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The President
Peoples Republic of China

His Excellency The Butcher,

We, the members of Friends of Tibet, are deeply concerned about the prevailing situation inside Tibet. Our concerns center on issues such as Human Rights violations, environmental threats to the Indian subcontinent and the threat posed to the political and religious identity of the Tibetan people.

Some of our concerns and demands are as follows:

Issue - Most of Asias rivers and fresh water resources are concentrated in Tibet. China is building dams to divert the water-flow from these rivers to its own territories. Such biased and unchecked exploitation of these water bodies will result in catastrophic geographical and climatic changes.
Our Demand - We require a thorough research to be carried out in Tibet by an international agency, including experts from both India and China, with regard to the water flow, the effects of global warming on the glaciers and on the ecosphere unique to Tibet.
We also demand entry into the area of the Tsangpo Dam to hold tests and research on the effects this dam has on river flow patterns in the region.

Issue Chinese authorities have admitted to dumping nuclear waste on the Tibetan plateau. There is a 20 square km dump for radioactive pollutants near Lake Kokonor, the largest lake in the Tibetan plateau.
Our Demand Access to the geographical region of Lake Kokonor for research and water sample tests to be carried out by a team of independent international environmental agency.

Issue There have been a multitude of Human Rights violations in China. China's claim that the PLA entered Tibet to 'liberate' it stands starkly exposed by the 1960 report of the ICJ on Tibet. The report states that China committed systematic violations of human rights in Tibet, including acts of genocide (see 1960 ICJ Report). Three UN Resolutions in 1959 (UNGA Res 1353 (XIV), 1961 (UNGA Res 1723 (XVI) and 1965 (UNGA Res 2079 (XX), calling on China to respect the human rights of Tibetans, including their right to self-determination, reinforced the findings of the Commission.
Our Demand - The government of China should respect and adhere to the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and promote the moral and material welfare of the people. Political prisoners should be released and people should be granted the right to political dissent.

We want China to invite UN officials to inspect the prisons and asylum houses in China. The rights of the prisoners should be recognized, they should gain access to medical treatment and have access to proper trial and be given a valid reason for arrest. We also oppose Capital punishment for political prisoners.

Issue The 11th Panchen Lama and his family are being held in detention at an unknown location. The Panchen Lama is an important spiritual and political head of the Tibetan people. Tibetans and supporters of religious freedom around the world are concerned about his physical welfare and spiritual upbringing.
Our Demand - We appeal to the Chinese government to provide information about the Panchen Lama and free him. We also want China to grant the right to follow any religion of ones choice.

Issue - We find the recent killings of the Nangpa La refugees seeking a safe passage to Nepal deplorable.
Our Demand - We demand the arbitrary shooting and killing of refugees seeking asylum in neighboring countries to stop immediately. We also demand that the soldiers from the Chinese army to be prosecuted for shooting unarmed civilians.

We would like the above issues to be taken up immediately.

Friends of Tibet

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