Freedom Campaign For Osanloo and Salehi sign now



Protest demonstration of the social and cultural society of Iranians living in Europe, Canada, Australia, Turkey and Iran

The life of workers, women, and student activists in danger.
Letвs move to save them!
To the whole world,

Mahmoud Salehi, a workersв right activist, is in jail and his life is in danger.
Mansoor Osanloo has been abducted in public.

Letвs act united for saving all political prisoners in Iran

According to the reports from very reliable sources (the families of arrested workersв right activists) from Iran, Mahmoud Salehi is still in a painful situation in the prison in Sanandadj (a city in North west of Iran ) for the 100th day.
Tuesday 10th July 2007, Mansoor Ossanloo was abducted in public by the security forces and was taken by them to an unknown location. Two days later, his wife informed the public that Mansour Osanloo is in Evin prison (in Tehran) but is being kept completely isolated with no visitation rights.

The agents of the Islamic Republic of Iran have already sentenced Mahmoud Salehi, and his companions Mohssen Hakimi, Abdi and Borhan Divargar to prison and have abducted Mahmoud Salehi again and transferred him from Saghez to Sanandj (two cities in Kurdestan province of Iran). He is in extreme pain and his healt is in danger. They have done the same with Mansour Osanloo.
They silenced this workersв right activist by arrested him and putting him in jail. Following the worldwide protest and syndicate activists in Europe as well as workers of the Bus Company of Tehran, Mansour Ossanloo was released on bail of 200 million Tooman. Again, he has been abducted (kidnapped) and put under extreme torture and pressure until he yeilds.
No single day is being passed in Iran without being witnessed the arrests of workers, women, and studentsв rights activists. Teachers are put on trial, media is shut down, internet websites are filtered, and constant pressure is put on ethnic minorities. These people are tortured, taken to TV shows so called вpublic confessionsв, stoned to death, or sentenced to execution.
In the recent weeks the tired rich and poor protested against arbitrary arrests but face death in some cases.
On 18th Tir( a studentвs resistance date ) they surrounded the students, arrested them, and tortured them in Evin prison. On 19th Tir( the day after studentвs day) Mansour Osanloo, the president of the Bus company workersв syndicate, has been abducted under cover in public. Today, the life of Mahmoud Salehi, the workersв movement activist is in danger of death.
We, the under signing of this announcement, in a common act, urge all to support by any mean possible in their residential or working location, our demands and protests for releasing Mahmoud Salehi and Mansour Osanloo and releasing all arrested women and students. In addition to this support, letвs organize worldwide.
We urge all social and cultural associations to support this cause by taking advantage of international communication. We call the public, associations, media, parties, organizations, and well known progressive people to support saving Mahmoud Salehi and Mansour Osanloo and all other arrested activists (women, students, minorities ethnics, workers) and all political prisoners.

*) we demand the immediate and unconditional release of Mahmoud Salehi and Mansour Osanloo and all others arrested on 18th Tir in Amikabir University, ethnic minorities in prisons, and all political prisoners

*) we demand unconditional political freedom and the right to form associations as well as workers syndicate/unions, which is a fundamental right of all people in Iran

*) we demand an end to the death penalty as well as an end of stoning to death and laburnum (yani chi?) under any price or any form

*) we demand sending a medical team from international red cross for examining and inspecting the situation of Mansour Salehi, the well known workers right activist of Saghez syndicate and other political prisoners.
*) disclosing and putting on trial the kidnapers who arbitrary arrested ( abducted) Mansour Osanloo; the trial be open to the Iranian and international public.

*) we also support those who took a symbolic hunger strike in support of Mahmoud Salehi on his 100th day in prison.

For signing up this announcement to support us, please contact the following e-mail address:
[email protected]

The social & cultural centers who supported this announcement by signing it:

Freedom for Iranian people- the compaign of no to imperialism war в no to Islamic regime of Iran in Danmark

The network of human rights defenders in Iran

Asil committee group of Iran-Sweden

Khaveran publishing в Paris

Mehrgan cultural council в Guttenberg в Sweden
The Islamic council of Ray University students in Tehran

The Amno Iranian residentsвs Council - Sweden
Iranian awareness council in Hanover в Germany

The Defending Council of Human Rights in Iran. Montreal в Canada

The defending council of ideological and political prisoners in Iran в Paris

The Iranian democrat women in Belgium

The Hamrah (Together) cultural council if Iran ( Hamrah Radio ) in Guttenberg-Sweden

The national front cultural council of Iran в Sweden

The darkub cultural and social council в Malmo в Sweden

The Barabari (equality) cultural and social council в Guttenberg

The Hambastegi ( solidarity ) Social and cultural - Stockholm

Golshan council in USA ( )

The council of democracy defenders for Iran

The council of solidarity with workers in Iran ( Norway )

The Iranian democrats in Koln в Germany

Anti war Iranians в France

The esmaeil Khoei foundation

Iranian foundation in move в Holland

The Iran SOS

The Iranian democrat women formation в Hanover в Germany

The council of defending Iranian struggles в Koln Germany

Noor TV (Behnama council) в Guttenberg

The group of defenders for republicans front in Iran в Belgium
The Iranian solidarity movement committee for freedom and democracy
The Iranian solidarity movement committee for freedom and democracy in iran ( Norway )
Bahtiary-Lorestan unity party ( BLKP)
The Green Party of Belgium ( mrs. Isabelle Durant, the first chairlady of party and senator)
Artimes cultural house в Germany
Ava radio (the Persian section of Flora radio) Hanover Germany
Alborz radio в Guttenberg
Barabary Radio (
Pars Radio Zurich в
Pishgam radion
Talash radio в Guttenberg
Woman voice radion в Vancouver (Canada)
Hamseda radio Oslo в Norway
Ayandeh rooz newspaper
Tomorrow woman (freedom, equality, social justice)
Prime refugee organization в Holland
The Iranian democrat scholars organization в Amno в Sweden
8march women organization (Iranian в Afghans)
The no frontiers refugees organization of Iran
Intelligence and antiterrorism organization (Azarakhsh)
The Iranian solidarity for culture and human rights
Free speech website
Pejvak website in Wien
What to do website
Individualism and human rights website
Lajvar news website
Daneshjam website
The majority influence website
Dr Hessam Firoozi website
Hello democrat website в Iran
North beach website
Gozareshgaran news website (
Sound and pictures of another voice website в Iran
Kak hiwa website
The prisonвs conversations website
The Persian and kurdish website
Mohammad Ashrafi website
The notes of one exile left away from homeland
Helwist website
The worldwide iranian women cooperation network
The human rights defenders network in Iran
The Iranian worker solidarity network
The Iranian refugee council in Bremmen в Germany
The coordination committee of Iranians - Hamburg
The worker academic lefts fruction of Iran
Ali Mansouri from Kar council
The cultural and social European-iranians fereation Europers
Thoughts cultural center в Guttenberg
Bamdad cultural center в Malmo
Tavoli culture from education center of Iran в Guttenberg
Iranian Political Refugees center Sidny в Australia
The center for support of Iranian political prisoners в Achen в Germany
The Iranian scholars center in Holland
The center to defend free speech в Guttenberg (Sweden)
The Iranian democtratic center в Dallas (USA)
The friends of Iranian culture в Washington (USA)
Rahavard center Achen-Germany
Farabi center в Guutenberg
Bamdad cultural center в Stockholm
The Iranian social and cultural center Los Angeles (USA)
The Andishe( Thought ) social в cultural center в Monster ( Germany )
The independent Iranian center Leipzig Germany
The solidarity center with Iranian workers - Hanover
The solidarity center with Iranian workers в Koln Germany
The solidarity center with Iranian workers в Frankfurt and suburbs- Germany
The solidarity center with Iranian workers в Guttenberg в Sweden
Arash center and website
Pooyandeh library and culb в Danmark
Polytechnic university Campaign for freedom в Iran
The Danish campaign for anti war в anti Islamic republic of Iran
The defending campaign for democratic struggles of Iranian people в England
The campaign of No to War and No to Islamic republic в Stockholm
The refugees committee of the Communist Fadaiian unity organization of [email protected]
The Van political refugees center в Turkey
The committee for support of Iranian workers в Toronto в Canada
The committee for defending freedom and equality in Iran в Wien (Austria)
The committee for defending political prisoners в Berlin (Germany)
The committee for defending political prisoners в England
The committee for defending Iranian political prisoners в Danmark
Saeid Soltanpour committee в Wien (Austria)
The solidarity committee of Orebro state в Sweden
The committee for solidarity with Iranian workers в Hamburg
The international committee for solidarity with Iranian workers movement в Danmark
The committee for defending political prisoners в England
The Republicans consul weblog group
The international magazine from flora radio в Hanover в Germany
The responsible of protest voice of teachers
Hello socialism internet magazine
Iranian peace and human rights defence foundation в Chicago
Broad minded weblog union of Turkman
The exile movement weblog
The urban daily sufferings weblog
Free open weblog (news and articles of workers movement)
Workers weblog
Where is Iranian culture and relish weblog?
M. Shakib weblog ( social, cultural, political )
NO avaran ( modernizers, modifiers, new creators etc.)
The editorial committee of woman voice ( ava ye zan ) Sweden & Norway
The Iranian women gathering в Hanover ( Germany)
The dolidarity with Iranian workers в Paris

The signitures for support to be continued

We invite you to support this announcement by the following e-mail address in case of interest:
[email protected]

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