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To Remove Bush from Office, and the government to stop watching its people.

Conspiracy Theorists...I can relate to them, even though 60f their plans are alien-related or satanic, are based on the facts administered between the govt. to the people, and between the internet and T.V. media. The theorists are merely showing the public the facts and letting them choose for themselves the truth. Like Neo, we are first overwhelmed by the reality of our situation, then denial sets in and they claim the theorists 'fanatics', which is a hypocrisy because the public freaks out about small things such as gas prices and 'terrorist attacks'.

In 1984, if anyone speaks out against the Party, they are erased or killed, for their freedom of speech and opinion. Such as with our government, if we make any public-speeches belittling the American Gvt. they can incarcerate us for creating a conspiracy against the government, or pre-meditated intra-terrorism.

The Patriot Act is basically when an American overhears another citizen's opinion or plan for the Govt. That can lead to a possible terrorist act or harming other people in order to demonstrate a threat towards the United States. OR, in relation to the book, The Spies, the children who turn even thier own parents into the Thought Police.

In my opinion, there are two differences here:

Example # 1: Billy Bob, Jimmie Ray and Tater Salad are sitting on the porch, sipping' Dos Equis, smoking Marlboros in the Texas heat, complaining about how Bush mistreats the American poor, and Ron White says, "I wish I could get my hands on W, I'd tie his balls on a hemp tether, hang him from a tree, shoot him in the face with that there rifle, and stick little 'Made in China" U.S. Flags in his eye sockets."

This is a statement of pure fantasy to express angst at the plight Bush put them in.

Example # 2: Lee Harvey Hitler Von lickten-stein-Und-Stalin buys an AK47, [Since Bush legalized war machine guns], and a Sniper rifle scope attachment, makes a detailed floorplan of the venue, creates a time and place, the angle of shot, a one-way ticket to Amsterdam, secured a taxi on one side of town and and also secures an alibi. Then, he has a little get together with a couple of friends, but forgets to put everything up. Billy Ray Cyrus is looking for an empty sheet of paper and opens the journal and reads over an excerpt.

SCENE STOP! The Patriot Act says, "Take out your cell phone, dial 1-800-OSAMA-DI and an FBI agent, SWAT team, local police, a bomb unit, and an air squad, maybe some local media will be there in 10 to 20 minutes to kill the insurgents, gather the evidence to use against the defendant, then destroy after USA triumphs over evil.

This is an expectable use of the Patriot Act...A couple of Democratic hillbillies bullshitting on a hot summer's day isn't an intentional harm against the Infallible System.

Another unacceptable use of this Act is stereotyping or racial profiling. Just because a person is Middle Eastern or an Arab, or have relative from their homelands, doesn't mean that they are going to spontaneously combust in a crowded street shop. Al Quaida and the Taliban are a group of insurgents, that's all, a select few who hate EVERYBODY, these people are called Narcissists.

Alex Jones from Channel 10, [Cable Access channel], had a wild idea that may be true; our government orchestrated the 9.11.2001 bombings and started the War on Terror, and is working with Osama and Saddam, [even though he is in custody], and Al Quaida, Iran and Syria to change NAFTA into an International Free Trade, as Europe installed the E.U. Or European Union. A seizure of oil from the poorest countries, [and all other valuable resources the United States depends on]. The also assembled the homeless Iraqi civilians to carry out the suicide and roadside car bombings. To lead the American people back home to believe that there IS a war and these Guerrillas are dangerous and must be stopped.

In the Austin American Statesman on March 18th, 2006, the front page encompassed a poised picture of a U.S. Squad bursting out of a cargo plane in the desert. The article was about a new Operation Swarmee. They claimed, [they, as in military officials], that there were no bombings, but they arrested a dozen or so people, while 40 miles south of the supposed location, the villagers said they heard loud explosions and the night sky was lit up like the eyes of Allah, in the north. The govt. says one thing and does another.

I, as an American Citizen, would hope that my government wouldn't lie straight to our faces. But they do, Winston's job was to change the textbooks, news articles, anthologies and stuff like that in favor of the Party and Big Brother. I will not hesitate to believe that Bush has a place like that, maybe not as extreme as erasing American History BUT what will our children face is school?

The New editions of World History, and US History 1 and 2 will be filled with the 'facts' about the War on Terror. Just as we had to learn about the revolutionary war, WW1 and 2, Vietnam, and Operation Desert Storm in great detail, our children will have to learn about how Iraq was uncivilized and threatened the National securities of the US and how George 'Ol' Dubbya' Bush succeeded in destroying the enemy for the benefit of both the Anmerican people and the Civilians it tamed. The textbooks don't tell you the names of the Iraq people whose lives were taken in the name of DeMOCKracy.

One headline said, "Air Raid on Kuwait: 3 U.S. soldiers were injured, 15 Iraqi civilians killed" and when an American soldier dies a section in the paper is dedicated to making sure it lists the names, location, all details and a picture of the soldier Dead in Action. These foreign people have names and deserve to be commemorated as well, especially if their lives were cut short due to the Armed Forces.

The first session of the New Democratic Parliament was held recently and was adjourned only 40 minutes later because they could not decide on a speaker. America trying to force their governing styles on these leaders as well as the whole room surrounded with cameras, military and things of that sort, is a bit too much pressure for a new organization to handle. What the parliament wants to discuss is how to get the US out of their country.I mean when Great Britain tried to say, "hey, we are your rulers, you are our colonies, carry on the worship of the King and GOD, let us impose on you ridiculous taxes on daily necessities, or we'll kill you. We rose up against them and constituted a new FAIR government where the people get to decide what's right, and everyone's rights were fullfilled, and improvements were made in haste. The foundation of our whole American way of life was based in truth, honest politicians, and the pursuit of happiness.

To redraw on ym earlier statement about the ackward session of Iraqi policymaking; This was clearly resemblant of Winston's unwillingness and fear to speak out for what's right, in fear of the Thought Police, and he wishes things could be like they were before the revolution, if he can remember it. [As I do, I mean the unspoken-of revolution between politicians, when they went from honest to the slimeballs they are today] we are like every person in London in 1984 that wanted to do something, but can't at the same time. No one has the balls to stand up to the government.

This is a scary thing to say because we SHOULD feel like we are safe here in America, but are our thoughts and opinions safe from scrutiny? No. What we say can and WILL be used against us in a courtof the laws of Satan [Bush].

According to, in one weekend there were 2, 313 people killed, and 17,124 people wounded, together creating an extraordinary 19,437 victims affected. To me, just one death is too many. One can write this war on terror in numbers:

133,000 US Troops, and 8,000 British soldiers are trying to subdue terrorism and violence in the Middle East.
36f all Americans, when asked about the U.S.'s occupation in Iraq, approved of George Bush's performance as a president.
Which leaves a 65almost double the 36`who disapprove of W's Actions.
72f U.S. Soldiers say that the U.S. Should withdraw within one year,
1 out of 4 say we should leave immediantly.

Saddam as captured in December of 2003. 3 years later, his trial in Djail commences. Hussein dubs his trial as a 'farce' because assassins have killed a few court officials, a reporter and a judge, Barzan Al-Tikriti wore his underwear into court, and when Allawi, the Former Prime Minister of Iraq said, "we are in a civil war between the Shiites and the Sunis", Saddam had this to say to his troubled people: "Let the people unite and resist the invaders and their backers, do not fight amongst yourselves."
Saddam's microphone was cut off, but you can still hear his loud, booming voice have precidence over the whole courtroom.

Thinking about someone who gets off on their voice, Hitler and Big Brother. Rumsfield said, "Leaving Iraq now would be like handing post-war Germany bac to the Nazi's." Hitler bears a strong resemblance of Big Brother, rough looking, middle aged man with a huge moustache, fearful presence, many slaves working under him, and obviously both insecure about themselves. They oppress people in order to feel that patriarchal power they missed out in childhood. Both are dictators.

I was browsing, to find some insight on my research and/or possible fabrications, and I came across George W. Bush's 2006 National Security Plan. First of all, its hard to know if this is the 'real' plan or not because anything issued from the government for public consumption MUST be altered in one way or another, to hide any incriminating evidence. But next to his conclusion, he wrote about the possibilities of Global Trade. Which ties into what I said about NAFTA and the EU. He wants to be able to trade goods, resources, information and technology with the world, to benefit the American people.

Mr. Jones on channel 10, creatrix of, enlightened me on this subject, as with a ridiclously scary pension idea. George Bush is trying to push a bill in Congress, that gives corporations the right to refuse the 401K to its employees. So if my brother works for IMB for 15 years and then decides to take some more schooling to upgrade his credentials and certification in software programming, and then tries to tranfer his pension to Dell computers, they can tell him, "Hey, we don't allow pensions here", Then he loses all the retirement money he has worked for, for 15 years. What this says about today's elderly who have put 40 to 50 years in one company, to have it taken away, with nothing left except that lowly $600.00 Social Security check each month.

Another sad thing I found at the White House's site quoteth: "Hero storm dog gets a standing ovation." What the Hell? While people are stuck being refugees, their homes being destroyed by Hurricanes, and still homeless children in schools foreign to them. At South by Southwest 2006, a group of Katrina refugees played authentic Creole music in the street, in efforts to get money to pay for food for their families. A search dog gets an awards ceremony? This is America trying to 'look on the brightside of life.' As that monty Python song put it. But the CORRECT attitude is to feel sympathy for the homeless, jobless, injured, sick and school-less people of New Orleans. Who cannot salvage anything from their old lives, because of low morale and water damage.

Bush refuses to give more money for Hurrican Rita and Katrina, BUT he assured over 70 million dollars to the weathy and middle-class districts of Louisiana. This sends out a startling message that being poor is unacceptable and will not be tolerated, even though some people just can't help it. You have to have money to go to college, and in order to become middle-class, you have to have a degree of some sort. But Bush took money away from school programs such as Gear-Up, to fund the war.

In conclusion:

The topics I have touched on briefly, if not in length:

-Truth from the Govt.
-Patriot Act
-Gun Ban
-Evidence destruction
-Suicide Bombers
-The Taliban and Al-Quaida
-September 11th, 2001
-Osama Bin Laden
-NAFTA [North American Free Trade Act] and EU [European Union]
-Oil and Petroleum
-Operation Swarmee
-Our Children's Hisotry future
-The significance of Names
-Iraqi Democratic Parliment
-U.S. Revolution
-Political Revolution
-Freedom of Speech and Opinion
-Bush = Satan
-Approval ratings
-Withdrawl from Iraq
-Saddam's trial
-Iraqi Civil War
-Hitler and Post-war germany
-2006 National Security Plan
-Pensions and the Elderly
-Hurricane Refugees

There is so much more I could discuss but time for this is short. By the time I am finished writing this, more people will die at the hand of an American, a dozen or more kids and families will starve, 2 car bombs will injure several people, the Department of Homeland Securities will be blind to intra-terrorists, because everyday children get sodomized, abused or beaten by their own kin, and politicians will lie to their own mothers. Grandparents with live in filth. The Patriot Act will claim more innocent lives in the name of Democracy.

Some where in Florida, votes are still being counted. Another poor Muslim school boy's face will be bruised because of racial profiling and hate crimes. Bush will sell his soul once again to Satan for an increase in approval ratings. Soldiers will still wonder, "Who is our enemy?" and "Why can't we see their faces?" And leave the Enlightened American populace to wallow in anger at a country who continues to engage in useless warfare, lie to our faces, kill people for no reason like the Though Police, and finally make a hypocrisy of the Founding Fathers and the basis of what our country was created from.

I feel bad for my children, they have to grow up in a changed world, though I am happy it will be Bush-free, but, once he is done ruining us in 2008, what will be left for another president to patch together. We are a broken people.

It is like trying to fight for peace of mind in the Matrix, it doesn't exist, and if you were given a glimpse of it, it will already be over.

'War is Peace,
Freedom is slavery,
Ignorance is strength."

Fighting the WAR to bring PEACE to the Middle East, to give them FREEDOM from Saddam's SLAVERY, the media makes is IGNORANT, thus giving soldiers STRENGTH, ecause what they are fighting for is another GODdamn LIE!

Goodbye. By now I have already been erased, this document never existed. Thanks to Winston Smith in the Ministry of Truth.

Misty Ann Chase-Garcia
01-17-1988 to 03-20-2006

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