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Dear Christina & Management.

On behalf of the Official fan club, BabyJane, I, Rachael Overcash, am writing to share our grievances with you on one too many issues that have incurred over the past few years.

Spite the tragedy with Fansrule that left many fans including myself out hundreds of dollars and Christina and her management as well, we were promised a new and improved fan club with the best of quality and customer service. From the Music Today FAQ-How can I be sure that the same thing won't happen with this new club? We realize you may be a little hesitant to join or renew your membership with Xposed after FansRule's bankruptcy, but our track record clearly shows dedication to music fans. Musictoday is a well-respected company that manages fan clubs for the likes of Shania Twain, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Madonna, and more. We know what fans want and how to provide it. You, the fans, are the most important part of a performer's success. Musictoday provides official fan clubs in recognition of your dedication and inspiration. Christina realizes this. That's why she chose Musictoday to run her new fan community.

Of course when the club first reopened we gave consideration to the fact that things were just starting out, that Music today had to clean up the mess left by Fansrule and that with no new album or projects going on with Christina that it was normal for things to be slow and the lack of news, photos, videos was understandable. But months went by and slowly we have seen no great improvement. Of course when questioned Music Today simply states that they are not able to hold contests, post news, photos, videos, ect without Azoff sending them these materials with permission to do so. So since it is up to Christina and her management to decide what we get and dont get at BabyJane we want to address the following.

Contests: Initially we were promised monthly contests at the fan club. Our first contest a Christina trivia contest took place in January of 2005, followed by click in contests for Feb and March. No contests took place for either April or May, the contest page remained on the March click in details and did not even announce the winners until months and months later. So then in June we finally had a click in contest followed by nothing until November in which we were given the wonderful Ultimate fan appreciation contest. The UFA contest was a great and awesome opportunity in which we forever are thankful but thats still no excuse for 4 months with no contests when we were guaranteed monthly contests upon joining. Thats a contract and to not supply what we pay for that would be considered breach of contract. I told this to Music Today hoping they would make an attempt to arrange for more contests and instead they just changed the wording to exclusive contests in all the type. And that was their solution to our dissatisfaction. On top of all that, your international members who pay even more for membership are excluded from all contests. Many of us are members of other fan clubs for artists who do cater to all members, not just those living within the US. Furthermore, fans living outside the US contribute to a large if not the largest portion of the fan club, as well as a great deal of Christina and her companies profit with their support of Christina and her music. We feel that everyone as a member of the fan club should be eligible to participate in contests equally. We have been told the reasoning behind these policies is because its too difficult to draw up the different rules, and policies for every single country. But we feel if other official sites can find companies to do this, so can yours, if they cant we feel it should be your priority to find a way to provide contests for international members since they are paying members just like the rest of us.

Media: The photos, audios, videos, expressions are rarely updated. We feel if we are paying for all this exclusive access to this media why do we never see anything change? The last time the videos were updated was within a month or so of the clubs opening, almost 2 years ago, the last time the photo gallery was updated was last November almost a year ago. The xpressions was updated almost 2 years ago as well. We dont understand why as fan club members we couldnt get more treats more oftenfor example why is it we have to wait for the premier of a video on TV, why cant we view it in a secure window that can not be copied or ripped? This is just a suggestion for a neat way to make the fan club membership seem more exclusive.

Membership Kits: My first year with the fan club with the old company Fansrule I received the kit with the key chain, newsletter, large poster with photocopy autograph, folder and wristband. When I heard about the 2005 kits only including a signed photo, mouse pad and letter I was somewhat disappointed until we learned that all of the photos were going to be hand signed. This is a great example to show you how reasonable we try to be. We have absolutely no problem having less in a kit when less turns out to be more valuable in such a way. We also no longer minded the fact that we had to wait until Dec of 06./Jan 07 to finally receive our 2006 kits since we knew Christina was kind enough to hand sign all the photos for us. So we do not mind waiting or receiving smaller kits if in the end its worth it. Well Now once again we have all waited until the end of the year, its October and we are all now receiving our kits and to our disappointment, its just a centerfold, sticker and tiny message from Christina. Nothing is signed, nothing exceptionally exclusive or different, and only 3 itemsIt seems to us the kits this year have declined in quality which I wouldnt think would be the purpose of Baby Jane. I would think you as business people would want to continue bringing us bigger and better things in order to sustain our membership and bring more members to club.

Tour/Ticketing: This probably has affected members like myself that have been with the club since the beginning who know the old ticket prices and packages more than the other members of the club. But basically we are outraged at the prices of the new VIP Packages. Although we keep in mind these are just the prices of the European tour and are subject to change when Christina tours in the US, I suppose we assume you will be sticking with the same company/packages/prices for the US tour as well. I personally lost 700 dollars in the cancelled tour because I purchased 2 Velvet Rope Packages to increase my chances to meet Christina as there was a M&G raffle included in those packages. And as a senior member I would have been able to put my name in twice to Christina. And although I put Christinas health first, when she cancelled that tour I lost my chances to meet her along with 700 dollars to Fansrule. I have yet to see a refund for that tour. Now I see the new packages are 475.00 and do not include a raffle for M&G at all. So its basically the same as the packages sold for the Stripped/Justified tour in 2003. Those were 315.00. So you are asking 155.00 more for the same exact thing only with new merchandise. And speaking of merchandise, the items included in the old packages were all items sold in the store, so they werent very exclusive. The only items you couldnt get in the store was the signed photo which was just a photocopy, the gift bag itself and the VIP pass. So you understand how we would not want to pay 155.00 more something like that. Now if there are reasonable differences to make these packages worth more we would of course change our minds. Such as hand signed photos, more exclusive merchandise you cant find in the store, better food and drinks, a more intimate backstage tour perhaps allowing us to actually go in Christinas dressing room (supervised of course) or to meet the opening acts at least or be able to watch Christina do sound check (supervised of course) ect. These are just some ideas from the members of how to make the VIP experience more worth the extra money. Like I said we are reasonable and do not mind compromise. Personally either way I will be disappointed if we are not able to get back what we lost in the cancelled tour, a chance to meet Christina. The fans would be happy to supply you with suggestions for a fair compromise for ticketing packages that would be more exclusive and more affordable.

In the end I personally refuse to pay 155.00 more than something that used to be 350.00 and include a raffle to meet Christina, many others feel the same. We are just very disappointed with ticketing this time around. On top of all that, I took a look at the ticketing policies and it clearly states no refunds for tickets and does not address a situation where a tour or show is cancelled. I spoke to a MT CSR and they told me in the event a show or tour is cancelled by the venue or artist we will receive a refund minus shipping fees. But we all know what a persons says to me over the phone does not stand up to what is written in your contracts and policies. So I would have to be a complete idiot to put more money into this club for tickets after loosing 700 already without any guarantee of a refund. So if it truly is your policy to refund for cancelled tours and shows it really needs to be stated in the ticketing page. I was also told by a Music Today rep that not all shows would have VIP tickets offered through the fan club. If one were to glance at the message boards you will see left and right people posting either confused or outraged because they were under the impression that being a member of the fan club got us special ticketing. As it turns out the VIP tickets iloveallaccess sells are open to the public so anyone can get them without being a member, and another site is selling a similar package for 50 dollars less than the fan club. I was told by MT rep that the allotment of tickets they have are scattered and some were in the front, some in the middle and some in the back so I asked if a person waited to long to buy tickets they may end up in the back even though they pay the same price for the VIP ticket and she said Yes. We do not feel VIP, we feel scammed, we feel mistreated and we feel like another dollar sign to your company.

Customer service: E-mails go unanswered, excuses made, and it takes forever to resolve an issue with Music Today. Just recently several members who renewed were not able to activate their account and log in. This is because the link MT gives you in the email does not work. These members sent numerous E-mails asking for help logging in, 1 asked for a password reminder. Their emails went weeks even some over a month with no answer. Many of them were fans wanting to buy tickets and ended up missing presales to the ticketing period because of the lack of customer service quality from Music today. I even personally made calls on the behalf of many of the individuals. I was told that basically they would just have to wait for them to get to it and I think waiting over a month is a little bit much. Considering they are paying for access to the fan club and go without it for weeks on end. I know of several members who would have not received their 2005 kits if I had not persistently phoned Music today about it because their E-mails went unanswered for months. I know of 1 person who has yet to ever receive a 2005 kit, whom I have called on their behalf and they sent an email in July of 2007 and was promised they would send one right away and still has not received one.

In the end our satisfaction with the fan club continues to decrease. It seems there are short spurts where everything is doing great, improvements made, updates and news right on schedule. New and awesome contests ectbut then after a few weeks it dies down again and we end up hearing news and updates everywhere except the fan club.

We are writing to you to propose we work together for answers to our questions, affirmation to sooth our concerns and a resolution to these grievances. We are willing to cooperate, and compromise as needed to help this fan club grow and flourish. Baby Jane already has a poor reputation among fan clubs. Other Christina sites laugh and turn their noses up at the quality of this fan community. As members of Baby Jane we wish to bring them to our community instead and help the fan club be one of the best ever. But we cannot boast the quality of this club when so many of us are not happy with the way things are. We are not asking for much. We do not expect Christina or your company to spend every waking minute suffocating us with news, updates, pictures, contests and more. We only ask for a few simple things. An effort to supply us with more media and news, to make an effort to cater to international members for contests, to arrange for better quality customer service to better run the club, to consider our suggestions for ticketing to better serve all the members of the club as well as making them more exclusive and not taking away M&Gs for packages, to continue working on making kits more exclusive and exciting and in general hearing what we have to say so that we can all work together to make a better and happier fan club.

Sincerely the loyal members of Baby Jane

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