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Why should ESPN and/or NBC sports add 4 wheeled freestyle to their events?

In the world of freestyle motocross today athletes are constantly pushing the envelope, bending the laws of the motorcycle to new levels, what was once unbelievable is now practiced commonplace in the growing scene of freestyle motocross in stadiums and motocross tracks across the world.

A unique sect has been pushing it's own set of limits in the world of freestyle motocross almost as long as their two wheeled brothers have. I am referring to the ranks of four wheeled freestyle motocross, and they are definitely making themselves a force to be reckoned with. Today ATV freestyle riders are actually almost going beyond what is capable on a dirt bike aside from the back flip, a trick which is only a short while away from reality, and when it is executed it will, (in most people's eyes) be much more exciting and incredible to see performed on a 350 pound quad than a dirtbike. If you want a clear example of how extreme and exciting freestyle ATV riding has become, then watch some of the latest installments of the revolutionary series of films made by Wes Miller, available at nearly any store or shop that sells freestyle motocross movies.

The X games and Gravity games have thrusted motocross into the mainstream. As a fan of motocross, I thank them very much for spreading the word better than anyone else EVER has. Just imagine what they could do for ATVs. Imagine one of the countless masses of ATV riders who use their machines daily for work and play all across the globe turning on NBC or ESPN and see a rider on a quad execute tricks matching or even surpassing those performed on Dirt Bikes. More people can relate to ATV riders and I'm sure it would boost ratings incredibly. How many people have ever ridden an ATV? how many have ridden a dirtbike? Nuff said.

Since it's inception, the 4 wheeled high performance ATV has had a rough time getting itself into the mainstream. An unthinkable ten year ban immeasurably slowed down the progress of ATV manufacturing and marketing, but it spawned a sub culture of eye-catching heavily modified machines very much so unlike their two wheeled counterparts. Up to last year, the only truly competitive racing ATV was the Honda '250R' (which was discontinued all the way back in 1989!) Or some totally custom monstrous creation somewhat akin to it's original design. But things have changed a lot in the last 24 months...

Now more than ever is it the time for the X games and/or Gravity games to bring the world of freestyle ATV competition to the mainstream. Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki have returned to the world of ATV motocross in a big way building competitive machines and supporting the sport like never before. 2003 and 2004 will probably two of the best years ever for ATV racing. The scene is EXPLODING and the manufacturers are back, better than ever and showing us the respect we deserve. Wes Miller and his comrades are leading their own revolution of bringing the ATV to the mainstream with such events as the upcoming Huevos Dirt Riot and the series of Huevos films which are a true testament to the awesomeness of freestyle ATV motocross.

If ESPN or NBC do not take note of this, they are turning their backs on one of the fastest growing and most incredible extreme sports in the world. If they do see fit to make four wheeled freestyle part of their fine events, then they will help our sport reach as far into the mainstream as they did with 2 wheeled motocross.

I refer ESPN and NBC to the following websites for further information:

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