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John "Patrick" McCreary was wrongfully convicted of a double-murder in Louisville, Kentucky. Please sign this petition to demand his immediate release!

Here are some of the red flags in his case.

1. Patrick was convicted based solely on a 911 call, in which one of the victims, Jessica Hawkins, allegedly named Patrick as the killer. She was reported to have said "my cousin" and a name that sounded like "Pat." In reality, Jessica named someone else during a call to 911. Patrick's mother discovered this when she paid to have the recording slowed down (by an independent agency) and transferred to CD.

This recording was allowed into court by Judge Steve Mershon. Unfortunately, the audio presentation to the jury was faulty, so they were never allowed to hear it clearly. We still do not understand why the judge denied this evidence its proper attention. We realize that it was a prosecutorial tactic to manipulate the presentation of the recording in such a manner. These are just some examples of the judicial bias and prosectorial misconduct that facilitated John "Patrick" McCreary's wrongful conviction.

2. There was and is zero physical evidence against Patrick.

3. No fingerprint lifts or gun residue tests were done at the crime scene.

4. No weapon was found. No daylight search for the weapon was done at the crime scene.

5. Jessica Hawkins was an informant for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Her boyfriend Joel (the other victim) was a confirmed drug dealer. She made four "snitch" calls to the Commonwealth on the day of her death. She and Joel had a history of extreme violence. There were significant amounts of drugs and suspect compounds found in the victims' home. We are sickened and horrified about their murders and we feel that justice will not be served until the real killer is behind bars! This information is provided to help you understand the back story.

6. Patrick was over one and one-half hours from the crime scene, during the times of the murders. Through careful discourse, the prosecution swayed jury from the testimonies of several individuals who verified this fact. Prior to this conviction, Patrick had no criminal record.

7. The person who is actually named on the 911 recording, Travis Thompson, is also a cousin of the victim. He has never been questioned or investigated. We do not assume his guilt, but it is obvious that his potential involvement in this crime has been completely ignored. You may hear this naming of him on THE 911 recording.

8. The prosecution allowed Joel's mother to withhold DNA evidence from the first trial. It was finally admitted during the second trial, with no prior notification to the defense. The evidence were the bloody rags that Joel's mother used to wipe the blood from his face. By the time the defense gained possession of them, they were too old to be useful in Patrick's defense. There was a bitemark on Joel's face that could not be linked to Patrick or Jessica.

9. Witnesses for the prosecution presented witnesses in Patrick's first trial who then changed their testimonies, regarding critical details, in the second trial (Dec 2002). Their first testimony was withheld from the jury by order of Judge Steve Mershon.

10. Victims' family members were allowed access to the bodies while the investigation was still in process.

11. No blood of any type or gun residue was found on Patrick's body, clothing, inside his car (which was verified to have been unable to exceed 45 mph, due to a bad transmission) or on any of his possessions It is not possible that he could have made it from the crime scene to the homes of his alibis in the established timeframe.

12. The first police officer on the scene was a family friend of one of the victims.

13. Joel's body was not found until an hour after Jessica was found. This seems highly unusual, since it was a very small house and his body was on the kitchen floor.

These are just SOME of the oddities of this case. Not only is Patrick innocent, but all of this is compelling evidence should have been enough to prove that Patrick McCreary did not commit these crimes. Patrick's is featured on the "Truth in Justice" and "Justice Denied" websites. We have countless supporters from all over the globe.

Please show your support for Patrick and other victims of wrongful convictions!

Thank you

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  • 23 December 2015300. Crystal K
    the way i see it and everyone else that i have talked to sees it is......... when the police and detectives went in there the first time and didn't see the boyfriend's body and then went in there again and seen it wouldn't you think that the boyfriend kil
  • 23 December 2015299. Elizabeth M
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    We are all pulling for you Patrick...Love and miss ya man Zip Code 40019
  • 20 September 2015294. Richard D
    I believe Patrick is 100% INNOCENT. Travis Thompson is the real killer!!! Zip Code 40216
  • 07 September 2015293. Minister Dorothyg
    I support this petition
  • 03 September 2015292. Joy G
    From all the evidence that I have read and heard, I believe Patrick is innocent. Zip Code 40216
  • 02 September 2015291. Erin V
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  • 27 August 2015290. Jakkie B
    i think they need to do through investigation. dont commit a man guilty. nowing he is not. my pryers are with him and his family. FREE PAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Zip Code 55403
  • 16 June 2015289. Melissa S
    I support this petition
  • 15 June 2015288. D M
    I am once again signing this petition because I WHOLEHEARTEDLY BELIEVE IN PATRICK'S INNOCENCE!! Any one with a modicum of "common sense" can see how wrong this conviction is. Unfortunately, common sense has never prevailed in this case. Had it been used i
  • 28 May 2015287. James Mn
    challenge themselves and society by challenging defacto slavery established by the injustice system in the U.S. and everywhere it is? Isn't an important part of that challenging, working towards abolishing their tool of terror which determines most follow
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    This is just soooo messed up.. FREE HIM NOW Zip Code 85712
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