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Letting our story out,for the sake of all our children

These following statements are true,actual events regarding situations that took place at the
Calumet Elementary School,in Oklahoma Nov. 2007.various events are still taking place.
My name is April Boyton, my husband Jim, and our awesome,awetistic 8 yr old son, Dakota. this is our story:
I will begin back in Sept. 2007
I had enrolled my son in school,informing them of his autism,adhd,and medical conditions;
hyperglycemia,and asthma.I met with a special ed. coordinator for about three hours,
with my future mother in law;signed several papers,and hoped to have him placed in spec
ed classes to meet his needs.
Not two days later his standard teacher ,Mrs K, was calling me,pleading with
me to do something,
"I can't handle him,was her words "put him in special ed classes." I informed her I had taken the
steps to do so,all I could do was wait.She also stated that parents where complaining
that "your child" is a distraction to their kids,and their kids couldn't
concentrate because of him"!! I again assured her,I understood her frustration,but I
had to wait on the proper steps with the special ed.
A few days later my son told me his teacher had grabbed the back of his head and
pushed his face down to his desk.This was taken up in a conference
with the principal and teacher,which she admitted to doing,yet brushing it
off with a snide comment of"Fine when he goes to give me a hug,you know how he loves to
give hugs,I won't hug him,I will NEVER put my hands on him again!"(She also denied mentioning that any parents had ever complained about my child;I considered her word from thereon,not to be trusted.She had proved herself a liar,as far as I was concerned.)
We explained to her this wasn't the right way of doing things,due to his autism,pushing
him away would only cause any progress with him worse.The principal felt we were making
a "mountain out of a mole hill"All we asked was she NOT put her hands on him in that manner.
Sure enough,true to her word,my son came home that day crying,letting me know his teacher
pushed him away when he went to hug her,telling him"your mommy said not to ever hug
you again!" I called the principal and asked him to clear this up asap. He assured me
he would deal with it swiftly.I assumed he had,for I heard nothing further regarding this
Other than my son occasionally stating he didn't think his teacher liked him,
because she would yell in his face or ear alot.Which he would say she does it to a couple
other kids too,and he doesn't like that.
Then; on Oct.24Th my son came home telling me his gym teacher ,Coach B, refused to
allow him to use his inhaler,when he had felt an asthma attack starting.
I called the school the next morning,speaking with the gym teacher,which he in fact
admitted to.I was not happy about this,but listened to his side.Making a mental note to
be sure to mention this to his doctor.
A couple days later,I was speaking to my son about how school was going,and I noticed
some faint,but definite bruises on his cheeks.I asked him to stand still so I could look
at him.
I then asked him what happened to his face.he said "oh that,that's just from my teacher,
Mrs.K," he said.
I then further questioned him,seeking a further explanations.He informed me,his teacher,
would grab his face to make him look at her(due to his autism,my son doesn't make eye
contact;which apparently doesn't go well with his teacher}
I was furious,to say the least.I attempted to call the school,not noticing the time,which
was already closed for the day.
The next morning I called a local DHS worker,,informed him of these situations
that where occurring,he then transferred me to child welfare.
I made a verbal complaint of these incidences;but was told they would probably not look
into it due to the fact they don't investigate schools;but assured me it would be passed
on to the right authorities.
that Monday I called the spec ed co-or. and asked how or when my son could be placed in
someone else's class regarding his disabilities.I then informed her of the latest
occurrence with his teacher,explaining that it was apparent to me his teacher did not have
the patience or correct skills to deal with a child like my son.Yet letting her know I
didn't what my son back in that teacher's class,stating, she had no right to put her hand
on my boy .She stated to me,'this teacher has been know to be "like that"
and she felt it was completely inexcusable behavior,said I needed to speak with the
principal about all this.At this point I didn't have much faith any the principal,
teachers,or anyone regarding this school.She must have reported this to the principal,
for when my son came home,he told me he had been
called to the Principal's office.That he told the principal what had happened and then also
Mr S,another principal at the school.the principal contacted me the next day,and
informed me he had spoke to my son,looked at the bruises with Mr S,and assured me
it would be dealt with appropriately.When my son came home that day,he informed me,his
teacher grabbed his arm,and told him"
I never touched you like that! Do you understand me?!" This led me to believe the
incident had been mentioned to her by the principal.I heard nothing further on this
The end of Oct. a Halloween party was to be given at school,thankfully it feel on the
same day as my son's Dr. appointment;so we opted to have him out for that day.
We informed the dr of all the incidence occurring at school.His Dr gave us a few
prescriptions (one for a test meter to keep an eye on his sugar levels;
which we had an ungodly time trying to get his insurance to cover) and a paper informing
the school he was to be given his inhaler 15- 30 Min's before gym class.
James took this to the principal the next morning,and again letting him know,our son
could not have ANY sugar.
We where told that the principal in fact gave these instructions to my son's teacher,
That day after school,my son came home toting a large bag on goodies,I asked him where
he got that..he said my teacher gave it to me,he said he had
told her his mom said he couldn't have any candy,but she told him he could have it.
He informed us he had eaten some of it in class,and then she even
gave him two cartons of strawberry milk.I was upset,downright angry.I had no way of
knowing how much candy and cookies he had consumed,nor what his
sugar level was.The next morning my son had to be taken to the hospital.He had
apparently had a seizure. explained to us as a 'sugar induced seizure's his
sugar went sky high in his sleep and then bottomed out,causing seizure.
On the way to the hospital,I did in fact call the school and informed the principal of
something was wrong with my boy,and that we where taking him to the hospital,spoke
with him about what his teacher had done,which he stated he HAD in fact told her to
be sure he had NO SUGAR! He claimed he was very upset about this and he would take
appropriate action! I told him if he was a praying man,he had better pray my boy
was okay,or else all hell would reign down on his teacher and the school.
After my son was released from the hospital,we went directly over to his Dr office.
Dr immediately had my son ordered "home-bound" due to medical neglect
on the schools part.
Due to all this I filed police reports,obtained an attorney ,
Lawter and Associates ,a private investigator investigated
several allegations made by other parents,who now have "shut down"I also filed complaint forms with the State Dept of Education,and
called Gov Henry office,spoke with someone there regarding the situations here.
Also contacted Senator Johnson,and Congressman Lucas.(Same old,sorry to hear about all this,and good luck with that,kind of things.Although the Senator office did ask what they could do to help,(fire that teacher, enforce IDEA laws,launch a full investigation with the school, and recognition of autism,would be a start)
I received a threatening letter from a legal counsel re: the teacher in question.
I received a denial letter from the State Superintendent Board of Education
claiming this to be taken up with the school board,not them,and my claim didn't fall under they complaint guidelines.really?odd,when I filled out their complaint form.Also, not an option,being I discovered that
there are teachers who in fact have spouses on the same school board,a bit of a conflict
I believe.
I spoke with several parents,only to find out,they also have had many similar things
happen to their kids,tracing back to 25 yrs ago.Each parent stated they feel their
kids are being "singled out"due to their disabilities.One parent said she home schooled
her child,so she would not get a certain teacher.Some parents went as far as to say,
they didn't want to push the issues for fear of their safety and their children's'.
Another parent informed me her child had rubber bands placed on his arm,and snapped by
several teachers,reason given was to "remind him he was doing something wrong"reports
had been allegedly made on that,and other incidences,and yet never followed up on.
Allegedly ,another student had been "beat up" by other classmates,which had been
encouraged by a teacher,teachers looked on while this occurred,doing nothing to stop it.
A report and complaint had been made with the school,an not followed up on.
Which does not surprise me,being I have never heard from the DA's office regarding
the reports I had filed.
As recently as Dec 21 I had received a call claiming a recommendation had been placed for
me to be put in an institute,and my son removed from my home.Dept of Children's Services
shortly later that day showed up at my home.They had been told my son had been bruised,
neglected,and not in school.I contacted my attorney immediately,he spoke with the
supervisor.I then informed them of everything going on,showed them copies of the police
reports,showed them a copy of the Dr. letter of home-bound orders,and informed them that he was in fact
being home schooled,showing them records of this and with what course.They informed me
their case was closed and they would in fact make sure the proper authorities
receive notice of all that took place regarding the school.I also showed them a letter
from my Dr. regarding my health.
You see,I'm disabled also,but I'm a strong woman,I refuse to give up. I have an
inoperable cerebral aneurysm.Which caused me to have a stroke last yr,Stress can induce it.
(we all know how stress free life is now,ha ha,we just gotta keep on keeping on)
I also have Several blood clots,PTSD,several issues with my spine,which causes extreme
pain.(pain management is going well,I've been managing to live with the pain quite
sometime now,take a Tylenol when I can't bear it anymore,nothing stronger for me thanks,
got a kid I must be completely focused for)I recently suffered a miscarriage,and was
rushed to the hospital recently for an apparent heart attack.Then,to make matter worse,
my son had a ECG in Nov..which was not a good outcome,now he is on scheduled to see a neurologist at
the children's hosp.No stress here,just keep on rolling with the flow
(flow heck,more like tsunami)
I feel all of this could have been avoided if my son and others like him received
the proper education classes.They have laws for this,but sometimes laws aren't
enforced or followed.It IS our job to keep our children's best interest in mind,
and to be sure others do also.
My time is limited,and I know this,but my son,God willing has a long and bright future
ahead of him,I aim to see to it that it he is given every opportunity to succeed in life,
just as all our children should.Not singled out because they have disabilities.We must
understand that these children are one day going to make decisions in society for us;
how can we expect them to stand up and make proper choices tomorrow,if we are letting
them down today???
I beg each and every parent within the sound of my voice,to stand up and shout NO MORE,
it stops here today!Right now!We send our kids to school trusting they are safe and
watched out for and then things like this happen.I know we are not the only ones things
like this have happened to,parents right now pick up the phone call your congressman,
Senators,papers,Governor,local authorities if needed;and let our children know we as
parents will stand up for our kids.We won't be bullied,we won't just move,we will see all
that all our children's rights are carried out.I may not live to see anything happen,
but I want the satisfaction of knowing my voice will carry and continue to be carried
strongly loudly for my son,and all our children.My one voice can be so much stronger if
others stand up and shout with me.Together, our children can be heard.We can make a
difference.I'm not a fancy writer,or even know how to use spell check(I'm sure that's
obvious),but I do know my responsibility as a loving and caring parent.I know how to
love our children,unconditionally.They don't ask for much,just for us to guide them,
and protect them.I will,will you?
p.s (footnote to Mrs K:you had mentioned to my son that "it isn't his fault you're
retarded,you can't help it cause your Mom is so stupid"
I would like to inform you,after my stroke,I still hold a 12.4 grade average,I can walk
and chew gum,at the same time,and I know the right way to get my voice heard;
it sure isn't by yelling in any child's' ear.I don't need a degree to know how to teach
a child,you do it with love,patience and understanding.Oh,and one more thing,it's called
autism,or awetism,as i prefer to spell it;not mental retarded.As far as STUPID..
Standing Together Understanding Pupils Individual my definition of the
word.Recently the superintendent of the school had been asked why our son hadn't been
placed in special ed.He said"they had tried,but claimed I wouldn't attend the meetings."
Not quite true,sir.My son had been ordered homebound,Nov 2 2007.I didn't get a request
until Nov19th 2007 for a spec.ed meeting.A bit late then.!!!I have copies of all this.
So let's be sure to be honest.
Not to mention,the school wasn't "comfortable with my son's diagnosis of autism,
they wanted to re-evaluate him.They preferred to deal only with the ADHD.Even after
being shown a letter from the Social security office,and his doctors,of his diagnosis
being autism.Such ashame,as his mother,I have learned to look through the eyes of
my wonderful autistic son,I believe we can all learn so much from all our children.
God bless.
[email protected] 405-893-2590
attorney. Lawter &Associates.Mike Moore 1800-522-8282
Dec 31 2007

UPDATE JAN.14,2008,my husband,met and spoke with the officer who had taken our report,re:
our reports we had filed.He informed my husband that he did NOT send in the papers to
the DA,but he claimed he spoke with someone there,though he could not recall with whom,or
when,and they had told him there was not enough to do anything.
After Jim contacted our local sheriff's office and speaking with a Sgt.,he advised us to
contact OSBI,ASAP.According to him,the officer was indeed suppose to send the papers to
the DA,not converse via phone.They question if he even did so,or even investigated
I faxed the OSBI,
update.....Jan 15..OSBI informed us..
"it's not our problem,take it up with your local police"
The DA did call us today and says she will look into this...we will see..
.(holding on to hope)As of jan 21,2008 we have heard nothing

I have waited patiently.I was leaving out names in my story to protect all parties,but why?This teacher was suppose to protect my son,and she didn't.The school protects her,but not our children.So the gloves are off!I'm done protecting them.I'm just protecting all our children now!!!I ask that this be signed so charges are brought against this teacher Mrs.Cathi Kennedy for :

gross and purposeful medical neglect

for physical,mental and emotional abuse against my son.

I ask that thee Calumet Elementary school be held responsible for the actions of said teacher

This falls under the Torres claim act

I ask that the police dept. be held responsible for failer of following proper proticol,and not turning in the papers filed to the local Canadian County DA.

I ask that the State Dept of Education be held responsible for failer to investigate when I filed a complaint with them.
Stop these forms of abuse against our children.

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