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I, like many other fans of the Ninja Turtles, have been enthusiastically waiting for the release of TMNT: Smash-up, eagerly reading press releases and previews. On September 22nd fans were given a character deprived, disappointing game due to false advertising and shoddy work. If you agree please sign this petition. If enough customers are outraged, we can take this to the next level and get a Class Action Lawsuit. Please let your friends know. Here is some of the documentation of our grievances:

1) The 13 characters mentioned on the official website were revealed a month before the game came out, as well as 3 joke characters (latter proven real), all Rabbids from another Ubisoft game. It had the 13 announced characters faces posted with links to their profiles, followed by 7 question marks (dubbed the secret seven by fans). No other conclusion can be drawn except that there are at least 20 characters, and while peeved at Ubisoft choosing to fill 3 of them with blatant commercials for their other games, fans aptly awaited to purchase the game and find the last 4 characters.

Later it was confirmed at various forums, that by dumping the ISO (i.e. a backup of the game disc) to their computer that there were actually 31 PAC files (character files), thats 16 characters and 11 alternate costumes but the last 4 files dont point to anything. This and several other bugs in the software lead fans to believe the game was rushed. Rather than delaying the game, or taking down the question marks, or even apologizing after the fact, Ubisoft has yet to address this.

While a lackluster character selection is disappointing and a horrible way to celebrate 25 years of the TMNT, it is certainly within their rights. However, lying about the roster is intentionally misleading. No one expected 3 Rabbids to be in the game, they were revealed before it came out, so fans were still waiting for their promised surprise characters. Apparently the only surprise is that there are no surprises.


2) Ubisoft announced that the game would be the first original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game that is not tied to a specific movie, television show or comic book. This is a lie, while it may be a first for them, Konami (under the Ultra Games imprint) released a game for the NES in 1989 (the first TMNT game) as well as TMNT: The Manhattan Missions for PC in 1991. Many fans have noted that most of the enemies in the first game bear no resemblance to anything in the Turtles mythos. While both games mix the comics and cartoons characters, the later added the movie into the mix, as well as characters from the pen-and-paper RPGs.

Ubisoft was trying to get around the bias in the industry that all game based on movies are horrible, and the fact that the movie came out 2 years earlier. There are only two characters in this game who are not shown in some way in the TMNT 2007 film, the Utrom and Fugitoid. Compare the 2 additional characters to other games that admit they are based on a movie with several comic characters appearing.


Superman Returns (Bizarro, Metallo, Mongul, Riot)
Spider-Man 1 (Kraven the Hunter, Scorpion, Shocker, Vulture)
Spider-Man 2 (Black Cat, Calypso, Mysterio, Puma, Rhino)
Spider-Man 3 (Calypso, Carlyle the Mad Bomber, Kingpin, Kraven the Hunter, Morbius, Rhino, Shriek)

TMNT 1989: or or

TMNT: The Manhattan Missions

3) Most companies over promise and under deliver, but Ubisoft seemed to be almost intentionally misleading in interviews. While no content from the 80s cartoon was actually promised they hinted at it fervently. I wont bore you with all the quotes, but will keep them on file for the Class Action Suit, if we can get enough signatures.


The most famous quote being taken from the interview by Mark Bozon (IGN) where he asked about (among other things) Characters from Dimension X? appearing.

To which Chris Ferriter replies: It's still early, so we can't reveal too much about the characters, but you can expect to see Splinter and others you know well in addition to surprise characters you certainly wouldn't expect.

4) The PlayStation 2 version announces online capabilities (possibly because they merely copied everything from the Wii box) while there is no way for PS2 users to get online with it. It also claims the game supports up to 8 players with multitap (which it does not), just another example of false advertising and shoddy work. PS2 users are seeking additional compensation.


Rockband video game was marketed to Sony Playstation 3 owners even though Rockband could not operate on Playstation 3.


The complaint accuses the defendants of false advertising, unfair business practices, breach of contract, fraud, deceit and/or misrepresentation, and (where applicable) violation of the California Consumers Legal Remedy Act. We, the undersigned are seeking a settlement of a refund of at least 5\%-10\% of the original purchase price as in the case of Vroegh vs. Eastman Kodak. This is not much considering only 80\% of the promised roster was delivered.


Willem Vroegh vs. Eastman Kodak Company - a class action complaint that alleges that the defendants, "[i]n marketing, advertising and/or packaging their Flash Memory Cards and Flash Memory Drives, Defendants misrepresent the size of the memory storage contained in the Flash Memory Cards and Flash Memory Drives."

Federal Trade Commission

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