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# Bowling Ball Place two fingers in her pussy and your thumb in her anus, then try to lift her in the air. For experts, throw her against the wall.
# Branding While you're doggy styling, before you blow your load ask her if she wants a cigar. Even if it's a no, you burn a ring on her ass with a lit cigar, permanently making her your property. If possible, get a custom cig lighter with your initials on it.
# Brian Peppers: In a public place unzip your pants and press your dick up to an unsuspecting woman or teenage girl and grope her ass.
# Brown Banana Take a large shit and put it in the freezer for 3 days, then while you're doing her from behind ram the frozen turd in her ass until its too mushy to penetrate. Then, feed it to her on a hamburger bun like a sloppy Joe.
# Brownbeard* Much like a Dirty Sanchez, but instead of covering the upper lip of the girl with shit, you cover her entire face, making it look like she has a brown beard.
# Brown Shower Take a shit in someones mouth and make them eat it. Bonus points if they orgasm.
# Brown Tie After poking your love slave in the big brown eye, masturbate with the females tits and the whore should look like she is wearing a brown tie.
# Brown Trout While fucking a chick in the ass, stick your index finger in her ass real quick and pull it back out, making sure the chick doesn't notice. A few moments later, use that same finger and make a hook shape with it, and put it in the chicks mouth and pull back. And bam! You've hooked a brown trout!
# Bryan Lyssy While fucking a girl in the ass, pull out quickly, taking the anal lining with you (The Pink Sock). Then, blow into the anal lining, inflating it like a balloon. Now, release it so all the air goes out and makes a farting noise.

# Western Grip When jerking off, turn your hand around, so that your thumb is facing towards you. It is the same grip that rodeo folks use; hence, western.
# Wet Jessy Sneak into a girls bedroom while she's sleeping and Jack Off on her.
# Wet Jesse James Creep into a strangers house and fuck a virgin while she is sleeping.
# Wet sigh to drip dry grab your girl and do everything you can to make her horny, without pleasuring her. slowly get her naked and act as if your just ready to rip your own clothes off and bone her. then, you run away with her clothes and leave her to dry out.
# The Wet Biscuit (aka Ookie Kookie) 4 or more guys in a circle jerk and a biscuit is in the middle. The last man to jizz on the biscuit has to eat it. - Marvelli
# Wheel of Fortune AKA "Price is Right" AKA "Lucky Leo". Sit a girl down in a chair that spins. Have her lean over and stick out her tongue, then precisely place you dick by her tongue, then spin the chair around as fast as you can.
# Wheelbarrow Have your lady down on her hands doing her from behind with her legs out straight straddling your hips. Then walk around the room like pushing a wheelbarrow. You can tell her to pick shit up while she's down there too, but that's optional.
# Werewolf Before having sex, shave your pubes. Get a girl to suck you off, cum on her face, and throw the pubes on her face.
# Windshield Wiper When doing a chick in the ass, pull out your dong right before busting a nut and spray Windex over her back so she thinks you

# Magic Kingdom Cory Doctorow unexpectedly appears and jerks over everything in sight.
# Man Sandwich When your guy friend is fucking some hot chick and you are somewhere near by, quietly sneak in, pull your cock out and shove it in his ass, then pull him, the chick and yourself together and start ramming his anus screaming "DO YOU WANT EXTRA MAYO WITH THAT MAN SANDWICH?" Note: Doing this will make you gay, but since its for the lulz, it could be worth it if pulled off correctly.
# Mario, The First, find a princess to fuck (this is the hard part). Then, as you are fucking her, try to bash her head against the ceiling until a mushroom or a flower appear. +1UP.
# Mark Foley, The First, find a teenager with a cast fetish. Proceed to grab their one-eyed snake and make them spurt on a towel. Then resign from office because you are a fucking pedo, you sick fuck.
# Mech Pilot This is when a girl is laying on her back and taking it in the ass while 2 guys are sitting around her waiting like joysticks in a mech robot - hence the name.
# Mendoza This move requires a menstruating woman in military fatigues. Have the girl shit on the ground. You then proceed to do push-ups face first into the feces. While doing this the girl puts one foot on your back and proceeds to period all over you. Having her shout degrading comments at you is a plus
# Mexican Abortion Start off eating your pregnant girlfriend out, then in the heat of the moment slip your mouth off, but only for a second to apply either of the following, guacamole, cheese dip, hot sauce, or refried beans, then quickly reapply your mouth clenching your teeth to her draping vaginal flaps, and deliver a simple falcon punch right in the baby factory, then swallow ejected fetus.
# Mexican Housewife Very simple; cum in her hair and throw that ho down the stairs.
# Mexi Melt This is a variation of salsa-dip. After having obtained some of that fake cheese shit they give you at Taco Bell, you pour it in her ass for lube using a funnel, then fuck her til you blow your load afterwords making her squirt the now brown combination of cheese, sperm, and poo into a cup, then either make her drink it or pour it in her vag.
# Midnight Brew When you get the shits really bad or just straight up diarrhea, shit into a coffee maker, filter it out...brew some delicious coffee. Serve, enjoy!

# Hockey Fuck Pull her shirt over her head punch her hard and fuck the shit out of her.
# Hole in One Begin by fucking your chick missionary style then, as you bust, pull out and shoot it over her stomach, chest, throat, and into her eye.
# Holocauster, The At any point during teh sex, you release your gasses and GTFO of the room and lock the door.
# Honey Smacks Dip your dick into a jar of honey. While hard, give the silly bitch a mushroom punch to the face and let your muff-buster stick to her grill. Then slide it into her mouth and say "Honey Smacks - they're even better in the evening."
# Hook Hit it doggy style and when least expected shove your thumb in her ass and hook it sideways. Quite the attention getter. The double hook is even more effective.
# Hoover Named in recognition of the vacuum cleaner manufacturer. Banging a girl doggy style on carpet (or other abrasive surface). Pull her arms out and hold them. With dick still in her, stand up and start driving, giving incredible rug-burn to her face. To the bystander, it looks like you are operating a Hoover vacuum cleaner!
# Hot Air Balloon When you are doing a girl doggy, take it out and replace your cock with an air pump, and pump her up!
# Hot Carl After you've been fucking a girl in the ass, quickly pull your dick out and stick it in her mouth.
# Hot Lunch While a girl is on her back giving you head, take a hot, steamy shit on her chest. Upon completion, congratulate her and inform her that she has just become "the lunch lady."
# Houdini When doing a girl doggy style, gather up a mouthful of spit. Right before you are about to blow yer load, pull out and spit on her

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