To: The Honorable Judge Richard G. Stearns

Dear Judge Stearns:

We the undersigned family and friends of Fredrick Christian, believe that a grave injustice has taken place in the conviction of Fredrick Christian. If he is denied a right in court to a fair trial and a hearing in front of the public then his wrongful conviction will do great harm to the cause of justice and fairness.

Your Honor, We beg you not to leave this case the way that it stands now in the books, why? Because the prosecutors are using this case as a right to justify the use of prejudicial statements in the courts against defendants without giving them the opportunity to cross-examine alleged out of court statements made by people who are not available or who was not called to court to testify!

This case as it stands now, goes against the American judicial system that was established by our fore fathers.

It goes against the sixth amendment of the constitution that every person shall have the right to face his or her accusers face to face, and the fourteenth amendment of the constitution guarantees the accused to a fair trial.

This affects the whole of our society, because this could be done to anyone of us, and then swept under the rug "sort of speak".

We also ask you to read the whole of his transcripts of

trial in their entirety, we know that in federal court, innocence is irrelevant. (Fredrick Christian has always proclaimed his innocence). You will note that the only notable evidence against Fredrick Christian comes from statements made from a jail-house informant who killed his own brother and was trying by writing to the prosecutors office to receive a deal on his case by saying five different inmates were confessing their crimes to him (All of which was capital crimes of murder) and his purpose was to receive a deal for the crime he committed.

Fredrick Christian was already locked up for some four years before this snitch was locked up and NO one else ever said that Fredrick Christian confessed part of this crime of murder to him or her.

Fredrick Christian was charged with accessory to murder under the joint venture theory, of premeditated murder.

Yet, there was no direct evidence to link Fredrick Christian to premeditated murder.

No eyewitnesses that overheard Fredrick Christian planning anything of the like of what the person who committed this crime did that night that could be the reason the jury found him Not Guilty of accessory to murder under the premeditated theory.

He was found Guilty under the accessory to felony murder rule. Your Honor, you were not at his trial to see that Fredrick Christian was about to beat his trial because of the lack of evidence against him, so the prosecutor Jeanne Holmes out of Desperation 'and Anger used the jail-house snitch statements

To tie Fredrick Christian into the case in front of the jury. His lawyer had already done a great job at showing the jury that the prosecutors witnesses were lying & the motives behind why they were lying with every one of their lengthy criminal records (All of the witnesses, except for the police).

The only structured evidence came from the surviving witness who was shot in the head at point blank range, who stated that he did not know why Russell had shot them and that after the shooting he allegedly heard Fredrick Christian ask "Did you shoot em" and Russell was supposed to have said "Check his pockets, and they left. When he first spoke with the police he said he did not know who said what, but this somehow changed in court.

Now not everyone was sitting in the car together as well as Fredrick Christian who has said from the beginning that he never said anything nor did anyone else after the shooting and he also said from the beginning that he had nothing to do with this crime. This witness is who ties Fredrick Christian into the case by that statement alone.

If Fredrick Christian was right, there when the shooting took place, why would he ask such a Blatant Question? If he was not blind or deaf. ? This same witness was locked up for Armed home Invasion at the time of Fredrick Christian's trial some four years later, He was Convicted of that crime and somehow got out of jail a little while after his testimony in Fredrick Christian's trial, not even a year later and he was sentenced to 10-15 years in jail.

Now also keep in mind that this same witness told a detective that he was dazed & fantasizing after he was shot at such a close range with a 357 magnum in the head. (Really, did he hear anything?) The Judge did not allow Fredrick Christian's Defense attorney over objection to ask this witness about him stating that he was dazed & fantasing, why? Because this was the only direct testimony to tie Fredrick Christian into 'the case and Fredrick Christian's defense attorney had done such a good job of establishing this witness as a convicted criminal and liar.

This is part of why at the very end of trial the District Attorney over objection used out of court statements from a jailhouse snitch who they did not call into the courtroom to testify.

(Your Honor, this is something that you may not know it's that this informant was in court and was in the holding cell but told the District Attorney that he had lied to her about the alleged confession and he was Not going to testify and that is why the District Attorney did not call that informant to the witness stand!) You may check that out in the Docket Entries Your Honor. Some informants statements were at length (28 pages in the transcripts) and the prosecutor read all of said statements to the jury without placing this said informant in front of the jury to be studied and heard. "The statements are very incriminating against Fredrick Christian, because where there is no direct link in connection with this crime to Fredrick Christian, the statements tie him into it by saying that Fredrick Christian planned to go out with his co-defendant to shoot someone that night, that he allegedly bragged about this crime happening in a car and that he was going to get away with it because the victim was not going to testify, that this crime was for personal reasons, that he was waiting for his co-defendant to shoot them and was thinking when is he going to do it, when is he going to do it, and that it felt like an eternity before his co-defendant shoot them, that Fredrick Christian took a gun from underneath a couch that night, that the police didnt find the gun because it was buried good, that he hid his clothing, he left his timberland boots outside the apartment, and that his Defense in this case was that he did not know what his co-defendant was going to be doing that night."(Which happened to be. his true Defense?)

(There was NO other evidence of any of this information in this case.)

No matter what the judges instructions were after these statements were read off to the jury NO ONE would have Disregarded them, they were that Incriminating in front of the jury, So No One can clearly with a conscious heart say that the jury plainly Followed the judge's instructions on the jail-house informants statements that the prosecutor read off in front of the jury.

(In addition, it did not help that the judge told the jury that if there was no other evidence to support the prosecutors questions then they must disregard them "on the informants statements that the District Attorney read off".)

This did not help because they could find that this happened in

A car and that Fredrick Christian said he had told a couple of people that the victim said he was not coming to court to testify, so with that they could use the rest of the information as well!

These statements damaged the defendant Fredrick Christian and Stole his due process rights to have a fair trial and these statements Highly Prejudiced Fredrick Christian.

You have No idea how much so, unless you were in the courtroom at that time, Even Fredrick Christian himself said he would have convicted himself after he heard those statements from the jail-house informant that the District Attorney read in front of the jury, because they sounded so convincing & true, Even though he knows he didnt say those statements to No One, Ever!

We only want what is fair and due to Fredrick Christian, that he receive a fair chance in court, that he be granted a fair trial in court from our Tax-Paying Dollars.

We ask for No favors, only that it be recognized that Fredrick Christian's constitutional rights were violated at trial, which were to face his accuser at trial (jailhouse informant) and that he has a fair trial.

It is clear that his sixth amendment and fourteenth amendment rights were violated!

Even in the Holy Bible at Acts 25:16 it states the following:

"It is not the manner of the Romans to deliver any man to die, before that he which is accused has the Accusers Face to Face, and have license to answer for him concerning the crime laid against him."

If the prosecutors believe they have a just conviction against Fredrick Christian then they should be able to convict him again, Right.

With I that being said "Your Honor" if you are going to keep Fredrick Christian Locked up for the Rest of his life, should I~ not be done in the proper way without a doubt that Fredrick Christian Have a fair Trial?

A new and fair trial would come from our Tax-Paying Dollars. Then we can see what really happens at trial in this case and who would it hurt to have a fair trial?

We the undersigned ask that you rectify this wrong and Grant a court hearing date for the public to hear this case of Fredrick Christian (case No.07-1808).

We know that you may not have much first hand knowledge of this case, but we are asking that you become familiar with this case since you are presiding over this habeas corpus and this individuals life. Please do not let the blood of this wrongfully convicted defendant stain your hands as well, by being a reviewing judge in these proceedings and not doing everything in your power to rectify this wrong. Fredrick Christian should NOT be collateral damage of the "War on Crime".

Thank You & May God Bless You!

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