Dear Nepali Citizens & friends of Nepal,

The right time has come for all nepali citizens in this 21st century to make every effort to transform Nepal into a peaceful and prosperous country by maintaining peace and consolidating the democratic republican system.
Now, our country, Nepal has entered into a new democratic era along with an epochal change, all to set aside the differences of the past and dedicate themselves to the overall interest of the country and people.

An illiberal and non-tolerant political system would not only obstruct development of the nation but also limit the traditions, custom and culture, the overall interest of the country and the people lies only in a republic system. Nepal is a sacred meeting point of the mutual unity, love and goodwill of people of various customs, nationalities and languages and that our custom of respecting one another has inspired us all to move ahead united to make a New Nepal.

The 19 day April revolution of 2006 sacked the Gyanendra's executive power. This proves that the power of people is the strongest in the world. Now, let us work united, effectively and pledged to continue the struggle to destroy the monarchy altogether. Let us not compromise with our mission, "Abolition of Monarchy in Nepal".

There is still an incomplete democracy in Nepal. As Nepali citizens we should be sovereign, not the crown nor parliament. In a complete democracy we should be choosing our next head of state. Despite the extravagant costs of monarchy, and the increasingly erratic behaviour of the royals, our arguments are concerned with complete democracy, the principle that this is our country and we should choose our heads of state. We should have the right to elect and hold to account all who hold public office and such people must remember that they are there to serve us, and not vice versa.

It is time to claim the right to our own country and to choose our Head of State. We demand that the ultimate choice must be with the people, those who will be sovereign in our future republic of Nepal, and not with a convention or with parliament. And it is for this reason that Federal Republic of Nepal welcomes the support and membership of all those who aspire for Nepal to have a NEW NEPAL, Federal Republic of Nepal alternative to the monarchy.Monarchy never can be nationalistic and the king cannot be the symbol of national unity.

The message from the Nepalese people is loud and clear. We want a republic nepal. Monarchy stands discredited. It has lost legitimacy in the eyes of almost all the people of Nepal. The unpopular king will do everything at his command to retain the powers again. All sorts of hurdles would be created. So the Nepalese people's struggle is not over yet. We have won one battle. Now we have to proceed further for the other, battle of REPUBLIC to make complete victory.


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Latest Signatures

  • 12 December 201550. Bijay Benton
    nothing Country Nepal
  • 13 June 201549. Suman Hester
    excellent. Country italy
  • 09 December 201448. Ramesh P
    Republic of Nepal --- JINDABAT (Long live) Website www.nehuripd.org.au Country Australia Organization В
  • 26 September 201447. Balkrishna A
    no Website no Country Nepal Organization Nepal Bar Association, Morang Unit
  • 21 August 201446. Subash Lama
    I agree that the people's concern and wish is to make a new Nepal with peace and stability, people's rights, and people's power. The old dictatorial regime has enslaved the people and sabotaged the lives of the entire Nepali population over the past 250 y
  • 22 May 201445. Lal Prasads
    prayas thik chh. Country Nepal Organization Journalist
  • 16 December 201344. M B
    good campaign, should establish democratic republican nepal Country nepal Organization media related
  • 12 December 201343. Bhoj Rajb
    Let us campaign for FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF NEPAL because I wish the head of state will be from the COMMON PEOPLE NOT FROM THE ANY FEUDAL CLASS. Country NEPAL
  • 29 August 201342. Ekata S
    I agree Country Nepal
  • 21 August 201341. Hari S
    what Nepali king has given?? Why do we need him how gives poverty?? Who made poorest country in the world?
  • 12 August 201340. Shanti N
    I strongly disagree with this campaign. First of all ensure security and unity then only talk about this type of issues. I am sure this step will further push our country in brink of civil war.
  • 19 May 201339. Durga G
    full support and in line with Federal Republic Country UK
  • 25 April 201338. Surendra P
    it must be for our bright future & new generations rights. Country Nepal.
  • 27 December 201237. Purna G
    gm Website purna Country nepal Organization nepal
  • 28 August 201236. Dr Udayakumarshresthamd
    I support the petition Country NEPAL
  • 21 July 201235. Sankalpa Guerra
    It is necessary Country Nepal Organization Sankalpa Nepal
  • 14 March 201234. Sarba Roman
    Let us strengthen people's sovereignty - institutionalise democracy, establish lasting peace and reassure human rights
  • 28 August 201133. Simona Austin
    W il Nepal Country Italy
  • 20 August 201132. Rajan K
    Wonderful! Website adranepal.org.np Country Nepal Organization ADRA Nepal
  • 21 July 201131. Rajesh N
    It is essential for our country Country Nepal
  • 16 December 201030. Nima Syangbot
    The absolute monarchy system must be abondoned and power should be given to the people. One thing is that we ( Nepali people ) are always betrayed by the self-centered and power hungry political leaders of Nepal. So the govenment system has to be changed
  • 30 November 201029. Lalit S
    Thank you for your comment, Country Nepal
  • 07 November 201028. Shailendra G
  • 21 September 201027. Ram Bdrg
    We strongly support for the FR. Website exotictreksnepal.com Country Nepal Organization Exotic HAT. Nepal
  • 24 June 201026. Gunjan Salinas
    People should always feel secure living in their own country Country Nepal
  • 03 May 201025. Lucky S
    We Indigenous Peoples demand for the real inclusive federal republic. Country Nepal
  • 06 April 201024. Jyotshna K
    good Website [email protected] /* */ Country Nepal Organization Alka Hospital,Pulchowk,Nepal

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