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How should we interpret the imprisonment of Ali Shakeri, a well-known and active opponent of any military action against Iran, given that Iran's nuclear crisis is worsening every day and the danger of military confrontation between the US and Iran increases? The news of Mr. Shakeri's arrest is shocking to those who know him and his activities and beliefs. Isn't it true that Iranians should do everything possible to prevent inflaming a devastating war on our beloved native land? In this context how can the arrest of a peace loving man like Ali Shakeri be justified? Moreover, the manner of his arrest and his treatment raises even more questions and concerns.

Ali Shakeri was an opponent of the Pahlavi regime before Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution. After Saddam's attack on Iran, he volunteered to serve in the war to defend his country. In the last decade, he spent much effort promoting peace and tolerance between Iran and the West and for many years he has been one of the board members of the Center for Citizen Peacebuilding at the University of California, Irvine.

On March 14, 2007, he went to Iran to see his ailing mother and to conduct a few interviews for a book he was writing on peace and tolerance. Soon after his arrival his mother passed away and he stayed on to oversee her funeral. On May 8, 2007, he was arrested just as he was about to board a plane to leave Iran. Mr. Shakeri's physical and psychological condition is unsatisfactory. The continuation of his imprisonment will irreparably harm him and his family.

We the undersigned, while protesting the deplorable action of those in charge of Mr. Shakeri's unwarranted arrest, request his immediate and unconditional release. Ali Shakeri is an Iranian patriot who has never done anything to endanger his native country, and has always advocated peace and tolerance between Iran and the West. We also stress that Mr. Shakeri's continued imprisonment will not in any way benefit Iran's national security.

1. Afshari, Ali
2. Ahmadipour, Parnian
3. Akbari, Mohammad Taghi
4. Alizadeh, Hassan
5. Amai, Arasteh
6. Amani, Elahe
7. Amininejad, Javad
8. Amirahmadi, Houshang
9. Amirkhosravi, Babak
10. Arasi, Mohamad
11. Aurore, Alize
12. Bahamani, Mohammad
13. Bavafa, Mary
14. Bazargan, Babak
15. Bina, Cyrus
16. Borghei, Mohammad
17. Bostajani, Farzin
18. Bozorgomid, Shaban
19. Burroughs, T. Franklin
20. Doostdar, Akbar
21. Eghtedari, Goudarz
22. Esmaeili, M. Amin
23. Etedali, Amir
24. Etedali, Ramila
25. Etedali, Ramona
26. Etedali, Rozbeh
27. Etedali, Shala
28. Etedali, Ziba
29. Fadakar, Aria
30. Fadakar, Parsia
31. Fani Yazdi, Reza
32. Far, Sam
33. Farivar, Poupak
34. Fatemi, Seyed Mohammad
35. Ghaemmagham, Kambiz
36. Ghahremani, Farhad
37. Ghassemian, Mahyar
38. Ghorbani, Yadolla
39. Goharzad, Reza
40. Golchin, Ali
41. Haghigatjoo, Fatemeh
42. Heydarian, Mohsen
43. Hosseihi, Hossein
44. Jafari, Hassan
45. Jamali, Behrouz
46. Jamali, Mohamad
47. Kalantari, Hassan
48. Kalhour, Masood
49. Karamlou Aziz
50. Khoshnood, Reza
51. Mahdi, Ali Akbar
52. Mazhar, Laleh
53. Mehdi, Amini
54. Mirzai, A.
55. Mirzaie, Manochehr
56. Mohammaddi, Malihe
57. Momeni, Abdollah
58. Moradian, Azad
59. Moshiri, H.
60. Mousavi(khoeeni), Seyed Ali Akbar
61. Navab, Mohamad
62. Niruyi, Dara
63. Pirzadeh, Asal
64. Pirzadeh, Bijan
65. Rahni, Davood
66. Sahimi, Muhammad
67. Salek, Aydin
68. Shaghaghi, Zarin
69. Shirazi, Hamid
70. Siyavashpur, Forud
71. Taghdiri, Khosrow
72. Tehrani, Maryam
73. Tehrani, Shahram
74. Yazdan, Simin
75. Zangeneh, Hamid
76. Zarkari, Nader
77. Zehtab, Hassan
78. Zolfaghari, Mehdi

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