that mean that Christians are defying God? If God loves everyone equally,why can't everyone else?

Love the person, not the sin.
"Opposition to Gay Marriage is Not Discrimination
By Rabbi Aryeh Spero Commentary
March 03, 2004

Rightly so, Mike Long, chairman of the New York State Conservative Party, has called on Attorney General Elliot Spitzer to halt New Paltz, New York's mayor from issuing marriage licenses to homosexual couples.

"This flouting of the state law by the mayor and inaction by the attorney general, as in California, shows how liberals often disregard social and moral laws with which they disagree, arguing their loyalty is to conscience.

"Contrast this with the across the board calls for Alabama's attorney general a Republican to restrain Judge Roy Moore from displaying the Ten Commandments after a panel of judges ruled it illegal. The Republican attorney general complied and followed the law.

"The claim being made by advocates of gay marriage and its editorial proponents such as the New York Times (November 20, 2003) is, the ban of gay marriage is simply about prejudice. They are wrong, for discrimination means that because of prejudice we do not allow a person of a particular race, religion or sexual orientation to participate in our existing institutions or enjoy the same activities others do.

"But no one in America would deny an avowed homosexual man to get married, like all other men, to a woman. Nor is the law prejudiced against any proclaimed lesbian wishing, like other women, to marry a man. Who they are does not enter the equation.

"In times past when blacks were denied the right to vote, it was discrimination since others had that right. When in certain locales in deep medieval Europe Jews were forbidden to marry it was discrimination since all others could marry. These were discriminations and exclusions born of prejudice based not on what but who.

"The New York Times sermonizes that denying gays marriage deprives them of equal protection. That argument is erroneous, for when we allow people of differing religion, race, gender or sexual orientation to participate and share in categories defined equally for all, discrimination does not exist."

Written by:
Rabbi Aryeh Spero is President of Caucus for America.\%5CCommentary\%5Carchive\%5C200403\%5CCOM20040303f.html

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    Everyone deserves their rights.
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    If the Lord was so loving, he wouldnt care. why do you?
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    I support the right to marriage to any two persons who love each other whether they be gay or straight.
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    We are alive!
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    And spread 'em!
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    Gay marriage doesn't affect anyone else.
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    Would the author please contact me?
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